Father’s Day is around the corner. Yay! The only day you can go all out and proudly show how much your father means to you (yeah yeah, we know you do that all year round, but, come on, Father’s Day gets more of it!).

happy fathers day
Here's wishing all the super dads, a very happy father's day, with a humorous twist

Our dads are our superheroes right! They’re always scaring away our monsters and catching unicorns for us. But as we grow old, we realize that instead of being a superhero our dads are just regular guys with a cape.


Seeing the 'adorable dads vs. cruel technology' match is never a treat to watch.

Here are some hilarious situations we all had to face when our Dads were introduced to the new age technology:

1. He sends numerous messages-just because he can!

dads messages

You are sitting in a meeting, and suddenly, your phone starts beeping, with back-to-back messages from Dad. You panic and exit the meeting because you think it’s something very urgent. But guess what it was? It was your Dad sending all those “motivational” good morning messages because he couldn’t decide which one was better!

2. He creates a Facebook account!

facebook unfriend

OMG! He not only creates a Facebook account but also goes ahead and adds all your friends!


The cherry on top is that your dad comments on every post of yours.

3. When he finds out about Internet banking

introduce him to net banking and suffer

For some reasons, no matter how smart our dads are, when it comes to financial matters, they never seem to be able to operate net banking. You find yourself explaining it to them again and again, and finally taking the phone from them and completing the transaction.

4. He starts using the Internet lingo

internet lingo

The moment your dad picks up internet lingo, you can absolutely forget about having a normal conversation. His vocabulary gets filled with LOL, OMG, WTF, etc.

5. He butt dials you every time

dad dials you all the time

One thing that our dads don’t understand about touchscreen smartphones is their sensitivity! This causes a lot of interesting pocket dials. He could be out shopping grocery, and you would be listening to everything he is discussing.

6. He “googles” everything

googles everything

He becomes the resident doctor “certified” by Google. He will google every symptom and come out with the most improbable “diagnosis.”

7. So basically, he has no idea about what he is doing

dad struggles with technology

It would be so much easier if you accepted that your dad might never fully understand technology, even he insists that he has a complete understanding of everything. So just accept the fact that anytime he gets stuck, he is going to call or text you, and you may have to sort it out for him.


At the end of the day, you secretly love your dad for trying to be cooler and more tech-savvy.