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Patricia Chandler-Newport (Professional Horticulturist)

Professional Experience

  • Owner/Operator of Backyard Urban Gardens, LLC


About Patricia

Patricia has been involved in the gardening for such a long time that people who know her wouldn’t recognize her with clean fingernails! She absolutely loves what she does and hopes to share that enthusiasm with as many people as possible. She has been gardening professionally for many years doing garden design, installation, bed maintenance, and edible gardens.


She started out as a reluctant gardener, forced into labor by her mother. “No child ever complained of being bored in her mother’s presence or they were likely to have a very long list of yard chores to keep them occupied for the rest of the day”, says Patricia. She started with weeding, a big task to teach someone who can’t tell the difference between a good plant and a bad one adds Patricia jokingly. Her mother then turned her on to vegetable gardening and growing annual flowers from seed. It was then that she was hooked!


During her high school years, Patricia and her mother took the Master Gardeners course together. She was pretty sure that was lame, but again forced into it by her mother, she’s so very glad for that foundation of knowledge today so many years later. They did a lot of volunteer hours at local churches and charities, even over college breaks for the next several years.


Patricia has worked for celebrity clientele, regular folks, and even Boy Scout troops. A few years ago, she adopted a local elementary school garden and has drafted many people into action working in that garden- several hundred hours’ worth, keeping this garden on the edge of decency for some while now.


Her absolute favorite thing to do is growing edible plants- herbs, fruits, veggies, and even dabbling in mushrooms. Patricia finds great pleasure in creating meals in her kitchen from the food she has lovingly grown from seed in her own garden. For several years she has operated an organic garden subscription service or CSA from her own garden sharing delicious produce with area families.


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Patricia has a native/wetland certification, certified Master Pruner, and a former Master Gardener. Formally, she has advanced degrees in architecture and landscape design and a background in fine art.