So you have been dating someone new and things are terribly exciting and fun. You have a spring in your step and feel a rush of happiness whenever you are around him. And now you are wondering if it is time to take things to the next level with him.

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To do or not to do!

You don’t want to repeat your friend’s mistake by rushing things, would you? You definitely don’t want to end your new relationship abruptly just by rushing, which otherwise could have grown into something beautiful. You want to make everything right and just perfect. Every relationship has its own and unique pace. Some people take things into their hands on the first date and some wait for months to reach that level of the comfort zone.


So, how do you know that it’s the right time to get intimate with your loved one? We have listed 11 points. If you check all of these things off your list, it means that it’s finally time to hit the clouds!

1. The heart wants what it wants!

heart knows
Your heart always knows!

Okay, so we know this isn’t really easy, and that is why you are reading this article, isn’t it? But the heart knows what it wants and when it wants. So, does your heart really want you to get physically intimate? Or are you thinking about it only because you feel pressure from your partner? Or because it is expected of you? Try to judge what your heart really wants.

2. It is not a ticket to stability!

You cannot use sex for stability

Let’s make one thing clear here – sex can never be the base of any relationship. So we really hope that you are not using sex to get your partner to take you more seriously. Getting the deed done CANNOT give you a stable relationship.

3. Are you both on the same page?

same page
Talk about what both of you want

Are you and your partner both on the same page? Does your partner know that you want to make things steady with him and that’s why you want sex? Or if you just want to explore that territory with your partner and not make it more than it is? Talk to him and get the dinosaur out in the open; trust us, it’s worth the risk.


4. Can you both laugh off at awkwardness together?

Can you both laugh together?

If you and your partner are going to have sex for the first time, then you need to get the awkwardness out of the way. Try picturing yourself with your partner – awkwardly crossed limbs, embarrassing positions, ugh! You two should be comfortable enough with each other. Can you both laugh it off if either of you makes any embarrassing move during sex?

5. Trust is not an issue between you two

You trust him

You trust your partner that he will not exploit you in your vulnerable situation. You wouldn’t want to feel hurt, criticized or uncomfortable just because you thought you two can hit it off!

6. You know his opinion on birds and bees

his opinion
He respects other women

Does your partner often make inappropriate comments on other women’s dresses? Does he indulge in slut-shaming? It’s a big NO for hitting the couch if he does so.

7. You have steamy chats

steamy chats
He makes you blush with his messages

Does your partner tease you on the phone, talk naughty and dirty to try to turn you on? Do you feel tingles? Or are you simply grossed out by how he talks about it?

8. It will be fun without the fear of bun!

safety first
Better safe than sorry!

You are about to hit the couch with someone new. You don’t know for sure where he has been or with whom he has been (we really hope you have had this discussion with him already!). You wouldn’t want to go all in without the safety of a condom, right? You definitely don’t want STD.

9. You can’t put your hands off each other

constantly touching
You simply can't keep your hands off him!

Your moments are filled with little nothings of touching each other for no reason at all. These small acts of simply getting your hands on each other mean you can’t stay away.


10. The chemistry sets you on fire!

You have a sizzling chemistry

Do you feel tingles and small shivering when your partner looks deeply into your eyes? Do you feel just one or two kisses are never enough and you both are constantly trying to get more? If a single touch sets a spark that pushes you both towards craving for more of each other, then you know it’s time.

11. You are not pushed beyond your comfort zone

He respects the boundaries you draw

If you draw a boundary, does your partner try to push you around it? Is there respect for the lines you draw?