It’s a weekend, and you have all your fun plans sorted out. But little did you know that your stomach was going to revolt against you and all your plans would go down the drain.

Stomach aches are among the most uninvited guests, and almost everyone suffers from them at some point in time.


For some, it can be mild discomfort and may ease up on its own. But for others, it can be chronic and may need a doctor’s intervention and some extra TLC.

how to get rid of stomach ache
You can get rid of a stomach ache with easy home remedies

Stomach aches usually are a symptom of an underlying cause, and therefore treatment varies accordingly. (1) There are several home remedies as well that you can use to get rid of a stomach

Causes of a Stomach Ache

Indigestion is the most common cause of an upset tummy. A number of other conditions can also cause a stomach ache, such as:

  • Trapped gas
  • Constipation
  • Overeating
  • Food poisoning
  • Food allergies
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Temporary acid reflux or chronic reflux, known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Infections
  • Inflammation of the stomach lining, known as gastritis
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Symptoms Related to a Stomach Ache

Home Treatments for a Stomach Ache

Most cases of stomach aches are not serious and can be treated with natural home remedies. If you have a stomach ache due to indigestion, your cure is just around the corner, precisely in your kitchen!


Several household ingredients work effectively in relieving the stomach pains after just 1 or 2 doses.

However, if the pain persists, do not wait to consult your doctor. It could be a sign of a serious illness. Here are six remedies that you can try to get rid of a stomach ache.

Note: Any stomach aches in the presence of the following symptoms and signs require immediate evaluation by a licensed healthcare provider.

The following symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea (with or without the presence of blood), fever, chills, inability to stand upright without causing pain.

Some other signs may include hardness of your stomach area or abdomen, discoloration of the skin of the abdomen, back pain, chest pain, difficulty breathing, coughing, diaphoresis (sweaty skin), pale skin, or fast heart rate.

Method 1: Use Apple Cider Vinegar

The acidic apple cider vinegar helps rebalance the acids in your stomach and ease digestion. Though it lacks scientific evidence to support its claim, it is a popular folk remedy.


The pectin present in it helps soothe the entire gastrointestinal tract and alleviate symptoms like cramps, gas, bloating and nausea.

Regular consumption of apple cider vinegar can also boost immunity, improve digestion and maintain the body’s proper pH levels.

Single-Step Treatment: Dilute apple cider vinegar with water and drink

dilute apple cider vinegar and consume
Use ACV to get rid of a stomach ache
  • Pour 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into 1 cup of lukewarm water.
  • You can also use normal water, tea or juice in place of the lukewarm water.
  • Mix the ingredients well.
  • Consume this drink to get relief from stomach ache within an hour.

Continue to drink it twice a day after meals for 1 week to prevent the infection or other stomach trouble from coming back. If you frequently suffer from an upset stomach, make a habit of having a glass of this drink with each meal.

Method 2: Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common household ingredient that can act as an antacid to relieve an upset stomach. (2)


It triggers a chemical reaction in your stomach that forms carbon dioxide and in turn, promotes burping. This relieves gas and bloating as well as helps ease stomach pain.

However, baking soda should be used only occasionally and after consulting with your doctor.

Note: Do not take it to cure stomach pain if you are suffering from any medical condition. Also, do not take baking soda if you’re on a sodium-restricted diet.

Step 1. Add baking soda to water

add baking soda to water

  • Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 1 cup of water.

Step 2. Mix well and consume the solution

mix well and consume the solution
Get fast relief from a stomach pain with baking soda remedy
  • Stir the solution well and drink it slowly. It will relieve the pain and bloating instantly by making you burp.
  • If needed, drink it every 4 hours. But do not consume more than 5 teaspoons of baking soda in a day.


  • Do not give this baking soda drink to children under age 6.
  • If you have respiratory, kidney, or heart conditions, do not consume baking soda without speaking with a licensed healthcare provider.
  • If you have heart conditions and are experiencing heartburn symptoms or stomach aches, you should immediately seek treatment by a licensed healthcare provider since these symptoms could be related to possible heart conditions or a heart attack.

Method 3: Drink Coke

Yes, you read it right! Your favorite cola can also be used as a remedy to get rid of a mild stomach ache due to acidity. Drinking a glass of flat cola can reduce gas buildup and thus relieve nausea and a stomach ache.

Single-Step Treatment: Have a glass of flat cola

have a glass of flat cola
Drink coke for fast relief from stomach pain
  • Drink a glass of flat cola after a meal to get relief from gas and a stomach ache within 1 hour. You can repeat if needed.
Note: Drink it only after having a meal, as drinking cola on an empty stomach can worsen the pain.

Method 4: Drink Ginger Ale

Make yourself a glass of tasty, homemade ginger ale and drink it up to get rid of stomach pain. (3)


Made with ginger root, sugar, and soda, ginger ale helps relieve the pain and also replenishes your body with fluids that can be lost due to diarrhea or vomiting.

Things you’ll need:

things you'll need to make ginger ale

  • Ginger, peeled and diced (aids digestion) – ¼ cup
  • Sugar – ¼ cup
  • Lemon (neutralizes acids) – ½
  • Club soda (encourages burping) – ¼ cup
  • Water – 2 cups

Step 1. Boil ginger and water in a pan

boil water and ginger in a pan

  • Pour 1 cup of water into a pan.
  • Add ¼ cup of diced ginger to the water.
  • Turn on the heat and bring it to a boil.

Step 2. Strain the ginger-infused water

strain ginger water

  • Strain the ginger-infused water and set it aside.

Step 3. Boil water and sugar

boil water and sugar

  • Pour 1 cup of water into the pan.
  • Add ¼ cup of sugar to the water.
  • Bring the mixture to a boil.
  • Simmer for 2 to 3 minutes, then set it aside.

Step 4. Combine all the ingredients and drink the homemade ginger ale

combine the ingredients and drink
Treat stomach pain with ginger ale
  • Pour the ginger-infused water into a glass.
  • Add the sugar solution to it.
  • Add ¼ cup of club soda as well.
  • Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the drink.

Ginger ale will usually get rid of stomach aches within 10 to 15 minutes. If the pain persists, drink up to 3 glasses of the homemade ginger ale per day.

You can also make a batch and store it in the refrigerator, so you can drink it as needed.

Method 5: Drink Lemon Water

Lemon or other citrus fruits can come to your aid if you have an upset stomach due to indigestion. (4) The citric acid triggers the secretion of digestive juices in your stomach that helps break down food.

Lemon has various health benefits as it also helps keep you hydrated as well as flushing toxins out of your body.

Single-Step Treatment: Mix lemon juice in warm water and drink

use lemon water
Drink lemon water to cure a stomach ache
  • Pour 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice into 1 cup of warm water.
  • Optionally, you can add some honey to your lemon water to make it taste better.
  • Drink the warm lemon water slowly after each meal. It will ease the symptoms within 1 to 2 days.

Method 6: Drink Herbal Tea

Herbal teas can also be consumed to treat a stomach ache. They have a calming effect on your body and enhance the process of digestion. (5)

#Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is quite popular for relieving a stomach ache and nausea. The menthol present in mint leaves is a natural analgesic.

Peppermint also has an antispasmodic effect on the muscles, which reduces a stomach ache. You can either brew a cup of peppermint tea with fresh mint leaves or use a pre-made tea bag.

Step 1. Brew a cup of peppermint tea

brew a cup of peppermint tea

  • Put a peppermint tea bag in a cup of hot water.
  • Let it steep for 5 minutes.
Step 2. Discard the tea bag and enjoy the peppermint tea
discard tea bag and enjoy peppemint tea
Drink peppermint tea for instant relief from stomach aches
  • Remove the tea bag and drink the freshly prepared peppermint tea.
  • The tea will provide quick relief from the discomfort. You can drink 1 to 2 cups per day to soothe a stomach ache.
  • You can also chew on some fresh mint leaves to relieve pain and improve digestion.

#Fennel Tea

Fennel seeds have been used as far back as Egyptian times to treat stomach-related problems. Chewing a spoonful of fennel seeds or drinking fennel tea can reduce gas and bloating, improve digestion and relieve cramps.

It has also proven effective in treating serious stomach disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Step 1. Add fennel seeds to hot water and let it steep for 10 minutes

add fennel seeds to hot water and steep

  • Pour about 1 cup of hot water into a pitcher.
  • Put 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds in the water and cover the pitcher with a coaster or lid.
  • Let the seeds steep in the water for 10 minutes.
Step 2. Strain the tea into a cup and drink it
strain fennel tea and drink
Fennel tea is also good for stomach pain
  • Strain the fennel tea into a cup.
  • Sip it slowly.
  • The soothing fennel tea can provide relief from the stomach ache within 1 hour. Drink a cup of fennel tea after every meal to reduce symptoms and bring your digestive system back to normal.

#Ginger Tea

Ginger is anti-inflammatory in nature, which helps reduce inflammation in the stomach and alleviate a stomach ache. Making a cup of healthy ginger tea is very easy.

Step 1. Put sliced ginger in hot water

put some sliced ginger in hot water

  • Put 1/2 inch-long ginger, peeled and sliced into 1 cup of hot water.
  • Cover it and let it steep for 10 minutes.
Step 2. Strain the ginger tea and drink it
strain ginger tea and drink
Drink ginger tea for upset stomach
  • Strain the ginger tea and drink it slowly.
  • Optionally, you can add 1 teaspoon of honey to improve the taste.
  • Drink 2 to 3 cups a day for 2 to 3 days to soothe an upset tummy.

Tips to get relief from stomach ache

  • If you have indigestion and diarrhea, eating probiotic yogurt can help replenish the good bacteria in your colon and normalize digestion.
  • Probiotics like milk kefir, water kefir, kraut, kimchi or any fermented food also help prevent indigestion and should be taken with a meal to maintain a healthy gut.
  • Eating bananas helps get rid of a stomach ache and nausea.
  • Eat bland foods like rice, potatoes, and toast, as they go easy on your already sensitive digestive system. They also help control diarrhea.
  • Eating papaya boosts your digestion and relieves constipation.
  • You can also try aloe juice in moderation to relieve heartburn and stomach pain.


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