Dear one-sided lover,

We sympathize with your situation of hanging over the line where you are in a relationship, but at the same time you aren’t. It’s not such a great feeling nor easy to feel the pangs of love alone, without being able to share your emotions.


All you could do is to complain like the melancholy Jaques, while Hamlet addresses the issue of one-sided love in his famous speech (To Be or Not to Be):

“The pangs of dispriz'd love, the law's delay.”
-William Shakespeare


Unrequited love is nobody’s fault really; neither could you blame anyone, nor could you seek a relationship advice (because unfortunately, it isn’t a relationship yet).

We don’t mean to pity you, but here are eight things people tell when you are stuck in a one-sided love:


1. “You’re in the zone, oh no, no! You’re the king of friend zone!”

friend zone

Ever heard something like “I love you but as friends”? Damn, I’m sorry if you have.
My friend, you’re friend-zoned, a place from where one has not known to escape alive (just kidding, you’d find a way out, don’t you worry).

2. “You’d find a better one; let her go!”

let her go

We know what you’re thinking, and we believe you when you say that it really isn’t as simple as it sounds.

3. “She’s playing with your life!”

playing you

Well, even if she is, I am willing to be played with! Mind your business, for once.

4. “Hit on her friends!”

her friends

Yes, of course. I’m finding it hard already to move on from one person, and now you’re telling me to *try* to date more people like her.
Thanks for the extremely useful advice!

5. “Focus on your career; you’re spoiling your life behind her.”


More likely to come from parents, this statement has basically pissed you off such a great deal that you’re likely to turn into a lunatic soon.
I know, I’m trying! Can you not be patient with me?

6. “Oh boy, you’re fuc^^d up.”


*Tch Tch*
I did not know that at all, thanks for informing.
And even if I wasn’t thinking about it already, thanks a ton for reminding me, all.the.time!


7. “You’re spending way too much on her!”

save money

In terms of both money and time, you definitely have burnt a hole in your pocket and in your heart.
We know you’re trying to stop though (proof you’re reading this article), and we have all sympathies for you.

8. “It’s high time that you moved on!”


Okay, agreed. Done.
*cries in a corner*