As controversial and as debatable as the topic gets, rains are excessively loved by some people, while others completely dislike even the idea of it.

There's so much to love and hate about rain

Rains mean romance yet they stand for mess. Rains come with their own share of joy yet pensiveness, their share of magic yet thunder, an atmosphere that is sweet yet sour, quiet yet noisy.


If you think about it­ - “Pluviophile” is a person who loves rain and finds peace of mind in it, while “Rain, rain, go away” isn’t a joke either!

Here we are going all contrast with 9 reasons why people love rains, followed by 9 reasons why people hate it!

# Reasons why people absolutely love rains

How comforting it is to have a warm cup of tea, read your favorite book, or listen to soothing music while you quietly watch the rain embrace the sorrows of the past and at the same time pour bliss softly and slowly, drop by drop.

1. The showers refresh your mood!

Rain has the power to instantly cheer you up

They do, they so do! Rain, as with water, is cleansing. Rains carry with them this magical charm, the freshness of water, the positive vibes that automatically refresh your mood. Although it may seem to some as gloomy, rain is refreshing and peaceful to many.


2. Your vehicle is rinsed and your garden is watered - Nature has helped you out!

It's all rinsed and watered

It is so satisfying to know that (thanks to the monsoon) you wouldn’t have to wash your car this weekend, neither would you have to water your plants that day, all thanks to the monsoon. A blessing for all lazy people out there!

3. You enjoy cooking and eating during the rains

Cook something amazing to suit your happy mood and stay in to rest and enjoy a great dinner

There is nothing like cooking and devouring a great meal during monsoons. Learn to make something new. Search online for new twists to some of your recipes and try it and you will do it with perfection because, well, you have a magical realm surrounding the earth!

4. Oh, the beautiful smell of rain - incomparable!

Everyone loves the smell of rain

Absolutely incomparable is the fragrance that rains bring along with themselves - overwhelming is the word! This is a great time to sleep with a window cracked so that you can hear the soothing sound of the rain as you sleep. This is also very relaxing and a great way to let go of a little stress.

5. Creativity rises to its peak

Get your thinking hat on

It is no wonder that all writers, singers, composers, and artists find the monsoon season the most creative because they get innovative and fresh ideas while their brain is rejuvenated.

6. You get to cuddle up in bed all day, in cozy clothes!

All cuddled and cozy in your bed

Resting in your cozy clothing, lazy-ing and snuggling in your bed - what else do you need from life? Take advantage of this time to rejuvenate your mind and body.

7. The pleasure of just watching the rain fall, and otherwise getting soaked and enjoying it

watching rain
Simply enjoy the rain

Some people just sit on their window panes, patios and watch the rain. Many love watching the showers along with their cup of coffee and a book, while a few others even love to dance or play in the rain and get drenched.


8. The beautiful rainbow adds color to your life

The beautiful rainbow

Let’s just say that the rainbow brightens the gloomy, cloudy days by adding color to them, and to our lives as well. Rainbows are also symbols of hope and new beginnings.

9. Getting to wear stylish raincoats and use chic umbrellas!

Don't compromise your style in monsoon

You get to show off your style statement by carrying a funky and chic raincoat and umbrella.

# Reasons why people absolutely hate rains

Rain, rain go away!

1. Dancing in the rain is impractical and dangerous

Quite easy to get hurt on wet roads

Yes, we don’t know how some people don’t see the risks of dancing and playing in the rain. The rain isn’t pure as it was many years ago. It carries chemicals, pollutants, and toxins that are out in the atmosphere now. Also, there can be infections and diseases that you may catch outside. There is also a high possibility that you could fall and hurt yourself!


2. An umbrella can only do so much

Umbrella doesn't completely protect you from getting drenched

While it rains “cats and dogs” on you, no umbrella can save you completely from the disastrous down-pouring! You will anyway reach your destination being partially wet, with your footwear wet and dirty.

3. Where is the romance?

not romantic
It's not as romantic as people like to think

Rainy seasons are supposed to be so romantic but how do you indulge into anything with filthy wet clothes and sweaty bodies? *ugh*

4. Electricity cannot cooperate

no light
The power outage ruins the day

This inconvenience affects us greatly in a variety of our daily functions at work and home.

5. You get all dirty (from the mud, of course!)

So much mud and splatter

You jump into puddles, because unavoidable stuff, and then have permanent muddy track marks.

6. You look like a drowned, horrendous mess

messy hair
What a mess it is really

Oh, and the unmanageable and messy hair! You have our full sympathies. No one really wants wet hair and clothes.

7. Carrying the rain gears!

Having to carry all that extra stuff

Besides the futility and wastage of time in struggling with the opening and closing of umbrellas, you’d have to carry along the raincoats and umbrellas everywhere with you, thanks to the unpredictable rains!


8. Stuck at home all day

at home
You can't even go out

Rains also bring with them the condition of getting people stuck at their places, while it showers as heavily as ever.

9. Monsoon is a hectic business

All in all a messy business

Irritating wet umbrellas, itchy drenched footwear, messy stinking wet clothes, fungus on the walls, disgusting heavy traffic, clogged drains, and lots of floor-mopping to do are sure stuff that one would want to avoid any day!