There is no denying that an elegant ring complements beautiful hands. When it looks so pretty on your freshly manicured hands, you probably wear it for a few days or more. You also may conveniently forget about it – until the day comes when the ring refuses to leave your side, or your finger to be precise!

You apply all your muscle but the ring just won’t budge. Realization hits that it is not working anymore between the two of you, since now the ring has left your finger red and bruised.


You can wait a couple of days, hoping for your stars to change and the ring to come off on its own. But if you haven’t had any luck, there is nothing to fret about. Some simple household ingredients can help you make peace with the ring and part ways.

how to remove stuck ring

Read on to learn some nifty tricks to remove a stuck finger ring.

Note: If your finger is turning blue, don’t wait. Visit a nearby fire station or go to an ER.


Method 1: Lubrication

Removing a stuck ring can be very easy with a little lubrication. Below are three tried-and-true lubricants that work well for this purpose.

You can also try other lubricants like butter, hair conditioner or baby oil. Petroleum jelly is also a safe bet, especially if you have bruised your skin due to excessive pushing and pulling.


Who knew a simple household item like Windex could do more than just remove hard water stains from bath fittings? Apart from providing lubrication, Windex also has a shrinking effect on the skin. This makes it easy to wiggle out of the ring in a jiffy.

However, do not use it if your skin is cracked or you have a cut on your finger. Also, some chemical cleaners may react with certain ring metals. Remember to test it on the underside of ring before using it liberally.

Step 1. Spray Windex around the stuck ring

spray windex around the stuck ring

  • Squirt some Windex around the stuck ring.
  • Also, spray it on your knuckle because it is slightly wider than the rest of your finger and is sometimes the reason why that ring won’t come off.

Step 2. Twist and remove the finger ring

twist and remove the stuck ring

  • Move the ring back and forth to allow the Windex to lubricate the skin under the ring.
  • The ring should now slide off easily.

final using windex to remove the ring

#Liquid Dish Soap

You can also use dish soap to lubricate your finger and remove the ring stuck on your finger.

Step 1. Apply dish soap on the stuck ring

apply dish soap

  • Pour some liquid dish soap on the ring.

Step 2. Twist and push the ring off

twist and pull out the ring

  • Twist the ring side to side to let the soap lubricate the skin under the ring.
  • Gently push the ring toward your knuckle and it should slide off easily.

final using dish soap to remove the ring

#Body Lotion

If you do not want to use any cleaning product on your skin, use a basic moisturizer or body lotion. As long as it is slippery, it should do the trick.

Step 1. Apply body lotion on your finger

apply lotion on your finger

  • Squirt some body lotion on the finger with the stuck ring.
  • Spread the lotion around the ring.

Step 2. Twist and turn the ring to remove it

twist and turn to remove the ring

  • Keeping your finger relaxed, twist and slide the ring off.

final using lotion to remove the ring

Method 2: Dental Floss or Thread

Dental floss, thread or any thin string can come handy to remove a stuck ring. Just wrap it around your finger and the ring will come off as you unravel it.


Things you’ll need:

things you'll need for using floss to remove stucj ring

  • Dental floss (provides buffer and pushes the ring outwards)
  • Toothpick

Step 1. Slide the floss under the ring and wrap it around your finger

slide the floss under the ring

  • Pass one end of the dental floss under the ring. If there isn’t space to slide the floss under it, use a toothpick to help create space between your finger and the ring.
  • Hold onto the other end and wrap the floss snugly around your finger up to your knuckle. Keep the coil tight and smooth. However, do not wrap it too tight, as you do not want to cut off circulation and cause your finger to turn blue.

Step 2. Uncoil the floss with the end that passed under the ring

uncoil the floss with the end passed under the ring

  • Hold the end that went under the ring and begin unraveling the floss in the same direction.
  • The ring will move over the floss as you uncoil it and finally come off.
  • If the ring does not move along the coil after 1 or 2 attempts, uncoil the string immediately to avoid blocking blood circulation.

final using floss to remove the ring

Method 3: Cold Water

You must have learned in school that heat makes things expand and cold temperatures make them shrink. Well, the same science works in the case of a stuck finger ring.

The cold water lowers the temperature of your hand. As a result, the finger shrinks and makes it easy for you to remove the ring.

Step 1. Dip your hand in ice cold water

dip your hand in ice cold water

  • Fill a bowl with cold water. You can add a few ice cubes to make the water even colder.
  • Submerge your hand in the water, and let it sit for a few minutes or as long as you can tolerate it.

Step 2. Remove the ring from your shrunken finger

remove ring from shrunken finger

  • Remove your hand from the water and wiggle the ring, pushing it toward the tip of your finger. The ring should come right off.

 final using cold water to remove the ring

Method 4: Elevate Your Hand

If your ring won’t come off because your finger is swollen, the elevation method may be just the solution you need.

Elevating your hand helps decrease blood flow to your fingers and reduces swelling. It also allows any excess body fluid to move away from the fingers, leaving them slender enough for the ring to come off.

If your ring gets stuck frequently due to swollen fingers, try to increase your water intake to prevent dehydration and resulting bloating or swollen hands and feet. You should also consult your doctor to check for any medical condition that may be causing the swelling.


Single-Step Method: Keep your hand raised for 5 to 10 minutes

keep your hand raised for 4 to 5 minutes

  • Raise your hand above your shoulder level, and hold it up for 5 to 10 minutes to reduce swelling in your finger.
  • Lower your hand and the ring should come off.


  • Keep yourself calm and be patient if the ring doesn’t come right off. It may take a few days and a combination of methods to remove it.
  • Taking a cold shower or going out in cold weather can also help lower your body temperature and thereby shrink your finger.
  • If your finger ring is stuck due to skin bunching near the knuckles, try to flatten the skin or stretch your finger backward to reduce skin bunching.
  • If you have a needle file, you can use it to cut a groove through the ring. Remember to create a buffer between the ring and your finger to avoid injury. You can use a Popsicle stick as a buffer. Don’t do this if you are concerned about damaging the ring.
  • If you have tried everything possible, visit a jeweler to cut and remove the ring.

Summary of How to Get a Stuck Ring Off Your Finger

how to remove stuck ring

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