So, here’s a thing about humans—we give a part of ourselves to people who happen to be a part of our lives, which are rollercoaster rides where you cannot really feel the sunshine without experiencing the night. No matter how hard we try, everyone who comes across us leaves an imprint on our minds, something that we just cannot erase completely.

Relationships are sure a pile of mess, the mess that is sweet–sour, and we understand how hard it is to move on from something that keeps on acting like constant poignant arrows targeting your heart.

missing ex

To those who claim you have moved on already, are you really sure?
If you’re looking for answers on the Internet, here’s your first sign acting against your stance.

But have you yet deleted their number?
(P.S. You’re cheating here if you still remember it.)

Do you still compare all new people in your life with them?
Does your common date place remind you of them when you accidentally visit it?

Here are a few points you might compare yourself with to know whether you still think about your ex or not. (Good luck!)


1. Attracted to the same kind


If you’re being attracted to the same kind of people, in terms of behavior, reactions, and opinions—you know your ex is still on your mind.

2. Anxious to peep into their lives


Do you frequently have a desire to check your ex’s social media profile?
What would he be doing right now? *Checks if he updated his Snapchat story*

3. You have become under-confident


Ever since you broke up with your ex, you have not just remained a bit duller or low on energy (no matter how much you deny, if you’re a human, you will undergo a few changes) but also are low on confidence when it comes to dealing with the new people you are trying to approach.

4. Lack of trust and tendency to push people away


If you have started to avoid people getting close to you, push them away non-deliberately or deliberately, and cannot find in your heart the strength to trust someone as you're not sure if they would hold onto you or do exactly as your ex did—trust us buddy, you are still thinking about your ex.

5. You either talk a lot about them or not at all


So, these are the two direct signs:
First, if you frequently talk about them—about the good times spent together, how they had hurt you, about incidents happened when you were with them, etc.

Second, you will not talk about them at all. When someone mentions them, you will fret and ignore the topic completely. You will despise the subject and anyone who mentions the name of the ex because all it does is reopening old wounds.


6. Listening to songs that remind you of them


We all know about the certain category of music that you listen to a lot while a certain person is in your life, the song will (no matter what) become about them. And every time you listen to it, it will remind you of them until you’re completely over them.

7. Go through old conversations

old conversation

This is an evident sign indicating you’re still not over your ex if you not just keep your old conversations but also re-visit them frequently to remind yourself of the good times spent together.

8. Feel guilty in enjoying


Imagine you’re out with someone you’re approaching (probably a rebound, now that you’ve finally accepted you’re still attached to your ex), you’re on a rollercoaster (literally), and you’re just not being able to feel that ecstasy and enthusiasm you did with your ex.
Do you feel the slightest guilt in your heart? If you do, you know what this means.

9. Seek random excuses to run into them/talk to them


You find excuses and ways through which you could start a conversation with them or run into them, at their favorite book store or pastry shop.
Of course, you’re not stalking them, you just “happen to be there.”


10. No sexual relationship

not intersted

If you are unable to be sexually attracted to someone else or are not comfortable with them, constantly think about your ex and just cannot establish a sexual relationship with someone new, here’s another sign telling you that you’re, unfortunately, not yet over your ex.