You may have heard this often – lucky things happen to lucky people. Luck is usually considered to be something that happens randomly, not something that can be consciously controlled. Luck is an unexpected or accidental occurrence. Some people seem to be luckier than others. Perhaps it’s their positive outlook on life that brings good fortune their way.

In reality, luck is something that you create. It is the result of a certain set of traits, your mindset and the actions you take on a daily basis. It is a long game but offers a strong payoff. Lucky people expect good things to happen to them. They project magnetic energy that draws luck to them. Roman philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca wrote, “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.”


Even in the face of adversity, they turn bad luck into good fortune. They cultivate a mindset that naturally enables them to bring forth good fortune on a daily basis. When troubles arise, they trust themselves, see hidden opportunities and take bold actions. Is the glass half empty or half full to them? British Psychologist Richard Wiseman has identified four basic principles that lucky people share, they maximize chance opportunities, they listen to lucky hunches, they expect good luck, and they turn bad luck to good.

Follow these tips to attract good luck and fortune
Follow these tips to attract good luck and fortune

You can change your luck by following the 20+ secret tips given below to attract good luck and fortune.

  1. Let go of negative past experiences. Holding on to negative experiences from your past will keep you trapped in the past and shut you out from good fortune in the future. To push past your previous bad luck, you need to let go of the negative stories running over and over in your mind. Whenever you notice yourself focusing on these negative stories or retelling them to others, immediately stop yourself from doing it. Ask yourself to let go of the past. Avoid getting stuck there and learn to move on and focus on the future.

    Let go of the past to attract good luck and fortune
    Let go of the past to move forward in life
  2. Be positive. Good fortune comes to those who are positive about their life. Whining or a negative attitude can keep good luck and fortune at bay. Instead, focus on the positive. Positive thinking can attract good luck to you.

    Be positive to attract good luck and fortune
    Be positive and make the best of things to turn your luck around
  3. Expect good luck. Lucky people are always optimistic about their future. They have high expectations for their life. They believe that unpredictable and uncontrollable events will work out for them, while unlucky people believe that such events will work against them. Expectations have an influence over people’s thoughts and behavior. Those who believe good things will happen to them attract good luck and fortune into their life. What you give out, you get. Even if not instantly, you may notice that when you expect good things to happen, over time they will. What you focus on tends to grow.

    Expect good luck to attract good luck and fortune
    Expect good things to happen and be optimistic about the future
  4. Surround yourself with lucky people. The company you keep says a lot about you. The people you hang out with influence your outlook towards life. They have an effect on what you do and how you think and feel. Be with like-minded people who are doing what you want to be doing. Only be with those who have as much or more to lose than you by their negative actions. Emotions are contagious. If you hang out with negative people who always complain and whine about their lives and who are generally not very lucky, chances are you will soon be down on your luck. Make a conscious effort to spend time with people who have a positive outlook on life.
  5. Listen to your gut. When it comes to luck, intuition plays an important role. Lucky people’s intuitions tend to pay off time and time again, while unlucky people tend to ignore their gut feelings. Ever heard of the expression, trust your gut instinct? Lucky people trust themselves and make effective decisions by paying attention to their hunches and gut feelings. And if they get it wrong, they learn a lesson from it and change their approach. Learn to trust your intuition. However, avoid worrying over decisions that you make.
  6. Welcome opportunities into your life. Good luck and fortune come to those who look for opportunities or look for the good in things. Be excited about your future and take charge of making good things happen in your life. Be open to the many possibilities that exist for your life.
  7. Make the most of chance opportunities. You have to get out there and make things happen. You can’t stay hidden in your own comfort zone. Lucky people are good at creating, noticing and acting upon chance opportunities. They do this by being open and adopting a relaxed attitude toward life, therefore they see what is there rather than only what they are looking for. They view every social interaction as an opportunity for mutual benefit and growth. They talk to a lot of people and keep in touch with them. They don’t just interact with people for the sake of interacting. They actually take time to get to know people on a deeper level. This enables them to seize random opportunities from chance encounters.
  8. Talk to the people you meet. When you meet a stranger or an acquaintance, talk with them and share your story. Try to make a connection. Have a real conversation, even if it’s with someone you’ve just met. Who knows? You may make a connection with someone unexpected that will prove to be beneficial to you.
  9. Maintain good relationships with people already in your life. Be it personal or professional relationships, maintain a good rapport with people you already have in your life. Most of the time, it’s the people around you who are responsible for the lucky breaks in your life. When you push away or neglect people, you might be pushing away the opportunities that others could lead you to.

    Maintain good personal and professional relationships to attract good luck and fortune in life
    Maintain good personal and professional relationships to attract good luck and fortune in life
  10. Be approachable. When you project a pleasant expression and open and sincere body language, you become approachable to others. This will naturally make you attract people and opportunities. Always be open and engaging to others.

    Be approachable and welcome new opportunities to attract good luck and fortune
    Be approachable and welcome new opportunities
  11. Be humble. Lucky people are usually humble by nature. When you are humble, you focus more outside of yourself than on yourself. This enables you to spot opportunities. No one likes and an egotistical braggart.
  12. Be open to learning. Be open to the possibility that others know more than you. Be open to learning new things. When you are on the path of learning, you invite opportunities into your life. Remember that learning is lifelong.

    Be open to learning new things to attract good luck and fortune
    Be open to learning new things and expand your horizons
  13. Try new things. When you try out new things, you automatically come across new opportunities in life. Lucky people do not simply experience a chance encounter or event in their life. They notice opportunities and act upon them. Make it a habit to try something new each day.
  14. Overcome your fear of failure. Know that mistakes are part of life. If you embrace your failures and learn from them, they can teach you new things that can lead you to the path of success. So, if you never made that mistake in the first place, you would have never had the opportunity to learn new things. Remember the ole adage, “If first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.
  15. Take full responsibility. Lucky people usually take full responsibility for their thoughts, actions, and decisions. Hence, they do not tend to complain or point blame when things go wrong. They realize that doing this will distract them and, as a result, they will fail to identify opportunities in their life. Own your mistakes.
  16. Live in the present moment. Lucky people know that to grab opportunities when they arise, you need to live in the present moment.

    Live in the present to attract good look and fortune
    Live in the present and grab opportunities as they arise
  17. Take action instead of analyzing. Stop waiting for good things to happen to you. Stop analyzing how you are going to do things. Instead, just take action. Don’t get caught in the paralysis by analysis trap.

    Take action instead of analyzing to attract good luck and fortune
    Take action and make things happen for you instead of simply analyzing
  18. Turn your bad luck into good luck. Lucky people see the positive side of their bad luck. They do not dwell on their ill fortune. They embrace failure and view it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Lucky people usually are more resilient when bad things happen to them. They believe that good things will happen and avoid dwelling on negative things.

    Learn from your mistakes to turn your bad luck into good luck
    Learn from your mistakes and failures to turn your bad luck into good luck
  19. Put your heart and soul into whatever you do. Be passionate about your work. Give 100% to whatever you do. This effort itself attracts good fortune.
  20. Be disciplined. When you are fully committed to and disciplined about your goals and aspirations, your only focus is the task at hand. This allows you to block out all distractions and spot opportunities when they come your way.
  21. Persistence and hard work are key. Lucky people usually don’t give up easily. Hard work along with persistence and determination will ensure good luck and fortune in your life. When people see you working hard, they are more inclined to help.
  22. Be generous. When you do a good deed for someone, you are making that person happy. Simultaneously, it also results in your happiness. Happy people are positive people. Positive energy attracts others to you. This brings opportunity into your life, and opportunity brings good luck and fortune.
  23. Keep a good luck journal. Some people keep a gratitude journal of all the things that are grateful for. Conversely, keeping a good luck journal will help you see the positive things in your life and make you realize how lucky you are. Your daily good luck journal will help you take note of every good luck experience you had during the day. It can be anything from your friend taking you out for lunch or your work being appreciated at your workplace. By focusing on good or happy experiences every day, you are banishing negative thoughts. By keeping a daily journal, thinking about and believing in good luck becomes a part of your daily routine. Paying attention to your good experiences, you may feel lucky and this will help you to attract good luck and fortune into your life. More importantly, it helps you keep track of opportunities.
  24. Meditate. Lucky people boost their intuitive abilities through meditation and spending time in peaceful environments. Meditation helps clear your mind of thoughts and distractions. When your mind is quiet, your intuition will be at its best.
  25.  Visualize. You must see your success before it actually occurs. Visualizing is an effective tool when it comes to attracting good luck and fortune. When you picture yourself experiencing a desired outcome, you work out the steps to overcome any obstacles. It motivates you toward your goals and gives you energy to take action. It can also give you new ideas and new ways to achieve your goals. For instance: If you want to be a successful singer, visualize yourself as one. Imagine yourself singing at a concert with fans all around you. It will raise your confidence. If you find visualizing things difficult, practice it. Close your eyes and try to see it in detail in your mind.
  26. Ask for opportunities. Lucky people understand that one of the most effective and efficient ways of coming across opportunities is asking for them.
  27. Recite positive affirmations. Positive affirmations help condition your subconscious mind to become more open to rewards of the universe. It helps you think positively, which results in positive actions.  Repeating positive affirmations not only help convince your mind but also translate the positivity into positive actions. Lucky people tell themselves they are lucky. They say things like, ‘Things will work out for me," ‘This failure is temporary. I know things will turn around," "I am a lucky person." Lucky people also experience failures, but unlike unlucky people, lucky ones expect failures to be short-lived. Write these affirmations down and recite every day.
  28. Model successful people. Those with the luck factor understand that other people’s success can be modeled and repeated. As a result, they spend time researching the thoughts, beliefs, habits, decisions, and actions of very successful individuals. They subsequently model their patterns of behavior in order to obtain their own goals and objectives.