Everyone loves a thick, glossy mane. But no one likes premature gray hair, do they?

Gray hair may be a sign of graceful aging, but premature graying is unacceptable as it diminishes everything good in your life. Premature graying can make you an object of ridicule in your social circle.


The pigmentation in hair results from the melanin produced by specialized pigment cells called melanocytes. The production of melanin slows down considerably or even stops completely with age, giving rise to gray locks.

how to get rid of premature gray hair

While aging is one of the reasons for graying of hair, factors such as hereditary predisposition and a stressful lifestyle among others can give rise to premature graying.

Premature gray hair may also result from smoking cigarettes or the intake of vitamin and mineral-deficient diets. Medical conditions such as anemia, tuberous sclerosis, or hyperthyroidism may also contribute to premature graying. Stress can also be a major factor in premature graying.


While covering your gray hair with jazzy colors may seem like a great option, it is not in the best interest of your hair. Most cosmetic hair colors containing ammonia can dry out hair

Keeping your hair colored with cosmetic colors can prove to be expensive. Also, these hair colors only cover the grays, not prevent them.

5 Remedies to Get Rid of Gray Hair

A right approach to prevent premature graying would be the use of natural remedies. Here are a few simple methods to help reduce gray hair.

Method 1: Using Indian Gooseberry

Amla or Indian gooseberry is the most beneficial to help reduce premature graying. It is loaded with vitamin C, citrons and tannins among other nutrients, making it rich in antioxidants. It helps strengthen and thicken hair

Amla revitalizes the pigmentation process of hair by boosting the production of melanin; it also acts as a natural dye. You can use its oil, fresh pulp, or juice to help protect your hair from graying.

The mixture of Indian gooseberry juice and sweet almond oil is a powerful remedy, which is easy to prepare. Sweet almond oil also helps slow down the premature graying of the hair.


Being rich in vitamin E, it also nourishes the hair and encourages hair growth.

Things you’ll need:

things you'll need

  • Indian gooseberry juice (boosts pigmentation) — 1 tablespoon
  • Sweet almond oil (nourishes hair) — 1 tablespoon
  • Cotton ball

Step 1. Combine Indian gooseberry juice with sweet almond oil

mix indian gooseberry juice with sweet almond oil

  • Take 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil into a small bowl.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of Indian gooseberry juice to it.
  • Mix the liquids well.

Step 2. Apply the blend over gray hair

apply the blend over gray hair

  • Apply the blend over your gray hair with a cotton ball, coating them entirely. You can also massage the blend into your hair, working it in your scalp.
  • Let it remain in your hair for about an hour.
  • After that, rinse your hair with water.

Follow this remedy twice a week for at least 2 or 3 weeks to get significant results.

Method 2: Using Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses can also be used to reduce premature graying. It can either be taken orally or used as a topical application to prevent premature graying.

Blackstrap molasses can work wonders, especially if you’re a natural brunette or if your gray hair results from a lack of proper nutrition.

Blackstrap molasses are nutritional powerhouses replete with vitamin B6 and minerals such as copper, iron, zinc, and selenium. The antioxidants present in blackstrap molasses prevent free-radical damage resulting from pollution, chemicals, and excessive sun exposure.

Single-Step Treatment: Drink blackstrap molasses to stop premature graying of hair

mix blackstrap molasses to warm water and drink

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses into warm water or milk and drink.
  • You can start with the consumption of 1 teaspoon of blackstrap molasses every day and gradually work your way up to 1 tablespoon.
  • You can also use blackstrap molasses as a sweetener in baking or cooking.
  • If you can’t stand its strong flavor, go for topical application thrice a week.

A significant change may be observed over 3 weeks.

Method 3: Using Onion Juice

Onion juice is a stinky but effective remedy for getting rid of gray hair and keeping them at bay.

The graying of hair can also result from the deficiency of the enzyme catalase, which is found in abundance in onions, juicing it out just makes for an easy application.

The build-up of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles and scalp may also result in thinning and graying of hair. The enzyme catalase helps neutralize the hydrogen peroxide build-up, thus helping to reduce the loss of color in your hair.

Onion juice can also help to combat hair loss.

Step 1. Pureé the onion

puree the onion

  • Run the chopped onion through a blender till it is puréed.
  • Spoon the puréed onions onto cheesecloth placed over a small bowl.

Step 2. Extract the onion juice and apply over your graying hair

extract onion juice and apply

  • Bundle up the cheesecloth and squeeze out the onion juice into the bowl.
  • You can also use a fine mesh strainer to juice the onion paste or just squeeze it out with your hands.
  • Using a cotton ball, apply the onion juice over your entire hair and scalp.
  • Leave the onion juice in your hair for at least half an hour before rinsing off with cold water.

Stick to this remedy daily for 5 or 6 weeks for promising results.

Method 4: Using Diet

Use diet to get rid of premature graying

As the lack of nutrition is a major cause of premature graying of hair, you can restore the color of your hair by adhering to a proper diet.

Deficient diet results in a slow immune system that hinders the function of melanocytes, which are responsible for the pigmentation of hair.

You can use a nutritious diet as a tool to supplement the body’s deficiencies and strengthen your immune system.

Consume foods rich in vitamins B and C and minerals such as copper, iron, zinc, iodine, and selenium. Your diet should also supplement folic acid and the enzyme catalase.


Exposure to pollutants and chemicals can give rise to free radicals or oxidants in the body. These free radicals can damage the melanocytes and stop the production of melanin, giving rise to gray hair.

Eating foods rich in antioxidants can help neutralize free radicals and rejuvenate the melanocytes.

  • Consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can provide you with the required vitamins and minerals. Green leafy vegetables, in particular, provide you with folic acid. Go for local produce that will be fresh, as well as easy on your pocket.
  • Pack on protein-rich foods such as lean meat, chicken, eggs, and fish that can be easily digested.
  • If you need to supplement minerals specifically, go for seafood such as marine fish, shellfish, oysters, and prawns. Supplements should be of a food source, not synthetic.

You should also avoid the intake of too much caffeine, packaged, and processed foods, as well as excess sugar. These affect the immune system over time and give rise to problems such as gray hair.

The excess sugars leech minerals from your body, making your hair and scalp deficient in the minerals they require.

Method 5: By Staying Stress-Free

stay stress free to rid of premature gray hair

Day-to-day lifestyle can be stressful at times, physically as well as mentally. Work-related stress is common to almost every adult.

Stress can also stem from social, familial, and economic conditions. Students may suffer from study-related stress.

While stress may not be the cause of graying, it may speed up the process as stress can weaken your immune system over time.

Staying stress-free is another way to prevent gray hair. While it’s easier said than done, you can certainly give it a try.

  • Detect the source of stress and try to manage the situation.
  • Keep a positive attitude when dealing with stress.
  • Confront issues and unwanted situations as calmly as you can.
  • Take care of your nutrition and diet. Avoid excessive intake of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Try relaxing techniques such as yoga, meditation, and acupressure.
  • Breathing exercises can reduce anxiety and help you keep calm in stressful situations.
  • Diffuse organic lavender essential oil in your house. You can also add the oil to a nice hot bath.

If you find that none of the self-help techniques prevent graying of hair, you may consult a stress counselor or take a stress management class.

Additional Tips

  • If you wish to consume blackstrap molasses orally, do it with warm milk or water. As it has laxative properties, start with 1 tablespoon or less. Avoid taking it before bedtime as it may keep you awake.
  • You can mix some freshly squeezed lemon juice with the onion juice to tame the stink. It won’t banish the onion odor completely but will take the edge off. It will also improve the health of the hair follicles assisting in healthy growth.
  • You can also try black tea, coffee, sage, catechu, soap nuts, and hibiscus leaves for external application. They act as natural dyes and require a regular application but are free from side effects.