No issue could have been more relatable than the universal problem of not being able to sleep. Sometimes you don’t have insomnia but still can’t sleep due to all this pressure on your head.



During the stress and busy time of holidays, you can often have much more trouble because of being awake all night when your brain is in the most hyperactive mode. You then end up either sleeping or being tired and lazy throughout the day. You are barely able to pull through.


Here is a list of 8 pointless things people do at 3 am.

1. Late night snacking


You’re hungry, so you don’t even think for a second before diving into the kitchen to grab a late night snack. This is a typical reaction for many who are up late at night. Just make sure that you’re not making this a nightly habit because it may cause weight gain. If you find that it is becoming a habit, search for healthier options to satisfy your late night hunger like fruit or fat-free options.

2. Finish an entire TV series or get caught up on a few shows that you’ve missed


Once we begin a series, we feel the need to finish it as soon as possible. So a sleepless night is a perfect reason to finish it right away.

3. Watch the sunrise - sudden nature calls


Just because we have literally nothing to do on Earth, we suddenly feel all the connection with nature. Since we're awake at 3 am, two more hours may not matter so much. So we can wait to watch a beautiful sunrise.


4. Call a friend


Sometimes we need someone to listen to our weird philosophical ideas and thoughts at 3 am. Call a friend who may be a night owl or who may be having their own sleep issues.

5. Over-think your over-thinking


Many people have trouble sleeping because their mind is just too busy. They may be worrying about something or over analyzing things. This can make it hard to shut your mind down at night and get more sleep.

6. Binge watching videos on YouTube


From watching stuff that interests you to searching any random thing, this is the beauty and the addiction power that YouTube possesses. You often don't realize you have been watching random videos for the past half a dozen hours.

7. Online shopping

online shopping

Oh, what a wondrous stress reliever! Shopping online is the best thing ever, avoiding the hassle of roaming about and getting your legs tired.

This shopping arises from boredom. So try to shop for things you need for yourself or a gift for someone. So that your late night shopping spree is a time-saving activity rather than just a waste of money.

8. “Where’s my life going?” – self reflection


Do you have a sudden craving to improve this habit of yours?


Asking yourself questions like “What actually is the purpose of my life?”

At this time of the night (or morning, should I say), all you want to do is contemplate life and worry about the future.

So, here we talked about the things you do at 3 am. The next article is all about how you can be productive at this hour of the night!