Women’s breasts are to some men what cotton candy is to a kid or what an inexhaustible credit card is to most women. Some men simply like them and instinctively stare a little.

Many women wonder why guys are so obsessed with their breasts. Noticing them can be an innocent reaction, but staring can be ridiculous and perverse. Just like how many women have a weak spot for flowers, chocolates, sweet talks, or a man with nice shoes, many men have a weak spot for the breasts aka “the twins”.

staring intro
Read on to know seven stupid reasons that men give for staring at women's twins

Men just can’t seem to control themselves from ogling at women’s front side. It is absolutely ridiculous! Chandler and Joey’s (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) obsession with watching Yasmine Bleeth (Baywatch) running across the beach is a classic and hilarious example of this.

When they are caught staring at our “twins,” men almost always come up with some pretty absurd excuses, and we have given below seven stupid reasons men give for staring at them.

1. “I thought there was something on your shirt”

They pretend to be good Samaritan

This is one of the lamest excuses men can come up with. If you really thought there was something on our shirt, then come up and tell us whatever it is that is bothering you instead of feasting at our bosom.

2. “I was thinking about something and not staring”

Yeah, sure we know what you were thinking! Not about some business strategy or end-of-the-world apocalypse scenario that you think we would believe.


3. “You are wearing a low-cut top”

low top
They pin the fault on you

So you are trying to be self-righteous and justify your behavior?

Okay, we could forgive you for ogling, because that could be considered as a natural human reflex sometimes and thus forgivable. However, to actually act like a presumptuous, self-righteous man and imply that we asked for it by wearing such tops is not okay.

4. “I was reading the caption on your t-shirt”

Were you reading each letter separately?

Captions on t-shirts aren’t long. Even if you are trying to read them, it would hardly take you a second. Anything more than that is excessive.

5. “You are mistaken; I was not looking”

They try to get off by saying you are mistaken

So you are going to lie outright about what you were doing? If you are going to be a creep and ogle, then of course we shouldn’t expect you to apologize either. But denying it outright insults our intelligence.

6. “Are they real?”

Coming up with such ridiculous queries is not flattering at all. It is insulting to think that even those naturally endowed would go for surgery to get them. Dear men: only the closest of friends ask these kinds of questions.


7. “They are lovely” / “They are perky”

They think they can be let off if they give a compliment

 “Why, thank you.”

If a guy tries to get off by complimenting you, then just let him be.