A piece of chewing gum can find its way anywhere it wants to be. It may hop in via your child’s shoe to rest on your carpet or stick to your walls, windows and even the electronics in your kitchen.

While it is comparatively easier to get rid of chewing gum on concrete surfaces, electronics and washable fabrics, removing it from fine fabrics or carpet that cannot be popped into a washing machine can become a major headache if you don’t approach it the right way.


Although pulling up the gum immediately is the best solution, it can damage the fabric and the delicate fibers in it.

remove chewing gum from carpet

So, if you wish to prevent a sticky situation, follow the methods below to remove chewing gum from carpet in just 2 minutes.

Method 1: Using Ice



Things you’ll need:


  • Ice cubes
  • Bowl
  • Knife

Step 1. Freeze the gum

freeze the gum

Put some ice cubes in a bowl and rub the bowl over the gum.

This helps freeze and solidify the gum, which can then easily be scraped off.

Step 2. Scrape it off

scrape it off

  • Use a dull knife or a spoon to scrape off the hardened gum. Do not rub too hard on the fabric, lest it may damage the delicate fibers.
  • Scrape until there is no trace of gum on the fabric.


Method 2: Using Detergent


Things you’ll need:


  • Liquid detergent
  • Water
  • Paper towel
  • Cleaning brush

Step 1. Pour liquid detergent over the gum

pour liquid detergent over the gum

Pour a generous amount of liquid detergent over the gum.

Step 2. Rub it off

rub it off

  • Using a cleaning brush, gently scrape the gum off of the carpet.
  • Keep going until there is no more gum on the carpet.

Step 3. Rinse and pat dry

rinse and pat dry

  • Finish by rinsing it off with water. This helps remove any unseen traces of gum and detergent on the carpet.
  • Blot up the liquid using a paper towel.


Method 3: Using an Iron



Things you’ll need:


  • Iron
  • Paper towel

Cover the gum with paper towel and iron it

cover and iron

  • Cover the gum with a paper towel and run an iron over it. The heat from the iron melts the gum, which then sticks to the paper towel and can easily be removed along with it.
  • Continue ironing until the stain disappears from the carpet and transfers completely to the paper towel.


Additional Tips

  • Alternatively, you may use warm vinegar for the purpose of removing chewing gum. Just apply and allow it to set for some time. Rinse it off using clean water.
  • If you are short on time, you may use commercial products that are specifically designed for removing gum from carpet.
  • Always use a good scraping tool to avoid any damage to your belongings. Use a plastic spatula, butter knife or a rounded metal spoon to scrape away the gum.
  • You may also try oils and solvents for older or larger gum stains.
  • To get rid of any stickiness on the carpet after you have removed the gum, use lemon juice.