While it is completely understandable to get enthralled by the intensity of love, it is not advisable to let it numb your common sense. When you feel that the expression of love between you and your girlfriend is becoming scary and expectations are turning into unreasonable demands, this is when you may start to wonder if your girlfriend is crazy.

15 demands that tell you your girlfriend is driving you crazy

Every woman has a different set of criteria which a man needs to pass in order to be her beloved boyfriend. Yes, it can be fun for you to prove yourself and your love for her, but you need not submit to everything she says or demands. Although women have their own way to prove themselves right in the relationship, just remember that you are not always on the wrong side. Women, too, can be wrong and crazy. Before they make you lose your sanity, identify which of their demands are reasonable or just plain insane.


Is your girlfriend driving you crazy? Here are 15 demands that say so.

1. She wants access to your social media accounts

social media
She is always trying to access your social media

If she always keeps an eye over your phone, checks on your activities on Facebook or Instagram, and insists on knowing the passwords to all your social media accounts, she is clearly spying on you and is violating your personal space. This habit might suffocate you in the end.

Telling her your passwords just to avoid an argument won’t prove your love for her, because even if you do so, your love would still not be enough if the password is not her name!

2. She wants you to read between the lines

read between
She won't specifically say what she wants

There is this famous saying “Men read the lines - women read between the lines.”


Women would always find ways to put themselves in a superior position than men, and they set standards for you to achieve. The problem is you certainly cannot read what is in your woman’s mind. (Because most women do not have an idea either!) It is always good to understand your partner’s needs. If she wants you to do something specific, try to ask her to be clear with her words instead of giving you hints and wanting you to read between the lines.

3. She does not want you to see or talk to other girls

check out
She won't let you even see other girls

Is she always fussing over you talking to your girl “friends” or meeting them? Does she press you to delete their contact numbers from your phone? Does she become irritable when you check out other women?

Studies show that men have six times stronger libido than women. So when your brain itself is more or less set to look out for a potential partner, how do you not look and appreciate a beautiful woman passing by?

4. She wants you to always appear how she finds you attractive

She will dress you how she likes

When you decide to commit in a relationship, you accept the person as they are, at their best and their worst, be it in habits, lifestyle, or looks. If your girl puts forth absurd demands, such as having a clean shave, sporting a particular haircut or hairstyle, or waxing your chest, she is definitely not going to take in your lazy Sunday look or your sick mouth from a hangover. Accept that you are not an art piece that should be admired all the time, and don’t let her make you crazy with the pressure to look “perfect” all the time.

5. She wants you to always have your shit together and be her savior

You cannot have a meltdown

A relationship can only evolve intimately when both partners stand up for each other in both good and bad times. You should provide her with comfort and security whenever she needs them, but her constant reliance on you for everything would prevent her from dealing with her own issues. She might hold on to an image of you being her savior who never messes up, which in reality can never be achieved. You are only human; you can do amazing things, but you also have limits.

6. She constantly compares herself with your male friends

She wants you to choose her above your friends

When in a relationship, you want to spend most of the time with your partner to know her more, express your love, and create memories together. However, there are already important people in your life before she came along, such as your best buds. If your girl compares herself with your male friends, pits you against them, or suggests that she too hangs out with your gang, then you might want to clear things up with her. Don’t let her spoil your time with them with her crazy tantrums. (Because in case your relationship does not work, you’ll surely need your trusted friends to dick around and move on.)


7. She expects you to fulfill her sexual needs and desires every single time

all desires
You have to fulfill all her desires

Has your girlfriend ever told you that you do not satisfy her sexual needs or gives you the ultimatum that if you do not do good in bed and as often as she wants, she’ll find someone else? It is unfair to force you to get involved in something when you do not want to. After all, sex is for the pleasure of both parties and not a job where you have to have a level of performance.

8. She niggles at your avoiding the prospect of marriage

If she wants to marry then she won't take your avoidance kindly

It can be a real difficult situation when your partner is ready to get married, and you are not. If she is getting too pushy about it, it might make you feel out of place in the relationship. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your girlfriend. Agree to get married in a realistic time, and prevent yourself from a commitment that both of you might resent later on.

9. She wants you to change and yet remain the same person

She wants you to change yet not change

For a relationship to thrive, both partners should be ready to accept each other for what they truly are. It is healthy to want to change into a better person, but that should come from you and at your own pace. And if you do change, she should not complain about you being a different person and not the same as the one she fell in love with.

10. She wants you to fight with her to show your love

fight her
If you love her, you have to fight with her

How do you show love by fighting? If she wants to fight over trivial issues, like going out with someone, just so she knows that you truly love her, then she has the wrong reason. She may not be asking for a confirmation of your love, but she simply may just be jealous or insecure.


11. She wants to be always right

She can never be wrong

Sometimes, you can never say who is right or wrong in a relationship. Sharing a life does not mean that you have to share the same opinion. During a fight or argument, she can prove that she is right at something, but that does not necessarily mean that you are wrong. Both of you can always have different perspectives. There are times that it is easier to agree to disagree.

12. She wants you to always agree to do things she wants to do

You have to agree to everything she says

You cannot force someone to do anything they do not want to do. You can have different choices in life. Although you might try to be a part of things she does, you do not always have to do also everything that she wants to do, and this does not mean you love her any less.

13. She wants you to report whatever you are doing or is happening around you

Give her a minute-to-minute report

You should be at an equal place with your partner to have a healthy relationship. If she compels you to tell her everything that happens in your day, every thought you have, and everything you do, she is being obsessed with you and violating your personal space.

14. She wants to know everything about your past

The past cannot remain in past

Although there should not be any secrets between you two in a relationship, you still are the one to choose what and what not to share. We all do stupid things when we are young. Share your past only if you are comfortable and if you think she won’t shame you over it or be angry. It makes sense to set realistic boundaries to make your relationship last long.

15. She wants you to put her before your own needs and dreams

You cannot choose anything above her

We all have dreams that we want to fulfill and a list of things we want to do or have. If you do not share the same dreams as she does, it should not make her feel resentful. In an intimate relationship, you expect your partner to support you to achieve your goals and not kill your dreams.

If you see any of these red flags in your relationship and/or if your girlfriend gets too carried away with her expectations and demands, then she certainly can be considered 'crazy.' Do not put up with any irrational demand she puts forth. There is no harm in drawing a line when such behavior starts to negatively affect your lives or your relationship.


Although a little craziness keeps the spark and excitement alive in a relationship, take your time to re-evaluate the situation and continue the relationship only if you think it would be fruitful.