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Jennifer Garces (Avid Garden Strategist)

Professional Experience

  • Jennifer co-founded Organica Landscape Professionals, a landscape design build company located in Suffolk County, New York, with her husband (1998-Present).
  • She has over 25 years of field experience growing, maintaining and designing gardens throughout Long Island, New York


About Jennifer

Jennifer grew up across the street from a vegetable garden. As a very young child, she remembers walking over to the kindly neighbor’s yard where he would share his delicious cherry tomatoes with Jennifer and her brother.

Her grandparents grew and harvested vegetable gardens as well. Jennifer’s grandmother (on her father’s side) fed her eight children from her own garden. She canned her produce and kept cool season crops in a small root cellar under the front porch. Her father, who was the youngest and smallest of the eight, would sometimes have to crawl under the floorboards to retrieve the vegetables for suppertime.

This early history and introduction to horticulture sparked an intense interest in Jennifer for landscape and garden design.

Today, her passion is to create and cultivate extraordinary outdoor living spaces and reintroduce traditional gardening practices, for both edible and ornamental landscaping. She thoroughly enjoys educating people in responsible land stewardship, while beautifying and constructing the most sustainable, functional and bountiful use of their property.

She recently wrote a book called The Garden of Your Heart which is available through Amazon in both English and Spanish. Her book is a literary journey that started as an organic gardening handbook, but manifested into a metaphorical journey of garden wisdom.

She lives in Long Island, New York with her husband and three teenagers, two dogs, four cats and a few chickens, where she grows and maintains a 500 square foot organic vegetable garden and small apple orchard.

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Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Rhode Island, USA.