Step 4. Remove the proximity shield and ear speaker

unscrew three phillips screws

unscrew second screw


unscrew third screw

remove proximity shield

Unscrew the 3 Phillips screws from the proximity sensor shield and remove it. Place them in bowl labelled step 4.

pull front camera flex


remove ear speaker

ear speaker removal

ear speaker bowl

Now remove the ear speaker from underneath the shield and place it in the same bowl.

Step 5. Remove the proximity front camera flex cable

remove sensor flex

ambient light&proximity flex


sensor flex removed

Using your plastic pry tool, remove the flex cable for the ambient light and proximity sensor. This process requires caution and persistence, as flex cables are delicate and can tear easily.

ear speaker rubber mat

Pry open the base of the ear speaker rubber mat that includes the flex cable. The IC (integrated circuit) on the flex cable is mounted on the ear speaker rubber gasket. Remove the flex cable including the rubber gasket with the IC affixed to it.


speaker rubber mat

Be very careful as the mat is glued to the LCD panel (don’t worry it’s not super glue), and the IC is glued to the ear speaker rubber mat. Remember, do not pry the IC from the mat, rather pry open the mat from the LCD panel along with the complete proximity front camera flex cable assembly.

pull from protrusion

pull sensor flex

On top of the IC, there is a protrusion. Gently pull out the flex cable including the IC from that protrusion.

There are a few other ancillary parts that you will have to remove. Remember, these parts are not available in the new LCD panel and have to be transferred manually from the old panel to the new one.


camera sensor flex removed

Remove the 2 plastic brackets and a rubber gasket. You can remove the proximity sensor bracket and the ambient light sensor rubber gasket along with the proximity sensor and light sensor as a part of the assembly.

camera plastic ring

camera plastic removed

The front camera ring is adjacent to the ear speaker cavity.

camera sensor flex bowl

Place the front camera plastic ring in the bowl labelled step 5 along with the proximity front camera flex cable.

location of sensors

Remember the location of each part.

Step 6. Remove the home button assembly

unscrew home button shield

To remove the home button assembly, first remove the metal cover.

unscrew home metal cover

unscrew metal cover


remove metal cover

Unscrew the 2 Phillips screws on the cover and remove them using a pair of tweezers. There is a third screw too, but you don’t need to touch it for now. If you look closely, that screw does not hold the metal cover.

unplug home connector

Unplug the connector carefully from the IC, using your plastic pry tool.

remove home button

home button removal
Remove the home button, along with the flex cable, from the housing.

home button bowl
Place the home button assembly the bowl labelled step 6 containing metal cover and screws.