This world is weird, isn’t it? We’re evolving into a generation wherein we’re using technology to capture not just moments but uncanny, weird moments that could be laughed at later. We’re not just self-obsessed; we’re obsessed with taking our own pictures.

Speaking of pictures, of course, how could we forget “selfies” and the fact that our boyfriends love keeping our weird selfies.

We never miss a chance to capture any moment in a selfie

Selfies don’t just capture moments and transform them into memories, but they also express art, self-absorption, and social connection (between the people involved in the selfie) - these are the reasons why selfies are the most popular and “in” thing right now. In fact, the word “selfie” is now included in the Oxford Dictionary.

Of course, one reason our guys ask for our selfies is to preserve our pictures on their phones or other gadgets in order to admire us or cherish the little activities we do.

After all, these are the little things that matter at the end of the day. So yes, the underlying fact behind them asking for our pictures is definitely “love”. Love always wins, right?

Here are ten weird selfies that boyfriends demand from their girlfriends. Check out if you have also clicked such weird selfies for your boyfriend.


1. Selfie wearing his gifted dress

He is curious to check out how his gift looks on you

When your boyfriend asks for a selfie wearing his gifted dress, he is simply telling you how much he loves you. He wants to know how you look in the dress that he so carefully picked out for you.

He wants to see if it fits you as perfectly as he has imagined it in his head, whether the color suits you beautifully or not, and how ravishing you look. He needs to know the A–Z of it.

2. Selfie with friends

He wants to see the people you hang out with

We know boyfriends usually don’t like to hear about their girls’ friends, but they may want to know how the people you constantly talk about look like!

Yep, weird, we know. Guys have this thing where when you talk about your friends, they want to have a clear picture of who or what you are talking about.

Thus, they need a face in order to paint that picture in their mind.

3. Sleeping selfie

He wants to see you sleeping, how cute is that

Most people don't look the cutest when they sleep. Your boyfriend would love to swoon over your cuteness while you sleep (or pretend to) and keep adoring the picture, forever!


4. Selfie at weird places

Let's just say he was curious

From the bathroom (which is not so weird now, btw) to the salon, sometimes boys demand weird photos for reasons unknown to mankind.

5. Selfie while eating

That's just him being caring

The purpose of asking for a selfie while eating is not just to know what you are eating but may also be to ensure that you are eating right.

This is another way of saying that he cares about you. It might be weird, but deep down, you want to reciprocate, too.

6. Working selfie/office selfie

He wishes to know where you spend most of your time

As much as your office would prohibit you from taking pictures during working hours, your guy would desperately want it from you.


It may just be because he's curious about this part of your life.

7. Selfie with your pets

pet selfie
Another cute selfie, he can't seem to get enough of it

As weird as it sounds, we don’t know why boys do that, but well, they just do, you know?

Some possible reasons are that a pet selfie is so true to reality, is loaded with cuteness, and paints a picture of loyalty (especially if it’s a dog).

8. Nudes

The weirdest of all selfies

At the top of all weird selfies, nudes are the most common and irritating selfies that boyfriends may want from their girlfriends.

Why just why? It’s difficult to say. No matter how much your guy loves you, if you’ve been together for a long time and are comfortable with each other, he will ask you to send him nudes, you in bikinis or any sexy clothing.

The simplest way to arouse them is by showing some skin, something appealing.


However, because it’s secretive, not common to look at, intimate, and thus sexual for the both of you, be very cautious to protect yourself when sending these.

Those pictures could, unfortunately, be used to hurt you later or if the relationship doesn’t work out.