Do you have a lot of stress in your life? Are you usually exhausted by the end of the day from all of your projects and assignments? Are you sick of preparing presentations and need a break?

night club
Enjoy clubbing but don't forget these important tips!!

We have a brilliant solution for you!


Throw away the tension, choose some friends, slip into a dress that makes you look enchanting, dance your heart out – while not caring a bit about anything else except fully enjoying the drinks, the music, and the company. Yes, you guessed it right. We’re talking about a little outing with a few friends! An evening out is great for people who want to escape some stress and relish their weekend off.

Yet, there are some things that clubbers, especially women, should take care to ensure an enjoyable and safe night out. We’ve summarized the night in points to make sure you’re safe, and you end the night with all good memories.

1. You are what you wear

select dress accordingly

Dress according to the occasion. Avoid wearing casual wear to a party or club that’s a bit on the high-end. If you stand out because you’re not dressed appropriately, you’ll be uncomfortable (for being the odd one out) and feel weird (for not going according to the party dress code).

A dress with heels will make you shine. Wear something attractive, because after all, you are amidst strangers, but not too revealing. Also, don’t wear something that makes you uncomfortable, especially heels that you’re not used to. Try wearing wedges or flats so that your feet don’t hurt much.


2. Carry ID

carry id proof

As you already know, only adults are permitted into nightclubs. So don’t forget to carry your ID.

3. Don’t drive

dont drink and drive

If you plan to drink, avoid driving. You might think you don’t plan to drink much, but that commitment to yourself can be easily broken.

Always be safe and designate a driver, take a taxi, or share a ride to and from the location.

4. Share your outing details with a trustworthy, close friend or family member

share your cab details

It’s always smart to ensure your safety above everything else. Always keep a couple of people informed of where you’re going and with whom. Someone trustworthy and close should know all about your whereabouts. In case some of an emergency, it’s best to be sure someone knows your location.

5. Be in the company of trustworthy friends

keep the company of your trustworthy friends

It is a little unadvisable to go to bars, parties, or nightclubs alone. Even if you’re a really social and great at making friends, you never know what kind of unruly strangers you’d find in a club. The entire crowd isn’t going to be great, to be honest. There may always be that wild, ill-mannered category of people. When you are with a couple of trustworthy friends, you know you are going to be with them (or they will be with you) throughout and will also take care of you if needed.


6. Take care of your belongings and yourself

take care of yourself and your belongings

First of all, avoid carrying a lot of stuff. If you do, don’t make it more than a purse, a phone, and jacket. Since clubs don’t have a place where you can safely store your stuff, you will have to carry your belongings with you while you dance or move around. You shouldn’t carry a lot of cash or many important cards. Make sure you don’t misplace your clutch or phone while you’re dancing or drinking. Remain sober enough to take care of yourself and your belongings.

7. Do get your own drinks made; don’t leave your drink unattended

dont have unattended drinks

Make it a habit to stay safe and remember to never drink unattended drinks. You’ve probably heard of incidents where a girl's drink was drugged and she was kidnapped and abused. Sadly, such incidents do happen.

It is not surprising to hear girls getting assaulted, after being drugged in clubs. Thus, as a precaution, get your own drinks made with an eye on what the bartender is doing and don’t leave it unattended. Even if you do, don’t drink it when you rediscover it.


8. Avoid indulging in overdrinking

do not over drink

Remain sober enough to realize what everyone is up to. You can prevent anyone taking advantage of you on account of being wasted by staying sober, aware of your surroundings, and drinking within limits. Drinking to an excess sure seems fun, but you don’t want to become sick or risk your safety.

9. Be on the lookout for anything fishy

be suspicious always

As already mentioned, scary incidents do happen at nightclubs. It doesn’t imply that you should stop having fun or going out, but it does mean that everyone needs to be a bit cautious. You must be careful and on the look-out for anything weird around you. Make sure you have a couple of trustworthy friends beside you. If you find unusual stuff going, just take a quiet exit. Head home if your gut feeling tells you something is wrong.

10. Most importantly – Remember to have FUN

have fun

Last but definitely not the least, do not forget the most important purpose of going out with your friends for a fun evening out. Go and have FUN! Dance your heart out while on the dance floor. Dance like nobody is watching because trust us, nobody is. Everyone else is usually just trying to enjoy their evening out as well.