Whether your first kiss was in the back row of the movie cinema or behind your school, you can never forget it.

As awkward as it would have been (yes, the first kiss is usually awkward for most of us!), its memory still sneaks up on you. You usually remember your first kiss, fondly.


The anticipation, the nervousness, and the sense of dread of it not being your perfect first kiss are some of the emotions that come reeling back at you the moment you think about your first kiss.

foolish smile

Whenever you are asked to relive your first kiss memory, your immediate response is “Oh God, that was awkward!” but with a really sweet smile!

First kiss memories are not just about how they happened or where and with whom they happened. Every time you think about it, it’s got more to do with “WHERE you had that first kiss?”


We have collected here 12 weird places where people had their first kiss, maybe one of it would be a journey down the memory lane for you as well!

1. Behind the bleachers


The guy you have been in love with has just won a game! Quite a few of us fell for this!

2. School library


Ah, the forbidden kiss at the forbidden place, with the constant fear of librarian or anyone else walking in on you!

3. Youth club or youth group

youth club

Table tennis, basketball, or video games aren’t the only things that happened at those youth clubs!

4. Classroom

class room

Some of us did get educated in just more than books (ahem!).

5. Bathroom


Not really the ideal place for the first kiss, but then not all of us have the creativity or patience to wait for an ideal place!


6. Basement

spin bottle

Truth or dare, or spin the bottle, we know so many who fell victim to this game and had the first kiss, with the entire group of friends chanting their name!

7. On a couch in the living room


Did you sneak a kiss during the movie AND with your parents right in the next room? If so, that was bravely done!

8. School dance

school dance

In spite of the chaperones, the school dance was a place where many first kisses happened.

9. Prom


Prom is a magical time for all of us. Getting the first kiss at prom would just make it even more magical.


Let's just hope you both knew what you were doing, and it was not some wet slippery experience that you guys would rather just forget!

10. In the middle of the school hallway

school hallway

School hallways have witnessed a lot of action. Right from fights and gossips to those deliciously awkward first kisses!

11. In the lobby of the movie theater

theatre lobby

The action happens not only inside the theater but also in the lobby!

12. On the school bus

school bus

Yes, on one of those trips back home, on the back seat of the bus when you thought no one was looking!