The type of mindset the world needs today should ideally be a liberal one, not restricted by what the society thinks about specific things. All women should be able to live on their own terms.
Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect, and we still have to go a long way to make it impeccable.

Can you not!

She: I love playing the guitar!
He: Sure, let me buy a new one for you! Which color? Pink?
She: (clenched teeth) Nah, never mind.


Or, have you ever had a conversation like this?

She: I want to play with you guys.
Them: Are you sure you know how to play football?

Here, we are often not being able to escape this pigeonhole.
These stereotypes are not only degrading and restricting, but also create negative vibes and impact how the world views women. Stereotypes also often affect how we perceive ourselves and other women.

Here are some cliché labels that women have commonly been associated with:


1. Pink is the new black!


Well, it isn’t!
I could never understand why everyone associated pink with women (and still do). Even restroom signs at public places often have the female sign in pink while the male restroom sign is represented in blue.

2. Women can’t drive!


Are you seriously suggesting that being a male has something to do with driving ability? Men have as many if not even more car accidents. Therefore, this is another untrue stereotype.

3. Women hate gaming!


While it is true for a number of women, I can safely say not all women hate gaming. Many are quite good at playing video games. I agree with the fact that there is a low percentage of “girl gamers” in this world, but it is an offense to make it a complete stereotype.

4. “Hey Baby Girl, here’s your Barbie!”


The association of “Barbie dolls” with girls, because it was never thought “manly” of guys to play with dolls is unjustified to not only the girls, but also the boys.

5. Dear humans, chores, and errands have no gender preference!


The sooner you realize this, the better will it be for you.
Associating girls with household chores and cooking, cleaning, etc., is definitely not cool. In many households, the household roles and responsibilities have changed. They are now often assigned according to a couples schedule and their individual strengths.

6. All women love diamonds!


It can surely hold true for a good number of women, but not all women love diamonds.
I love Emerald more; you might love Sapphire more. So, the next time a guy buys a diamond ring for me assuming that I would definitely love it, I’d... actually not know what to say.


7. Bike? A big no-no for Girls!


Yes, only fewer women love riding motorcycles. It isn’t a surprise considering the fact that women have often been discouraged from riding because of the dangerous nature of motorcycles.