Are you desperately in love with someone who hasn’t got the slightest idea of your feelings?

Do you eagerly wait for him to respond? Does a single text from him make your entire day?


Are you frequently confused as to what to text him and/or how to initiate a conversation?

intro crush
What not to text to your crush

Well, you must have been advised already by a number of people as to what to text to your crush.

We, however, will give you guidelines and things that you should NEVER text to your crush for several good reasons!

Here is a list of 12 things you should not text to your crush.


1. “Are you single?”

Don't inquire about his relationship status

This particular text is the biggest NO-NO of all time. This is a hint that may tell him that you’re too interested in him.

2. “Why do you reply so late? What are you always busy?”

He is not your boyfriend

Why do you want him to respond to your text instantly? Is he your boyfriend? Nope. Have patience. You have no right to control him, YET (lol).

You may come off as too demanding or dramatic. So save these types of questions until when you are in a committed relationship.

3. “You would love to meet my parents!”

Don't come off so desperate

Why? Do you already want to marry him and have your entire life planned with him? This will definitely make him feel that you are too serious and rushing things.

Slow down. Meeting the parents should happen after you establish a relationship.

4. “I really liked you in the green tee you wore last Thursday!”

You are either going to make him laugh at you or freak him out

Don’t freak him out, for once, please?


5. “Tell me more about your ex.”

Try not to be so obvious

You should never ask specific questions about his ex early in your communication with him. Also, never compare yourself with his ex.

Let him share about his past with you at his own pace so that he is more comfortable.

6. “You are way too good for me.”

too good
Don't make him think less of you

Low self-esteem and self-confidence don’t really work IR. They make you look inferior - something you don’t want to happen.

7. “How many girls have you dated in the past?”

Don't investigate his past

The moment you ask him this, he knows you’re interested in him. Why else would you want to know anything as insignificant as the number of girlfriends he’s had?


8. “I easily get attached to people and then get hurt often.”

Stop trying to gain his sympathy

Trust me, he’d empathize less and pity you more. Hope you know the thin line between the two. You may want empathy, but you need RESPECT. So do not play a victim.

Instead, choose to share what you learned from failed relationships and how it has made you better.

9. Add emojis, but not too many!

Do not use too many emojis

This is the most important of all. Use emojis in your texts; otherwise, your text could be misinterpreted as rude, mean, inconsiderate, or too formal.

Texting can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding, and the only savior is emoticons!

On the other hand, using too many emojis is weird, and you’ll come off as imature, hyperactive or hyperemotional, which are discouraging too!

10. Don’t typ lyk dis

You went to school for a reason

Avoid major typos and misspelled words.


You don't have to write or spell perfectly. However, too many major errors may make him think that you are not very smart.

11. “Hey, remember when we met on 7th July 2007, and you were decked up in a black suit? We had such a great time!”

Quit the details

Avoid referencing too many details that you may know or remember about him. Less is more.

You do not want to come off as someone who is “too” interested or even a stalker.

12. Don’t send THAT type of texts!

Do not send out the wrong signal

Keep your communication clean and classy.

Talking dirty isn’t going to fascinate a good catch (unless he is a jerk). Relax, and just be yourself.