Having a relationship with an abusive person can be toxic. It not only destroys your mental peace but also harms you emotionally. Finding an escape route can be difficult, but not impossible.

Toxic relationships can be quite damaging

Remember that you are not alone. There are a lot of people who are ready to help you and pull you out of this darkness, but only if you let them know! Be strong enough to speak out your mind and to voice the misery that you are going through, and you will be out of it before you even realize. It might take a little time to heal, but you would be just fine!


1. Know your rights

You can easily escape abusive partners if you know your rights

It is not your fault if your partner is abusive; do not lower your self-esteem. You have certain rights provided to you by the country's constitution. Know your rights and try to find solutions to escape the situation you are in.

2. Voice your thoughts

Share your problems with people close to you

Let people know about your abusive relationship. Do not wait for things to get out of control. Keep a couple of trustworthy friends and family members by your side. Make them aware of everything, so that they can help you if something goes wrong!

3. Keep yourself mentally strong

mental peace
Being at peace emotionally is important while dealing with an abusive partner

Do not let your abusive relationship break you. Tolerate it only till the point it can be endured. Try and stay strong in your head; remain calm, but not quiet. Involve yourself in various activities and hobbies; follow your passion to divert your mind and attain peace of mind.

4. Helplines on your side

Always have important numbers at speed dial

Have the contact details of Domestic Violence Hotline and other helplines in hand. It is better to be prepared for any kind of emergency, even if your partner is not physically abusive.


5. Maintain your support system

A strong support group helps immensely while dealing with an abusive partner

Make yourself stronger; make sure you have some close friends and family members by your side. Maintain your relationships with them even if your partner does not like it. Report against him in case he prohibits you to meet your people.

6. Stay calm

stay calm
Stay calm in the face of his anger

If he happens to be in one of his rage fits then don’t aggravate him as that could potentially spiral the situation out of control. Instead, try to calm down the situation and stay away from him. And as soon as you can, get help from friends or family without rousing his suspicions about it.

7. Maintain a slight distance

Make sure that he doesn't crowd you

Maintain a distance from your partner. It is good to stay away from negativity for your peace of mind. Do not allow him to subdue your spirit.

8. Know when to walk away

walk away
Walk away before it breaks you down

Getting out of toxic life situations and leaving the abusive people in your life only means that you are strong. Stay strong; know when to walk away. Understand the repercussions of staying with an abusive person, and how it will affect you in the long run.

9. Prepare a safety plan

Have a plan ready to get out of danger by seeking help from people close to you

Safety plan includes recognizing the safe areas in your house and in the neighborhood. Consider other ways to escape if Plan A fails. Always carry your phone with you, and know who to reach out for help; add their phone numbers to speed dial. Create a signal or code that your trusted family members, friends, or neighbors can decode to provide you with emergency assistance, whenever needed.