There are days when you wake up and feel like doing nothing. The energy and enthusiasm to take action seem to be low. Your thought process stops mid-way. You know you have a lot of do’s, yet something just stops you from getting started. But most of the time you are left with no option. It’s a must.

Overcoming that hurdle to get things done when you have the itch to just sit back and relax isn’t easy. It’s quite easy to set goals but equally hard to actually get them done. It all boils down to motivation. Without motivation, you feel hopeless, lost and stuck.

Learn how to motivate yourself
Follow these steps to motivate yourself and achieve everything you want in life

But you don’t have to always feel hopeless. There are a number of ways to feel inspired when you lack the motivation to work. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can employ to motivate yourself:

  1. Pre-commit when you sense procrastination. Sometimes, before even starting a task, you can tell whether you will put it off for later. When you think of doing the task, if you feel any kind of resistance toward it, you are probably going to procrastinate. When this happens, jump into action and pre-commit. For instance, if you aim to lose 5 kg in a month, devise an action plan where you aim to lose 2 kg every 10 days. You can also follow these helpful tips to stop procrastinating.
  2. Write down your concrete goals and stick them at a visible spot. Rather than writing down some abstract goals, jot down concrete things that you want to do in order to motivate yourself. Stick your goals on your bedroom wall or on the bathroom mirror, so that you will be reminded of them throughout the day. Whenever you see them, you will feel motivated, and it will help you stay focused. For instance, not storing junk food at home, or taking the stairs instead of elevators will help you stay motivated, instead of an abstract goal like “reduce 10 kg.”

    Jot down your concrete goals to motivate yourself
    Put a list of your concrete goals where you can see it everyday to motivate yourself
  3. Create a to-do list. Make a to-do list of things that you plan to do to reach your goal. You will feel encouraged as you cross off items from the list.

    Create a to-do list to motivate yourself
    Create a list of items to do and cross out things as you complete them to motivate yourself
  4. Keep a list of things that can motivate you. Store a list of things or moments that motivate you to live better. For instance, you want to travel and see the world but lack the money to do so. Store photos of the place you want to see or bookmark few travel blogs that may inspire you to save money for your travel.
  5. Do research on your task. Researching about something that you are about to do will keep your expectations grounded and you will be well-aware of the difficulties that you may run into. When you know what others did in similar situations, you can adapt and try out their solutions. This will make it easier for you to handle the task.
  6. Work on your positive thinking. Learn to think more positively. Whenever a negative thought crosses your mind and starts de-motivating you, take hold of it and start thinking positively. Although this may sound a little difficult, with practice you will be able to master this art. Try and make postivity an everyday habit.
  7. Act motivated. If you don’t feel very motivated, act like it. You will notice that within a few minutes, you will start feeling motivated for real.

    Act motivated to motivate yourself
    Act as if your are motivated to propel yourself into action
  8. Get more sleep. Lack of proper sleep can make you feel lethargic and de-motivated. You can learn how to fall asleep in 60 seconds here.

    Get more sleep to increase your energy levels and motivate yourself
    Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to boost your energy levels
  9. Dress to feel motivated. When you dress to impress yourself, you will feel good about yourself; you start feeling as you can get more things done.

    Dress up to boost your confidence and to motivate yourself
    Dress up to boost your confidence and feel motivated
  10. Start exercising. Any form of physical activity, whether it’s jogging, walking, swimming, yoga or aerobics, will help you feel energetic and motivated.

    Start exercising to motivate yourself
    Start exercising to banish laziness and lethargy
  11. Let the positive memories boost your motivation. Close your eyes and let the memories of your achievements rush all over you. Notice the difference. You will feel instantly motivated.
  12. Start early. Prepare early so you're not in a rush. The moment you wake up, you are mostly overwhelmed by the number of tasks to be completed. By waking up early, you don’t have to jump start at full speed. So, you can take a moment, relax, and start slow. This will make your mind not visualize the task as something hard that you have finished in a hurry.
  13. Maintain a routine. Routine creates a structure for the day. Waking up at the same time, working at the same time, and following a similar routine each day make things easier for you the next day.
  14. Set a deadline. Set aside deadlines for each task. It will push you to get the task done before your time is up. It will help you get charged up. This will boost your motivation.

    Set deadlines for tasks to motivate yourself to complete them on time
    Set a deadline and push yourself to complete the task at hand
  15. Just do it for 20 seconds. When a task overwhelms you, close your eyes, take a deep breath and just do it. You just need 20 seconds of courage to do the task. Just be courageous and do it. The outcome might not be perfect, but at least you are a step closer to taking action. Say you are to sing a karaoke, be courageous and sing for the first 20 seconds and you will notice that once you start doing it, you will enjoy it. You will want to do it again.
  16. Do the toughest task in the first hour of your day. Set aside the first hour of your day to do something that will suck your energy rather than the ones that are important. Mornings are the time when your energy reserve is at its peak. Utilize this time to delegate, delete, or complete things that you are likely to procrastinate. Once you are done with all the pending work, your mind will be able to focus on the most important task for the rest of your day.
  17. Take breaks between your tasks. Many times working non-stop will drain your motivation. Instead, take a break every 45 minutes. Go out and get some fresh air, do a bit of stretching or simply do a 2-minute meditation. Sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Taking a break will, in fact, help you to get more work done. And your work will be of higher quality as your energy and focus will last longer if you take breaks.
  18. Sit next to a focused person whom you don’t know. When you feel de-motivated at work, find an empty desk and sit next to a focused colleague, preferably someone you don’t know well. You often try to please people you don’t really know than the people you know well. So, when you sit next to someone you don’t know, you feel the pressure to stay focused. Plus, unconsciously you copy the postures, mannerism, and behavior of the people around you. Another benefit is that changing your desk will change your environment, resulting in a change in your behavior.
  19. Get a partner. Find someone who will motivate you when you are lacking energy and enthusiasm. Having someone, maybe a friend, to motivate you when you did normally quite well can be of great help.
  20. Find new ideas. You need new ideas to stay motivated. Interacting with others, and thinking and reading will help you discover new ideas.

    Search for new ideas to motivate yourself
    Search for new ideas to stay motivated
  21. Listen to inspirational tracks. When de-motivated, sit back and tune into an inspirational playlist. Build a library of inspirational or motivational tapes. Listen to it whenever you feel de-motivated. It won’t take long before you start moving toward your goals.

    Listen to inspirational music to motivate yourself
    Listen to inspirational and motivational music
  22. Take a 15-minute walk. A short walk eliminates brain fog. Taking a walk, especially in natural settings, helps restore your brain’s ability to block distractions. It raises your enthusiasm and energy.
  23. Do some small task. When you lack the motivated to do anything, get started with something small. For instance, clean your desk, wash your dishes, and water your plants. You just need to get started, even if it’s something small.Once you get started, you will feel more alert and motivated to do the next thing.
  24. Don’t pursue perfection. Perfection can kill your motivation. So, next time you are working on a project, work on it as if it’s a rough draft. Tell yourself you will perfect it later. When later arrives, do a few revisions. Doing something is better than not doing anything at all.
  25. Don’t do too much at once. Focus on one task rather than working on five different things. Focus on what you want to get done.
  26. Get out of your comfort zone. Facing your challenges will give your motivation a boost. If your fear is holding you back, take that first step outside your comfort zone.
  27. Question your excuses. If you see yourself making excuses, question yourself. For instance, if you say you are too tired to study, ask yourself are you really tired to study even for 2 hours? Make it a habit to question yourself every time you come up with some excuse; after sometime, you will stop. If you start believing your excuses, then chances are you will never change your behavior.
  28. Face your fears. Be okay with failing. People usually get paralyzed by fear. You may feel like you need to be perfect at whatever you do, but at least trying and failing are far better than not trying at all. When things start scaring or intimidating you, try and get rejected at least once every day. Expect failure at whatever you do, and eventually, it will happen less and less.

    Face your fears to motivate yourself
    "The only thing to fear is fear itself"- face and overcome your fears
  29. Reward yourself. If you do not like doing something, link it to something you genuinely like. To motivate yourself to work out every morning, try playing your favorite track while you jog or go for a walk with your close friend. Or you can simply tell yourself, “When I am done with preparing this presentation, I will watch a movie.”
  30. Do something that makes you happy. It could be anything. Find something that makes you feel excited about life. It could be anything from gardening, cooking, sewing, or anything that motivates you.
  31. Watch someone happy. When feeling de-motivated, watch something inspirational or look at a joyful picture. When you see others happy, joyful, and at their best, it will motivate you. Their joy, excitement, and achievement will motivate you to get into action.
  32. Take a selfie. A selfie is more like a validation. Take a selfie while you are at something that you are not very fond of doing or something that de-motivates you. Looking at selfies or sharing it with people will make you feel good about yourself, raise your self-esteem and motivate you to move forward.
  33. Act like the person you admire. Read about the person you look up to. How they handled things in their life, what steps they took to reach their goals. Read their biographies for inspiration.
  34. Keep a tab on what information you intake. If you are watching, listening, or reading too much of cynical and negative things, reduce your information intake. Try to read or watch inspirational or positive books or programs such as self-help or personal growth books and videos.
  35. Stop comparing yourself with others. Comparing what you have and your achievements with others will make you feel de-motivated. There will always be someone ahead of you. In fact, there will be many who will be far ahead of you. Focus on your results, and how can you improve them?
  36. Compete in a friendly manner. Make it a friendly competition with your friend to complete your task. For instance: Try to finish a boring project with a friend, competition will liven up things and will boost your motivation.
  37. Check on your progress weekly. Every week take out some time to evaluate what’s helping and what is it that should be eliminated to meet your goals. Reviewing your results to see where you have gone wrong in the past and what can you do to avoid such mistakes in the future will help you evaluate your road to success. For instance; if you want to start exercising, loading up junk food in your refrigerator will not help.
  38. Get accountability. Tell your friends and people around you about your goals. Whenever they meet you, they will usually inquire about your goals. This will keep you accountable and will serve as a motivation to get your task done.
  39. Go on a vacation. You can only function to your optimal best if you create time for rest. So, take some time off and go on a vacation. When you return to your work, you will probably return with renewed excitement.