Popularized by the British and seen as a part of English heritage, tea is a beverage enjoyed immensely by people around the world. It’s a wonder brew that calls to you at the end of each day with the well-kept promise of significantly refreshing your tired nerves.

Before the 90s, tea wasn’t recognized as a health food. But after the discovery of antioxidants, of which tea is a great source, tea surged in popularity.


Besides relaxing and recharging you, tea helps rehydrate the body and helps the mind to focus. Another great reason to opt for this beverage is that it adds very little to your calorie count. Tea also contains half the amount of caffeine present in coffee, and thus is the healthier alternative of the two. Plus, it provides good amount f flavonoids.

The methods used to make tea vary almost as much as there are types of tea. Although there are no strict rules for making tea, you can follow some guidelines in order to brew black tea perfectly to your satisfaction.

But ultimately, you’ll need to go by your taste preferences. If you do it right, you’ll be able to enjoy all the subtleties and nuances of flavor that your tea has to offer.

Here are two methods to brew a refreshing cup of black tea perfectly in no time:


Method 1: Make Black Tea using a Kettle

Things you’ll need:

Method 1 things need

  • Pan
  • Water
  • Kettle
  • Tea leaves
  • Sugar
  • Measuring spoon
  • Cup and saucer

Step 1. Put tea leaves in the kettle

Put 1 teaspoon of tea leaves into kettle

Measure 1 teaspoon of tea leaves into the kettle. Although the general rule is 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per cup of tea, the amount of loose tea depends on the strength and type of the tea as well as individual taste.

Step 2. Boil water in a pan

Bring water to boil

Heat some water to boiling in a pan. Always boil more water than you need, as boiling reduces the quantity of the water.


The key to a good tea is starting with great-tasting, cool and fresh water. You can use filtered, spring or tap water, so long as it hasn’t been previously boiled or heated. Tea leaves need oxygen in order to be properly infused. Previously boiled or heated water loses water oxygen, so you run the risk of getting a rather bland tasting tea.

Step 3. Pour boiling water into the kettle

Pour 1 cup boiling water into kettle

Measure 1 cup of boiling water and pour it into the kettle.

Step 4. Let the tea steep

Place the lid and let the tea steep


Place the lid on the kettle and let the tea steep for 3 to 5 minutes. After 3 minutes of steeping, let your taste and preferences guide you. Do not steep the leaves for more than 5 minutes.

Let the tea steep without any stirring or squeezing for the best tasting tea.

Step 5. Pour the tea into a cup

Pour the tea into a cup

Steeped to your preference, pour the tea into a cup.

Step 6. Add sugar if desired

Add sugar if desired

Add sugar according to your taste preference, or go bare with just the flavors of your tea.


Method 2: Make Black Tea without a Kettle

Things you’ll need:

Method 2 things need

  • Pan
  • Water
  • Tea leaves
  • Sugar
  • Measuring spoon
  • Strainer
  • Cup and saucer
  • Lemon

Step 1. Measure 1 cup of water

Measure 1 cup of water

Measure 1 cup of water to make 1 cup of black tea. Be sure to fill it up to the brim, as the quantity of water gets reduced after boiling.

If you’re using tap water, let it run for a few seconds before filling your cup for your tea. Water standing in pipes loses oxygen, which is needed by the tea to infuse properly.

Step 2. Boil water

Bring it to a boil

Pour the water in a pan and bring it to a boil.

Step 3. Add tea leaves to the boiling water

Add-1-teaspoon of tea leaves to it

Add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves to the boiling water.

Step 4. Let the tea brew

Brew the tea for 3-5 minutes

Let the tea brew for 3 to 5 minutes, allowing it to properly infuse into the water.

Tea leaves can be reused 2 or 3 times easily. It is widely believed in China that the second and third brew of fine tea is the best. Just keep increasing the steeping/brewing time with each use.

Step 5. Strain the tea into a cup

Strain the tea in a cup


Once brewed to your liking, strain the tea into a cup.

Step 6. Enjoy your tea with lemon and/or sugar

Enjoy your tea with lemon and/or sugar

Add sugar according to you taste preference. You can also add 5 or 6 drops of fresh lemon juice to impart a great flavor to your tea. You can skip the sugar and/or lemon if you wish to enjoy the unadulterated flavor of the tea.

Additional Tips:

  • If you wish to make a strong tea, use more tea leaves rather than more time. Brewing or steeping leaves for a long time will make your tea bitter.
  • Avoid using distilled or previously boiled or heated water, which can give a flat taste to your tea.
  • Be sure to increase the steeping time with each infusion if you’re reusing the tea leaves.
  • Never use boiling water when using tea bags. Tea bags often contain the smallest tea particles as well as tea dust, which provide more surface area for brewing, hence the need for water temperature less than the boiling water used with tea leaves.
  • You can pre-warm the cup before pouring the tea in. To pre-warm a cup, fill it with a small amount of boiling water.
  • Discard the water before pouring the tea in the cup.
  • To retain heat, you can cover your teapot or cup with a tea cozy or a thick towel.
  • Always store your tea in airtight containers and away from strong smells.
  • Black tea requires hotter water than green tea to brew properly. Taste is subjective and personal - make adjustments that best suit your preferences.