Women have a very intimate relationship with their handbags, and handbags have been considered as a style statement since time immemorial. A handbag is so essential that no mature woman would think of leaving the house without carrying one, especially the working woman.

However, many women do not pay much attention to the kind of handbag they bring to work. We usually painstakingly plan the clothes and shoes that we wear, but for the handbag, we just grab one and go. Did you know that your work handbag is not just an accessory? It can also contribute to your work performance in many ways. What is important here is that style shouldn’t sacrifice function; they should both go together. A stylish and reliable handbag can make even the most unorganized women feel in control of their lives.

Some important tips on how to choose a perfect handbag for the office

So what makes a handbag perfect for your office? What key features should a handbag have to be appropriate for work? A work handbag needs to be everything at once! It should look professional and attractive but not too stuffy or flashy. It should have enough space to carry a laptop, some paperwork, and your other work essentials. It should have multiple pockets, can be worn multiple ways, and should be strong enough to carry everything you need.

Too many to think about, right? Don’t get overwhelmed!

The following guide will help you find a stylish and quality work bag that would be just right for you.

1. Keep it functional

One of the important things to remember is that your handbag needs to be functional

A handbag with things thrown in and bursting along the seams can give a very unorganized and irresponsible outlook to your personality. Look for a handbag that has enough pockets and compartments for your stuff. If your bag is going to be heavy or you need to move around a lot with it, choose a handbag that has a cross-body strap, a shoulder strap, and a top handle so you can wear it multiple ways.


2. Pitch on a big one

The first thing to consider when buying a handbag for work is its size. Your handbag should not just be big enough to accommodate your everyday essentials but also should have extra space for days when you have to load it with additional things. A stuffed handbag bursting along the seams is downright ugly and would make you look negligent.

3. Go by your style

Your handbag should define your style

You do not have to give up your style for a handbag that is on trend. Go by your style and what makes you happy. Do you want a handbag in a solid color or one with a textured surface? The perfect handbag should suit your personality and taste, making you comfortable and confident to carry it around all day.

4. Keep it simple and minimal

Your handbag should not have chunky embellishments, gaudy brand logos, or bold prints that pop out. Opt for bags with a textured surface, miniature embellishments, or subtle prints. While it is good to show off what you got, you need not flaunt everything all the time. It will just make you appear arrogant, proud, and even cheap.

5. Go for a neutral color

Neutral color bags can be paired with any dress

Unless you want (or can afford to buy) a handbag for every outfit you wear to work, opt for a neutral-colored handbag, such as black, tan, burgundy, or brown, to complement whatever you are wearing without the effort of switching bags often throughout the week. You can always accessorize your handbag by adding a little charm or tying a vibrant scarf or ribbon on it to achieve different looks without spending much.

6. Check what is on the inside

Your work handbag should have a light-colored lining. This will enable you to see the contents of your bag easily and find what you need quickly. A dark-colored lining will just drown everything inside your bag. The interior of your handbag should serve you well with enough compartments for your needs and should be durable to hold everything in. It should look good on the inside, too!

7. Look for convertible and thick straps

broad straps
Bags with broad and convertible straps are easier to carry around

Convertible and adjustable straps provide you with multiple options of carrying your stylish handbag depending on the situation or your comfort needs. You should be able to grab it quickly and carry it on your shoulders when you are rushing to places or just put it across your body when you already have enough on your hands and do not intend to put extra weight on your shoulders. A handbag with thick straps will settle the weight of your bag comfortably on your shoulders.


8. Evaluate its durability

A leather or good-quality faux leather handbag is a good choice. Leather never runs out of style and is also durable. They come in a wide variety of colors and prints, too, for you to choose from. We know you do not want your handbag to wear out too soon. Do a scratch test to see if the material is easily scuffed. It is important to buy a handbag that is worth the price and can stand the test of time.

9. Focus on the structure

A slouchy bag does not reflect well on your personality

Avoid slouchy handbags that fall flat on the floor or table as they look sloppy and could reflect a sloppy personality, too. Surely, you do not want to appear meek and uncertain. A structured handbag that can stand on its own is your best choice and can reflect an independent and confident personality. The structure of the handbag also contributes to its durability.

10. Pay attention to the touch and feel

You need a handbag that works for you and not against you. Whatever material you go for when buying a handbag, make sure that it is soft and easy on your skin. You will be carrying your handbag to work every day and might need to cling to it at times. A coarse or harsh material can irritate your skin and cause rashes and other skin problems.

11. Approach a stylist when in doubt

In case you become confused, overwhelmed, or unable to make a decision on what kind of handbag suits your personality, style, and needs, you can always approach the stylist in the store to get a better insight about the key features of the handbags.


Your work handbag should be both polished and practical. By keeping these tips in mind, you no longer have to settle for a boring basic handbag. Go and find one that is functional yet stylish because it is important to feel confident and make a statement, whether you are at work or anywhere else.