Relationships come with their own share of bliss and challenges. One of the challenges is to deal with the terrorizing interrogation of your girlfriend.

annoying things girls say to their boyfriends
Read on the list of annoying things girls say to their boyfriends

If you’re annoyed every time, your girlfriend tells you “You are not the same person anymore,” trust me, everyone is.


No matter how much you love them or how strong your bond is, you may always be perturbed by certain things your girlfriend says. Here are some of the things your “sweetheart” may often say:

1. “Do I look fat?”

do i look fat

The most common, yet annoying trap. If you say “Yes,” oh boy! May your soul rest in peace! And if you’re smart enough to reply with a “No,” it may be followed by a series of pestering questions like “Are you sure?”

2. “Remember you said that I looked like a bunny at 4:03 am, Friday night on 4th February 2010.”

do you even remember

Women are the "Masters of Memory." From meager disagreements to the most violent fights you’ve ever had, they can often remember every single detail of EVERYTHING. While you’re in the present arguing over something, they can very gently do a cute "TBT" of the time you said something obnoxiously ridiculous to them. In addition, the upheaval of the “screenshots regime” to come into play, you’re into more trouble now because you have the record of things shared in text messages.

3. “Are you angry with me?”

are you angry

You reply 2 minutes late to their text message, and there you go!
No, I was not angry, but now I am! Sometimes it may seem like a small thing can set them off. However, it is usually a communication issue that causes this.


4. “As you wish!” "Whatever"

as you wish

Don’t believe this!
Of course, you can never simply just do as you wish in a relationship.

5. “Where is this relationship going?”


I bet you’re being annoyed just by reading it.

6. “I’m fine!”

i am fine

Of course, she’s not fine! But when you ask her again as to what it is, she’ll be like “nothing”!
After asking a dozen times when you’ve given up, she may give you the answer. However, you are probably at fault somehow.

7. “Do you think she’s pretty?”

is she pretty

Here’s another trap.
Say “no,” or you’re doomed for life. Good luck looking for a new girlfriend!

8. “Why don’t you ever listen to me?!”

listen to me

You obviously do (not always but mostly), but she will just never feel you listen to her enough and you may end up apologizing as usual.

9. “Who is that? Is he the villain? – Questions during movies

watching movie

UGH! Things guys hate the most about their girls is when they start questioning while watching a movie.


10. “You’re so messy!”


When they start cleaning your room, and complaining that you’re the messiest.

11. “Where are you?” or “Where have you been?”

where are you

If she's jealous, she has assumed you’re cheating on her during the 2 hours you haven’t replied to her text, meanwhile which you’re just in an innocent, deep slumber.

12. “I told you so!”

told you

Of course, she has to be right, always.
She might or might not have told you, but she still has to make sure you realize that everything wrong happening in your life is because you did not listen to her.

13. “Do you love me?”

do you love me

*cries in a corner*


14. “Why are you into your phone more than you’re into me?”

check phone

I don’t know anymore, you tell me.