Too often people get wrapped up in the complexity of busy lifestyles that they forget to take a step back, slow down, and enjoy some quality time alone.

Spending some time alone lets you recharge your mental batteries and revitalize your mind and body. Solitude gives your brain a chance to rest and replenish itself. It increases your productivity and also improves the quality of your relationships. It is important to enjoy yourself often as it lets you connect with yourself and relax.

Moreover, let’s face it there are certain things in life that are best enjoyed alone. So, get over your reservations of being seen alone and get ready to roll solo.

how to enjoy yourself alone
Things you can do to enjoy your “Me” time

Here are few inspirational activities that you could do to enjoy yourself this weekend:

  1. Go shopping. There is nothing more relieving and liberating than shopping. The sheer freedom of cruising almost every mall in the town, trying out almost every outfit, and finding the best bargains is only best done when alone.

    go shopping to enjoy yourself alone
    Shopping alone can be relieving and liberating
  2. Dine at a restaurant. The idea of dining solo may seem daunting, but, in reality, it can be a great way to enjoy yourself. Eating alone allows you to focus on the deliciousness of the food and savor it.
    dine at a restaurant to enjoy yourself alone
    Dining alone allows you to savor your food

    You are free to eat at your own pace, free from small talk, from other people’s diet restrictions, or from wasting time waiting for others to arrive.

  3. Go for a cheesy/weepy/embarrassing movie show. Going by yourself means you can let loose your emotions without worrying about being judged. There is something truly liberating about watching a movie in the company of complete strangers who you would never be meeting again. Watching a movie solo has its perks—you can see the flick you want and at your time, you get to focus on the plot without any distraction, and, not to mention, you don’t have to split your popcorns and soda.
  4. Attend a wedding. Heading to a wedding all alone might seem awkward, but you can actually rock out and have a night to remember. So, get into your best outfit, put on your highest heels, and make yourself feel comfortable and confident in your skin to enjoy yourself.
  5. Head to a happy hour. Going to a pub or bar alone doesn’t sound that happening, but look at it as an opportunity to meet some interesting people and make new friends.
  6. Go bowling.
  7. Rock out at a concert. Heading to a concert alone can be a rewarding experience. It lets you take in your surroundings and allows you to jam up to your favorite songs without any distractions.
  8. Sing karaoke. Be courageous and hit a karaoke bar, take the stage, grab a mic, and sing your heart out to complete strangers.
  9. Tour a museum. Visit a museum and see every piece of art and history that the place has. Spend time studying and interpreting the work of art.

    tour a museum to enjoy yourself alone
    Spend some time alone studying and interpreting the work of art
  10. Checkout a bookstore. Spend an entire day or few hours exploring different genres at a bookstore. Snag a book off the shelf and plop down on one of the couches there, losing yourself in the words of wisdom from your favorite author.
  11. Visit arts and crafts festivals. Find out if there are any ongoing arts and crafts festivals in your area. The artifacts and handmade crafts that you get there are rare to find. Use these to decorate your home.
  12. Shop at a flea market. It can be both exciting and challenging as you never know what unique finds you may stumble upon.
  13. Scour through a thrift store. Thrift stores are a great place to look for something specific and unique within your budget. Going alone is better than dragging someone who will not let you do your hunting.
  14. Travel to a new destination. Even if it’s just a weekend trip, travelling alone gives you the luxury to do things at your own pace. Go to a new city, spend your day walking around, slow down, and soak up and smell every sight you come across.
  15. Head to the beach. Relaxing with a magazine or novel, going snorkeling, flying a kite or simply watching people, or letting your mind drift away with the sounds of the waves can be purely magical.

    head to the beach to enjoy yourself alone
    Spend your day at the beach getting a tan
  16. Go on a fishing trip. Fishing alone can be a great way to connect with nature and enjoy solitude. Either try fishing your local waters or try a different place, maybe a new landscape, that is completely different from your home waters. Also, cook the fish you catch and have it for dinner.
  17. Visit a zoo.
  18. Take a hike in the woods. Enjoy the trees, bees, the grass, and the breeze on your face. Take in the beauty of nature by exploring the depth of the woods. Just make sure to keep track of where you are going to avoid getting lost.
  19. Explore your neighborhood. Spend your day exploring your neighborhood. You might stumble upon a lot of things you missed out on.
  20. Sketch nature. Although you might not be the best artists, painting can be relaxing. Take a canvas, get outside, and start sketching the nature sitting beneath a tree.
  21. Star gaze. Whether you are lying back on the grass in your own backyard or in a park, watching the stars twinkle in the sky during night can calm you down and let you relax and enjoy yourself.
  22. Crowd watch. Go to a park, a mall, or any public space and simply observe people. Notice the small details about them, how they are with each other, and pay attention to their body language. If you feel like, eavesdrop provided you’re not actually invading someone else’s personal space.
  23. Strike up a conversation with strangers. Talking to strangers can be one of the best pastimes. Strike up a conversation with bartenders, waiters, people sitting next to you at a bar, coffee shop, etc.
  24. Enroll in a hobby class. Go ahead and try out a new hobby that you were wanting to from a long time.
  25. Try your hand at art and crafts kit. Buy readymade craft kits such as a pottery wheel, jewelry-making kit, sculpting clay, whittling wood, or a stitch kit. Try to master the art and get really good at it.
  26. Cook a new dish. Cooking something that had been on your mind for a long time is a fun way to hang out with yourself.
  27. Spend some moment with your pet.

    spend time with your pet to enjoy yourself alone
    Spend some time loving and petting your furry friend
  28. Start a blog. If there is something that you are passionate about, write about it. Start a blog. It’s a great way to get yourself to start writing and channel your passion.
  29. Take photographs and share it online. Snap some photographs of something interesting at your home or walk through your neighborhood. You will come across a lot of interesting things that would make for a great click. Write something about the picture and share it online.
  30. Volunteer. Join some social work group or volunteer in an NGO.
  31. Help an elderly neighbor with their chores.
  32. Finish a pending project. Immerse yourself in your favorite novel or force yourself to finish a pending project at a café. When you are all alone, you will be forced to finish the project.
  33. Give your mind a workout. Pick up a Sudoku puzzle, a crossword, or a Rubik’s cube and challenge your mind to finish them all by yourself.
  34. Learn to meditate. Meditation can help you relax and detox your mind and body.

    meditate to enjoy yourself alone
    Meditate to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body
  35. Do some physical activity. Exercising alone can be fun as you get to move at your own pace. Certain workouts can be embarrassing to try out in front of others. Master the workout alone before you try it out in front of others in your gym or at home.
  36. Clean your closet or wardrobe. Turn on your favorite music and spend your afternoon cleaning your closet and re-organizing your wardrobe.
  37. Wash your car. Give your car a good cleaning. If you feel like it, wax it too.
  38. Wear your best outfit and click a selfie. Sometimes you need an excuse to dress up. So, wear your newest outfit and shamelessly click photos of yourself the way you like. You don’t have to worry out about being judged.
  39. Try out new hair or make-up tutorials. Try out a new makeup/hair tutorial that you always wanted to try out. When you are alone, you don’t have to worry about anyone else witnessing it.
  40. Grove to some loud music. Spend some time listening to the music and worrying less about everything else around. Put on some loud, groovy music, and dance along or sing aloud if you feel like.
  41. Binge-watch TV series with your favorite snacks. The best part about watching TV alone is to watch whatever you want to. So, get some snacks, curl up on one of your comfy couches, and enjoy yourself.
  42. Grab your favorite ice-cream or chocolate cookies. Eat it without feeling guilty about calories.
  43. Relive your childhood with hot chocolate. Snuggle up in your bed with a cup of hot chocolate and re-watch old movies that you loved watching in your childhood.
  44. Watch home-made videos and check out old pictures. Dig out some old home-made videos such as the video of your wedding, video of your newborn, and watch them. Go through some old family pictures that you haven’t seen in ages.
  45. Stick notes for your loved ones. Post little nice things or positive memories about your loved ones and stick it in places where they irregularly visit like a rarely-used closet or a wardrobe or inside their car’s trunk. It will instantly put a smile on their face when they stumble upon the notes.
  46. Make a wish-list of things to buy. Visit your favorite store and make a wish-list of things you want to buy from there. Write down a small note as to when you can afford them. Plan to buy them one at a time.
  47. Make a list of places you want to visit. Once you are done with preparing the list, chart out plans to visit those places.
  48. Treat yourself with a spa. Let all your tensions and stress get evaporated in the steam room.

    treat yourself with a spa to enjoy yourself alone
    Indulge your senses with a spa session
  49. Get yourself a manicure and pedicure.
  50. Take a long bath. Light some scented candles, put on some soft music, and set aside some time for a long, warm, and relaxing bath. Get into your bath tub with your favorite book or simply just tune into the music and relax.
  51. Sleep. Take an entire day sleeping and relaxing. Switch off your mobile phone, hang a do-not-disturb sign on your front door, wear ear plugs, spray some lavender essential oil on your pillow, use room-darkening curtains, and catch up on your sleep and relax your mind and body.
  52. Lie on the bed doing nothing. Simply having a lazy morning and lying on the bed with no plans for the rest of the day is one of the best ways to enjoy yourself.
  53. Watch the sunrise and sunset.