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Lucy Ruthnum (Journalist, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger)

Professional Highlights

  • Former journalist
  • Avid blogger- She runs a blog titled ‘Absolutely Lucy’ which is a window to her adventurous lifestyle and registers global readership that cuts across all genders and age groups.
  • Globetrotter- Her escapades include a year-long trip around Asia, Australia and New Zealand as well as solo backpacking trip across three continents.
  • Freelance writer

About Lucy

Having spent a good part of her life stuck in an office rut, Lucy often had flights of fancy where she would travel to distant and mysterious lands throwing caution to the wind. But while her imagination took off, the reality of being stuck to her work desk for a 9-5 job made sure Lucy never managed to. Until 5 years ago, when Lucy Ruthnum decided to make a change. She quit her dry as dust job and embraced the nomadic lifestyle to quench her inherent wanderlust.

Ever since, she has spent 4 years jet-setting around the world, gathering new adventures, anecdotes, and air miles. Amidst the multiple experiences and epiphanies that come in tandem with these trips, Lucy not only got to know the world better but also herself. Over these past few eventful years, as she has finally come into her own, it won’t be wrong to say that adventure can very well be Lucy Ruthnum’s middle name.

Her solo female travel blog, Absolutely Lucy, is the thread that connects Lucy to multitudes of readers who aspire to the same free-spirited lifestyle as her. Since travel is a luxury not many can afford, Lucy offers economical solutions and nifty travel tips that can make everyone’s travel dreams come true.

In addition to being a celebrated travelogue, Absolutely Lucy addresses a whole gamut of topics ranging from lifestyle to health, wellness, and relationships. In her writing, Lucy is raw and honest when it comes to talking about both her adventures and the struggles behind them. Currently residing in Hamburg, Germany, Lucy is already gearing up for the next travel itch that comes calling.

If Lucy has piqued your interest and you wish to delve deeper, these are the links to follow:

Instagram: @LucyRuthnum
Twitter: @Absolutely_Lucy
Facebook: AbsolutelyLucy