Have you found your Ms. Right yet?

Behind every successful man is a loving and intelligent woman. Do you agree?

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Learn eight sweet and simple secrets to make your girlfriend happy

Well, trust us when we say this: it’s not enough to love a woman with words. It is very necessary to also SHOW it to her and to the world. Express it. Don’t be afraid to share your emotions.

Relationships are hard to maintain, but having a happy and meaningful one is totally worth the efforts you put in.

And if you already know the value of the above statement, then congratulations! You have already passed level 1. Pat yourself on the back. Now, the next level is to make your girl happy.

And how do you do that? Does trying to make her happy gets confusing for you sometimes? What do you do? Do you just plan romantic dates, write occasional love notes, buy her chocolates, bring her flowers, and tell her how much you love her in order to make her happy?


To be honest, the right girl does not need you to give her luxurious gifts. All she wants is your time and undivided attention. No matter what you do, big or small, she will always appreciate the efforts that you put in to make her happy and put a smile on her face.

But just in case you run out of ideas, we have come up with eight sweet and simple secrets to make your girlfriend happy!

1. Go shopping WITH her

What better way to show her that she has all your attention

As what we have already mentioned, she does not value your money as much as she treasures the moments you spend with her. You don’t really need to shop for her; you just have to tag along when she goes out to the mall. Yes, we know it is a bit boring, but then that is why we’re calling it putting in the “efforts.”

Help her in choosing and buying stuff, so she knows that you genuinely care for her and value the things she loves, making her all the more happy!

2. Make things special for her!

candlelit dinner
A romantic candlelit dinner is sure to win her heart

Planning a well-organized romantic candlelit dinner, fixing her a relaxing spa date, buying her a nice dress, sending her a small bouquet of flowers, appreciating her work, and praising her looks - these simple things are literally all she needs to feel special.

Of course, there are other ways, including going out for a movie with her and her friends. (Yep, you do not like it. Nope, you should not skip it. Remember, it is all about “efforts”!) And if you really love her, like REALLY do, and you’ve spent a good amount of time together (and you are not afraid of needles), then you could actually go for a tattoo of her name. Yep, this couldn’t be more romantic. Believe us, this huge gesture will take her to the 107th cloud!


3. Get along with her family and friends

Win over her family and friends if you want to make her happy

To any person, family and friends mean the world! A sure way to get to your girl’s heart is through her friends and family. Thus, get to know them, spend time with them, and strive to become their favorite, and it will automatically make her really happy!

Don’t forget THE best friend. Be comfortable with her best friend whether in front of her or not. Clear out differences, if any, so that it does not get awkward. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than choosing between a best friend and a boyfriend! Get along with the people she loves for her sake. This will surely make her happy.

4. Be all ears!

Hear her thoughts, give her your attention

Listen to whatever she has to say. You are her confidante, so you need to behave like one. Hear her litany, and be there in her low moments. Value her point of view and support her, no matter what.

Support her dreams, and do what you can to help her achieve them. Now that’s some kind of couple goals!


5. Observe the intricacies!

Appreciate the efforts she makes for you and shower her with love

Step 1. Notice the efforts she makes in order to look good for you, like the new dress she bought to impress you, or her attempt to crack jokes to lighten your mood when you are sad or stressed out. And you already know Step 2 - compliment!

Acknowledge her efforts, and compliment her on whatever she is wearing. Avoid pointing out the negative and stop looking for faults. Highlight her strengths instead!

6. Find out her coping mechanism

Learn how she copes with her problems if you truly want to make your girlfriend happy

Some women cope with problems by talking about them, sharing them with her close friends, or being alone by themselves. You need to be perceptive to your girlfriend’s needs when she is angry, upset, or stressed. If she needs to talk, then listen without interrupting, criticizing, or losing your cool. If she needs to be left alone, assure her that you respect her space and that you would be there for her whenever she needs you. Let her vent out, and take care of her during her emotional turmoil or breakdown. A boyfriend who knows how to deal with the temper of his girlfriend is a true gem and will make her feel that she is the luckiest girl on earth!

7. Apologize (first)

One of the top secrets for making your girlfriend happy is to apologize first

This is a bit stereotypical, but well, it is the way it is. It would not make you a smaller person if you apologize first, but it will surely make her happier if you do. The trick to avoid unnecessary fights is to just say sorry sincerely right away to end the argument (best relationship hack ever!).

8. The key: don’t forget important days and dates!

Remember all the dates and events

And the key to her happiness is that even if mountains fall or rocks break, you REMEMBER THE DATES - the date on when your relationship started, your first week together (weeksary as they fondly call it), one-year anniversary, her birthday (bonus points if you include the birthdays of her family and close friends!), her periods (you’re really taking this to the next level), and most importantly Valentine’s Day. Do not forget the important days and do not fail to make her feel special on these dates, too. Here lies the key for making her the happiest!