We’re living in the 21st century of slang. Whether you like it or not, you’re a part of the majority by using them too.

common acronyms
Dear all, know the quintessential social media acronyms !!

Teens realize the importance of time which is why they want to keep their conversations short - virtually and IRL (which means “in real life”).


Remember the time when your friends or co-workers use abbreviations in a conversation that flew right above your head?
Friend 1: “OTTOMH, I have something that could fit in this collage. We could use letters from magazines.”
Friend 2: “IMO, it is a lit idea actually.”
Friend 3: “Let me come too guys, JAM.”
Me *bewildered*: “Okay....”

So FYI (For your information), this article is dedicated to the most popular acronyms and abbreviations that teens (and many adults) use. Here you go:

1. BAE: Used in place of Babe or Baby, it stands for “Before Anyone Else.”


This is sometimes used with or instead of the traditional use of the popular acronym BFF for Best Friend Forever.


2. SMH: *Shaking My Head*, used to share the reaction of the sender to something that was said or is happening at the time.

3. OOTD: Every now and then, you would see someone posting nicely dressed pictures with the hashtag of #OOTD. This means “Outfit of the Day.”

what does ootd mean

4. AF: Implies to something that is extreme. It means “As F**k.”

5. IDK:I Don’t Know” is commonly used in chat language.

i dont know

6. IKR: “I Know, Right?” Used when two people agree on a mutual thing.

7. BRB: “Be Right Back


8. TBT: The trend is to post an old photo, some old memory saying TBT to... imply “ThrowBack to” the time...


9. BTW: “By the Way” 

10. TBH: “To Be Honest”

to be honest

11. IDKR: “I Don’t Know Really,” when you wish to be more polite than just an IDK.


12. WTH: “What the Hell”

WTF: “What the F**k”

what the hell

13. ATM: “At the Moment” 

14. TYSM: “Thank You So Much” Elongated forms of TY (Thank You) to show more gratification.

TYVM: “Thank You Very Much”


15. ILYSM: “I Love You So Much”


All elongations of the old “Ily.”

ILYFAE: “I Love You Forever and Ever”

16. YOLO: “You Only Live Once” is one of the most commonly used slogans and taglines that you may find on social media.


17. LOL: “Laughing Out Loud”

LMAO: “Laughing My Ass Out”

ROFL: “Rolling on the Floor Laughing”

18. ZZZ: To indicate that a person is Sleeping, Tired, or Bored.

zzz sleeping

19. IMO: “In My Opinion”

IMHO: “In My Honest/Humble Opinion.”