Relationships are complicated but a wonderful mess at the same time. If you have entangled yourself once in love, you are stuck there forever.

Just kidding!

Read on to know the eight ways in which you can make your boyfriend love you more

Yes, relationships can be messy and, no doubt, require tremendous effort from both partners to work out, but relationships are also as beautiful as a rainbow appearing after the heaviest of rains, the clear blue skies after the storm, or the mesmerizing ripples in stagnant water.

No relationship is perfect, but you could try and make it the best for yourself. There are times that you get worried or upset about a few things your boyfriend does or doesn’t do or qualities that he lacks, and you simply wish that he understands what you want. Well, honestly, you cannot expect him to comprehend what is going on in your mind. That is impossible. Why not work on him by working ON YOURSELF! Yes, you read that right. Trust us, there are brilliant and easy methods that you can try to ignite and maintain the spark in your relationship!

Your guy might like you a great deal or even love you very much. Yet, after some time, you begin to miss that magical feeling that you had between you and your partner when you first started out in your relationship.

Well, if you do think you lack this love magic, don’t worry. Here are eight ways to make your boyfriend love you more.


You never know, maybe these little tricks could do wonders to your not-so-exciting relationship! We wish you the very best!

1. Be yourself

be yourself
The surest way to win his attention is by being yourself

You know how guys fall in love with girls in seconds? It’s not always because of their looks, but because most of them are unique and true to themselves in front of the guy.

Trust us when we say this: your boyfriend loves you the way you are. You don’t have to change a bit for anyone; you don’t need to act in a way that is not you or pretend to be someone else just to please other people.

You would stand out from the rest only when you do something that gives you an edge over other women. No one is like you, and that is your greatest asset. So be different and be unique but, most importantly, be YOU.

2. Speak your thoughts

Never be afraid of sharing your thoughts with him

When you voice your opinion, speak your thoughts, and tell your boyfriend what is going on inside your head, things get easier in your relationship. Your thoughts and your opinion are valuable. Don’t be that kind of person who bottles up emotions and sentiments inside and suddenly explodes when everything becomes too overwhelming. This is a very dangerous behavior and often destroys relationships. Problems will be solved in a jiffy if they are discussed well.

Put it this way: your guy will instantly start loving you more if you become the problem solver. Finding solutions and resolving issues together will strengthen the bond that you have for each other.


3. Prioritize

Give him the priority that he deserves

One very important thing in reigniting your spark is to give him the priority when needed. You have to learn to prioritize things that make you happy in your life; if you are happy, chances are your relationship will also be happy and strong.

Career and family are understandably important aspects of your life that need to be given priority, and achieving your personal goals can sometimes consume your energy. However, it is not right to skip a date with your boyfriend for a TV show or sleep instead of listening to his problems. You need to know when to be there for him. Focus on what matters and what will matter at the end of the day.

4. Be his positive aura

Let him bask in your positivity

Have you noticed how people, in general, get attracted to those who are positive and happy? This is because positive energy attracts, whereas negative vibes repel.

Of course, you already know this, yet you always forget to apply this in your life. Yes, it’s tough to always have positive thoughts; after all, we’re just humans. However, you need to know when your guy is in dire need of your positivity. Be his positive aura and source of energy. This way, both you and your partner would keep glowing.


Having positive energy and outlook in life always works like a charm: “Positive mind. Positive thoughts. Positive life.”

5. Support him during his dark phases

Be there with him when he needs you and have his back

The secret to not only making your boyfriend love you more but also making your relationship blossom is to be there for him when he needs you the most. When he goes through the dark phases of his life, when he is breaking down and has no one to talk to, be there for him. Assure your guy that you got his back. Listen to his problems and genuinely try to pull him out of the mess he has gotten in. He will surely appreciate your efforts and would never really want to let you go.

6. Appreciate his minutest efforts

Let him know how much he means to you

Another tried and tested method is praising! Nobody likes criticism; everybody likes kind words. And if you tell your guy how wonderful he is, he is sure to not only like it but also go gaga over you. He might even throw some appreciation or two to you, too!

Notice the little things he does for you and the little pains he endures just to paint a smile on your face. Realize the value that he adds to your life, and always, ALWAYS, appreciate him with concrete words that he can hear straight from your mouth. Tell him you love him for all he has done for you, tell him you are blessed and happy to have him in your life. Say a “thank you” as frequently as you can!

7. Be okay with the “crazy” him

Don't fight back, get to the root of the problem

Everybody goes through a phase where we go all mad for no reason at all. Sometimes our frustrations in life can get the better of us. There are even times that we transfer our anger of something else to the ones we love. It doesn’t feel good, no doubt, but this behavior is quite common and can happen between you and your boyfriend. In this situation, be the strong one in your relationship. Instead of firing back when your boyfriend is in a bad mood, calm him down by asking him what is bothering him. In other words, take care of him even when he can’t reciprocate. Trust us, his love for you is going to get to the peaks soon enough!

Even guys are allowed some PMSing, right? (Actually no, but you know what we mean.)


8. Do throw some PDA

Works like a charm always

Yes, never forget the good old trick of PDA - a VERY important element in your relationship.

Believe us when we say this: relationships fail because of miscommunication and lack of interaction. Even when couples interact, the problem (especially with guys) is that they can’t or do not express their feelings. Unexpressed feelings often lead to baseless assumptions and misunderstandings.

Thus, do throw some PDA here and there. Let people know how much love there is between both, keep telling him that, express your emotions, and encourage him to do the same.