Go buy one right now if you have never tasted a mango. It is one of those fruits that has the power to entice the senses of anyone who tastes it.

This tropical delight, a native of India and Southeast Asia, will leave you in awe once you take a whiff of its wonderful aroma and try its juicy pulp.


While those who lament that healthier options rarely taste good, mangoes are a solution to their dilemma as well.

Mangoes will keep your cholesterol and diabetes in check. They aid your immune system and digestion, help you lose weight and are excellent for your eyes and sex life.

Eating mangoes has other possible health benefits, too.

The abundance of antioxidants like astragalin, fisetin, isoquercitrin, quercetin, gallic acid and methyl gallate in mangoes has been linked to possible cancer-fighting ability against colon, breast, prostate, leukemia and lung cancer.


Mangoes are a tasty and healthy delight, albeit a messy one. Hardly anyone can eat a mango without getting his or her hands drenched in its sweet juice. Cutting a mango is an even messier affair and really cumbersome if you don’t know how to do it properly.

Lucky for you, here are five ways to cut and peel a mango easily.

Method 1: Using a Glass

Things you’ll need:

Using glass things need

  • Mango
  • Glass
  • Chef’s knife

Step 1. Cut the wide side of the mango from the top

Cut mango

To get the maximum flesh out of the mango, cut the wide cheeks of the mango from the top. Place the knife about ½ inch away from the center top and cut through the mango cheek.


You will obtain a cheek full of flesh.

Step 2. Place the glass lip near the edge of the mango cheek

Place near edge of glass

Place the lip of your glass near the edge of the mango cheek. Ensure that your glass has a thin edge and is wide enough in diameter to accommodate the mango.

Step 3. Slide the mango down through the glass lip

Slide the mango through the glass


Carefully slide the mango down through the glass lip, keeping it in between the edge of the skin and the pulp. This will extract all the flesh from the cheeks.

Enjoy the fresh mango pulp.

Using glass

Method 2: Using a Vegetable Peeler and Knife

Things you’ll need:

Using y peeler things need

  • Mango
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Chef’s knife

Step 1. Peel the mango

Peel mango skin


Use a Y-peeler to peel the skin off the mango.

Step 2. Cut the mango

Cut the mango

Cut the large cheeks off the mango and slice the flesh. Cut off the narrow ends of the mango pieces, where the flesh adjoined to the pit.

Serve the mango slices and relish the flavor.

Using peeler final

Method 3: Using Knives Only

Things you’ll need:

Using knife only things need

  • Mango
  • Chef’s knife
  • Paring knife

Step 1. Cut the wide side of the mango

Cut mango slice

Take a look at the mango and cut the cheek of the mango that appears to be the widest. Cut ½ inch away from the top downwards.

You will get a cheek with a lot of flesh.

Step 2. Make grid-like cuts on the mango cheek

Make grids

Take the mango cheek with a lot of pulp and make vertical cuts all along the pulp with a paring knife. Now, turn the mango cheek 90 degrees and make vertical cuts again, so you have grid-like cuts on the pulp.

Keep in mind not to cut through the skin of the mango, only cut through the pulp.


Step 3. Push the mango cheek for an outward bulge

Push the cheek outward

Now, push the cheek from behind so it bulges outward. You will see that the cubes of the mango will bulge out like a flower.

Step 4. Cut the pieces off the mango skin and enjoy

Cut the cubes

Use the paring knife to carefully cut all the pieces off the cheek. Ensure that you cut near the skin so you get the maximum flesh.

Now enjoy those cubes of mango.

Using only knives final

Method 4: Using a Knife and Spoon

Things you’ll need:

Using spoon and knife things need

  • Mango
  • Knife
  • Spoon

Step 1. Cut the mango into slices

Cut the mango cheek

Simply cut the wide cheeks off the mango using a chef’s knife and then cut the narrow sides.

Step 2. Scoop out the flesh with a spoon and enjoy

Scoop out the flesh

Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh from both the wide and narrow mango slices. Using a teaspoon to scoop out the flesh is helpful, since its fine edges can easily cut through the pulp.

Enjoy the juicy mango flesh or make a healthy mango smoothie to gain weight.

Using spoon and knife final

Method 5: Using a Mango Splitter

Things you’ll need:

Using mango splitter things need

  • Mango
  • Mango splitter/cutter

Step 1. Hold the mango with the stem pointing down

Hold the mango

Hold the mango in such a manner that its stem portion is pointing downward and its pointed end is facing up.

While you are holding the mango, keep in mind that its wider cheek doesn’t face you, rather its narrow side should be in front of you.

Step 2. Place the splitter on the top of the mango

Put splitter on top of mango

While holding the mango with your left hand, place the mango splitter on top of the pointed end of the fruit.

Keep in mind that the curved blades in the center of the splitter should be aligned with the fat cheeks of the mango.

Step 3. Split the mango

Split the mango

Now, apply pressure using both your hands on the sides of the splitter. The mango will remain upright due to the pressure.

The blades of the splitter will split the mango into the seed (or pit) and two cheeks. You can take the flesh out of the mango as you desire and enjoy its fruity delight.

Using mango splitter final

Additional Tips

  • If you have never tasted a mango, please don’t buy a Tommy Atkins first. Yes, it may look seductive in appearance, but it doesn’t do justice to the flavor for which mangoes are known worldwide. Try an Ataulfo instead.
  • While cutting down from the top of the mango, should you encounter the pit, just change your angle a bit outwards.
  • There is no decent way to eat a mango, especially if you want to eat the flesh on the pit. So don’t be afraid to loosen up and enjoy the mango like a child.