Step 7. Remove the LCD shield

lcd shield first screw

Lcd shield second screw


lcd shield fourth screw

lcd shield fifth screw

Remove the 7 Phillips screws from the LCD shield on top of the LCD panel.

lcd shield last screw


The last one is near the home button assembly, from where you removed the metal cover.

lcd shield screw bowl

Place the Phillips screws in the bowl labelled step 7.

removing ic base

removing lcd ic

Remember the connector IC, from which you removed the connector while removing the home button? That connector IC is affixed to the LCD panel with glue. Gently pry it open from the housing using your plastic pry tool.


remove lcd shield

Once the connector IC comes out of its housing, removing the LCD shield will become quite easy.

You have completed the process of removing the shattered LCD panel from your iPhone.

Reassembling the New LCD Panel

Step 8. Affix the shield to the new panel

new lcd panel


Take the new LCD screen and pull off the protective sheath (if any).

clean lcd shield

Clean the LCD shield with the brush to remove any dust particles.

place shield on lcd

place the lcd shield

place lcd shield


Place the shield on the new LCD screen.

lcd shield screw bowl1

Pick up the Phillips screws from the bowl labelled step 7.


lcd shield screw warning

fist screw lcd shield

third screw lcd shield

fifth screw lcd shield

home button screw holes

Screwing them back into the LCD shield. The final screw will be near the home button assembly.

affix lcd shield ic

affix lcd ic

Adjust the IC back into the housing of the new LCD panel. There will be some glue left on the back, gently apply pressure with the flat part of your plastic pry tool.


Step 9. Reattach the home button assembly

pick home button

Pick up the home button assembly from the bowl labelled step 6 and carefully place the home button in its cavity.

place home button

Gently place the flex cable extension on the 2 protrusions in the LCD panel.

fix home button

affix home button rubber

Use the flat end of the plastic pry tool to press the rubber all around to fix it to the panel.

connector back on ic

home connector on ic

press home connector

Put the connector back on the IC using the plastic pry tool.

place home metal cover

Pick up the metal cover from the bowl and place it over the home button.

home metal screw bowl

screw metal cover

screw home metal

Fasten it in place with the 2 Phillips screws. The top-left screw is slightly longer than the bottom-right one.

sensor flex bowl

Pick up the proximity front camera flex cable assembly from the bowl labelled step 5.

ear speaker cavity

place ear speaker

place speaker rubber mat

This step requires a lot of patience and cautiousness. If you recall, the entire assembly is affixed to the ear speaker rubber mat. Carefully place the rubber mat on the cavity of the ear speaker.

rubber mat cavity

There is a small hole on top of the IC that will go on the protrusion beside the proximity sensor cavity.

rubber mat pry tool

no pressure on ic

Use the flat end of the plastic pry tool to gently affix it on the panel. Do not apply pressure on the IC, rather the surrounding area.

affix rubber mat

rubber mat affixed

Make sure that it is affixed to the housing so your later steps are not mired in complications.

affix sensors

press rubber mat

Gently put the flex cable, containing the proximity sensor along with the plastic bracket and the ambient light sensor along with the rubber gasket, in its designated place.

ambient light proximity sensor

press sensor flex

press sensor flex cable

Use the pry tool to place both the sensors in their respective cavities, but do not press too hard as you are not supposed to affix them to their cavities.

hold flex pry tool

Use the same plastic pry tool as a temporary holding device, as these sensors may easily slip out of their cavities. Although the proximity sensor plastic bracket may get affixed firmly with the housing holding the flex cable for you, but be cautious, just in case.

Step 10. Reattach the ear speaker and front camera

pick ear speaker

Pick up the ear speaker from the bowl labelled step 4 and place it on top of the ear speaker rubber.

place speaker mat cavity

place speaker on mat

It has a cavity that will fit perfectly with the protrusion on the backside of the ear speaker. Moreover, the reattached speaker will hold both sensors in place, even though it isn't glued.

pick camera plastic

Now pick up the front camera plastic ring from the bowl labelled step 5 and place it in the cavity of the front camera.

lower front camera flex
Gently lower the front camera flex so it fits on top of the ring, over the ear speaker, without disturbing it.

press front camera

Use another pry tool to hold the speaker in place as you fix the front camera.

overlap speaker protrusions

Now hold both the front camera and the flex cable on top of the ear speaker with the flat end of the plastic pry tool. Be sure that the small projections on the ear speaker overlap correctly with the cavities in the front camera flex.

front camera ear speaker

Pick up the metal cover and place it over the assembly.

place sensor metal

All 3 screws are different sizes. The one adjacent to the ambient light sensor is the largest and the one adjacent to proximity sensor is the smallest.

metal cover short screw

metal cover medium scre

metal cover large screw

Fasten it in place with the 3 Phillips screws.