“Reading books is like dreaming with open eyes.” ~ unknown

Every non-reader really needs to know about the benefits of reading books. Reading not only provides continual knowledge but also improves verbal/writing skills, allows the mind to escape life, boosts comprehension and creativity and reduces stress. Reading books has many benefits to the mind and to your personal growth.


Do you roll your eyes every time you try and make your non-reader friend develop taste in reading? Does he or she push you away by giving the stupidest reasons not to read?

Do you get annoyed every time you try to explain to your non-reader friends how a house without books is like a body without a soul, and they laugh?

If yes, you’re going to enjoy and relate to this article! Here are 8 excuses given by non-readers for not reading books:

1. “Hurts my eyes, aches my head”


If this is true, they may need glasses. However, it may be just an excuse.


2. “I do not have time!”

no time

Are you really too busy to enlighten your mind or flush out all that stress, clutter, or garbage in your brain?

3. “I’m a slow reader and get tired of reading!”

slow reader

There is not a race or a test. This is reading for your enjoyment or escaping life and de-stress. You can do it on your own time and at your own pace.

4. “I get lost in books”

get lost

This may be true, but this is actually great! It’s not an excuse to not read, but the best reason for you to start reading. At the end of the day, it will help you find your path to peace, teach you to be patient, and improve your skills and knowledge.

5. “It will not benefit my career!”


How about conversing and writing better, comprehending well, reducing stress, strengthening focus, improving memory, etc.? These are just a few things about reading that will benefit your career

6. “I keep forgetting what I just read”


Many people have a problem remembering what they read. It’s okay. Again, you’re not being tested. This is for your benefit. It’s a hobby, not for work or class, but YOU! Your memory may get better naturally if you don’t give up on reading.

7. “I mix story lines and characters in my head”

mix up

It isn’t like you cannot go back to what you have finished reading! Just turn a few pages back, and bingo! You will get what you are looking for. No big deal. You don’t have to sit for an exam; you don’t really have to be accurate at every point. Just relax and enjoy.


8. “I’m afraid that I will get too much into it, and get distracted with life


Do you not watch movies, play sports or video games, watch sitcoms?
If you can do all of these, you might as well do something productive and read!