Ever have to show your mom how to take a screenshot on her smartphone or help her with modern technology?

cool mom

Ever wanted to spend more time with your mother, but both had different choices of places to hang out?


There can be so many times when you have a feeling that your mom feels out of place and indifferent when that’s the last thing you want her to feel. We know our parents have tried to give us everything we needed. It is now time for us to make our moms feel comfortable as well as better connected with us and the world.

Here are a few easy things that you could teach your mom to make her appear trendier and more modernized so that she doesn’t feel out-of-place:

1. Teach her a brief lesson on A to Z of technology


This is one thing most parents get stuck at. Teach your Mom how to sign up, sign in, shop online, read e-books, buy groceries online, download music, make video calls, edit pictures, search on Google, etc.

Once you teach her the basics, she may catch up and gain more confidence in all the new world of technology.


2. Make her aware of the cool sayings and phrases


Teach her the cool language that young people use so that the next time she hears anyone mentioning BAE or ROFL, she knows what they mean. From IMO to H&Ks, make her aware of basic slang languages. It’ll also be easier to incorporate a few things into her texts as well, saving her valuable time.

3. Groove to her choices of music


Everyone loves music. In addition to her collection, make your mom listen to some cool music of your time. It wouldn’t harm her to be a fan of “Panic! At the Disco”, Adele, Fall Out Boys, Maroon 5, or Drake.

4. Help her use some new makeup accessories or update her look a little


From how to properly use a flat iron, how to apply lashes, nail-art or eye-liner perfectly, helping your mom update her look can be both fun and bonding for you both.

Remember, you’re not doing this to change your mom, but only because you don’t want her to feel left out. Don’t over-do it. Teach her only a few basic things while being respectful or the things that she doesn’t want to change.

5. Take her to cool restaurants or vacation spots


Take your mom to fun, classy restaurants, and cafes where young people hang out.  A nice lunch or dinner together at these places can also be bonding for you both.

6. Develop her interest in dope hobbies


Whether it’s playing card games or making nail-art, meditation or working out, baking or origami; develop your mom’s taste in new and interesting hobbies that engage her.


7. Cooking through the Internet


We’re sure your mom may already enjoy cooking. Revamp this simple habit with the help of recipes mentioned online. There are many videos of cooking methods and recipes for new dishes that are uploaded every second on the internet. Show her how to search online for cooking videos and websites.

Not only will she enjoy learning cool recipes or new ingredients to try in her recipes, but she may also feel all cool and up-to-date by using the internet on her own to do it.

8. Clothing tips


Try to help introduce a few new styles into her wardrobe while keeping in mind her style and favorite colors. Add a few fashionable pieces that you allow her to pick out online or a few trendy boutiques. You may find a few ideas to make your mom look stylish and comfortable here.