Do you feel it is about time to propose to your special someone to spend the rest of your lives together? Are you ready to express your everlasting love? Are you dying to know whether she feels the same way?

Read on to know how you can propose to her even when you are broke

However, are you are so low on the budget that it has landed you in a fix as to how to make the occasion as special as ever?


If yes, then you are in safe hands. Don’t you worry; we got you covered.

We will share with you marriage proposal strategies that will require less money and more love! Here are 10 ways you can propose even when you are broke. They are romantic, yet memorable ideas that she will surely love and cherish forever!

1. Dine out in a candlelit dinner

A romantic candlelit dinner is sure to win her heart

A beautifully planned candlelit dinner is one of the best options. A seemingly normal dinner that will turn out to be a romantic one will definitely make her wonder if something special is about to happen!

2. Talents and art to the rescue

Shower her with love with the help of your talent

Are you a writer? Create a beautiful sonnet especially for your girl.


Are you a painter? Paint a portrait of her (if you haven’t already).

Are you a singer? Compose a nice proposal song! Sing the song to her. Then end it with the proposal.

Are you a good cook? Whip up the fanciest dinner and strategically hide the ring somewhere in your table presentation.

3. Fortune food!

Surprise her by hiding the ring in her favorite food

Hiding the ring in beautifully presented and delicious food and dropping hints so that she finds it is still the most romantic,  and surprising way of proposing. Just be careful and keep an eye on her so she doesn’t eat the ring!

4. Trap it in a diary of memories

memory book
Take her down the memory lane and in the end propose to her

If you haven’t yet made a diary of pictures of her and your relationship, it’s high time to put in all the effort and love to create a book of memories. Include nice pictures, meaningful stuff, and heartfelt messages for her. Casually add a surprise at the end of the book by writing “Will you marry me?”

You may gift this to her at a nice dinner, too!


5. Capture it in a photo booth

You would love to have a candid photo of the moment

Propose inside a photo booth! It will be very romantic to capture her reactions while you propose to her. Have fun looking at all the cute and candid photos you have right after.

6. Be sporty inside the stadium!

Propose in the stadium during a match you both love

Turn a normal game watching day into a special day by proposing to her inside a stadium during a game you both love. Again, this trick is old school but still very romantic. If there’s a big screen at the game that catches it, that would be a great bonus.

7. Glam the house

Go all out in decorating her room and surprising her

This plan requires a little money, but it totally depends on how creative you are. Revamp her space, whether her room or any part of her house, with lots of (inexpensive) lights or just do something creative or different according to her style.

8. Send sand messages!

Old school but romantic

Although this one has been done many times, it is still romantic and inexpensive. While on a romantic getaway to the beach, write your proposal message in the sand and surprise your soon-to-be fiancée.


9. Recreate your first date ever

first date
Relive your first date

Do you still remember your first date? Do you have the memories of the place where you first dated, the feelings you both felt that day, or the beautiful moments that you shared?

If yes, recreating your first date is probably the BEST option for you.

10. Unexpected announcements

get together
Surprise her at a family lunch

Be it a housewarming party, a get-together with friends, or a family dinner, with none of your guests having the slightest of an idea - unexpected announcements will definitely surprise your partner… and your guests as well! Nothing beats sharing a beautiful milestone with the people closest to you.