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Marcie Olivas (Cosmetologist, Cidesco Esthetician)

Professional Experience

  • Marcie is the owner of Regeneration Salon & Spa + Wellness
  • She is also an Artistic Designer at Matrix Professional Haircare and Color
  • She is also an Certified Essentials Oils Coach


About Marcie Olivas

Marcie is a 32-year veteran in the Beauty and Wellness Industry as a Cosmetologist, Cidesco Esthetician, and Essential oils coach and Yoga coach. She has trained as a Matrix Master Artist Educator for hair for 21 years and has also trained as an Esthetician under a board-certified Dermatologist, studying skin conditions, diseases and disorders and how to treat as an Esthetician.

Her study of wellness through essential oils and yoga has brought her to a place of opening her own Salon & Spa + Wellness business. Currently she is studying to become a certified Wellness Health Coach.

Her passion is to transform beauty to beautiful; beauty is what we all have and beautiful is how one should always feel.

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Marcie studied General Business at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.