Who are We and What do We do?

FabHow is a home, health & beauty website offering handy, real-life tips and remedies to help you transform your life for the better and solve your day-to-day problems using simple hacks.

Whether you’re looking for recipes to make your own DIY laundry detergent at home or need 5-minute hacks to loosen up a pair of tight shoes just before a party, if you have a problem, then we have got a solution for it.

We make everyday tasks fun and easy to handle, giving you the simple life that you have always wanted.

Our Home Remedies

From curing hangovers to hypothyroidism, we have simple home remedies that will help you treat any health condition naturally without having any side-effects.

We also help you stay fit and in shape, determining the best exercises to get rid of unwanted belly fat or love handles, while also showing you how to make healthy pumpkin oatmeal along with homemade smoothies to boost your nutritional status.

Even as helping you keep your body in good health is our priority, we have not forgotten about your mental and social well-being either. We teach you how to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and also how to control and manage your anger.

Have social anxieties? Don’t worry, we have come up with simple steps that will help you make giant leaps in life. Read our tips on how to converse with strangers at ease and expand your social circle.

And last but definitely not the least, we also care about the health of man’s best friend; on our website you will find a range of home remedies and DIY products for your four-footed furry friend as well.

Our Hacks

From making eggshell fairy lights and candles to DIY skin-care products and makeup, we have incredibly simple hacks that will make you look like a genius.

From showing you how to use your car door or belt buckle to open up a beer bottle when caught unprepared to making your own sunscreen and nourishing lip balms at home; we have hacks for every occasion and need.

We make urban living easy, check out our articles on how to grow medicinal herbs like turmeric in a pot. We have also come up with amazing cleaning hacks to remove all kinds of stains from skin, walls, carpets and clothes.

Any bachelors or single ladies here? Well you have not been forgotten, we have come up with some ridiculously simple hacks for cooking eggs, making your own mustard sauce at home and an entire range of matcha-based recipes to make your single life easier.

We also have Videos to Make Your Job Easy

If you are not a big fan of written instructions, we have a solution for that as well. Check out our Facebook page and Youtube channel and watch our videos which show you exactly how things need to be done.

Our Team

We, here at FabHow strive to show you how to do fabulous things easily. Our website owes its success to a dedicated team of researchers, graphic designers and writers who are willing to go that extra mile to aid you in your quest to adapt a far more natural and healthy lifestyle while staying fab.

Why should you trust us?

Because at FabHow, we care. We make an extra-effort to double-check all our remedies. We try out each and every recipe to determine the easiest and surest way of doing things. We do not recommend what we do not find to be true.


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