Step 11. Connect the front panel assembly

clean connectors

Clean the connectors for the front panel assembly with the brush.


Keeping the LCD perpendicular to the rest of the phone, place the connectors in the correct order. Be firm but gentle in connecting the cables and only apply force when you are certain that each point exactly overlaps with the cable.

To identify the location for connecting each cable, match it with the connector width. Moreover, the length of the flex cable exactly matches the location of the connector.

front panel flex cables

press cable pry tool


Place the digitizer cable in the farthest end as seen from the home screen button. Press it gently and use a pry tool to set it firmly on the connector.

place display connector

press display cable

Place the display cable on the connector in front of the digitizer cable and press it gently with the pry tool. Later, if your display shows some lines or bars, remove the display connector and affix it properly again, but before that remove the battery connector from its port.

place home button cable

press home button flex


The home button flex connector is perpendicular to the previous one. Place it gently and use the pry tool to affix it firmly. The force must be firm enough to affix it, but not excessive.

place proximity sensor flex

press proximity sensor flex

Finally, put the front camera and proximity sensor flex on the remaining connector using a pry tool. Firmly affix this one, too.


pick front panel cover

hold screen perpendicular

affix metal cover

Pick up the metal cover for the front panel assembly from the bowl labelled step 3.

screw metal cover one

screw metal cover two


screw metal cover three

screw metal cover four

Place the metal cover in its position and fasten it in place with the 5 Phillips screws.

metal cover long screw

Remember, the top right screw is longer than the rest.

Step 12. Affix the screen

lower lcd panel

lower lcd on phone

Gently lower the LCD on the phone, keeping in mind the front panel flex cable assembly.

close lcd near home

Close the screen near the home button assembly area.

press lcd from sides

close lcd firmly

Press it along the sides to firmly affix the screen to the body of the phone.


pick pentalobe screw

After the screen is affixed to the body, pick up the 2 pentalobe screws from the bowl labelled step 1.

put first pentalobe screw

Put the 2 pentalobe screws in the holes adjacent to the Lightning connector.

tighten first pentalobe

tighten the pentalobe

tighten second pentalobe

Fasten the screws using a pentalobe screwdriver.

Step 13. Turn on your phone

hold power button

apple logo new screen

Turn on your phone by pressing the power button until the Apple logo appears.

final display new screen

Your device is now ready to use.