True wealth is having things you desire, which ultimately comes from hard work. But feng shui can help you invite more money and abundance into your life.

Feng shui helps create an environment conducive to attracting wealth by consciously placing objects in certain ways. However, remember that the environment alone does not guarantee success and prosperity, nor is it a substitute for working toward your goals.


Keeping that in mind, you can use feng shui to create an environment of abundance in your home and mind, and bring you success and wealth. Here are some simple tips to use feng shui to attract money and wealth to your home.

how to use feng shui for money and wealth

  1. Make your front door attract money. Your front door determines the quality of energy that will flow through your entire house. So, keep your main entry area clean, fresh and flowing. The idea is to make the flow of energy to the front door very smooth, resembling flowing water.
    make your front door attract money
    The door should be strong and sturdy, and open widely without squeaking. It should be of a good proportion in comparison to the house as a whole. If you have a bigger house, you need a bigger front door.
    Bring a sense of beauty to your main entry area with nice door hardware and paint. The welcome mat should be bright and fresh. Remove any recycling bins, cracked old pots or other items blocking the flow of energy to your front door.
  2. Find your feng shui money area. Various traditions of feng shui suggest different wealth areas to your home or room.
    money area
    One is the southeast section of your home or room, and the other is the back left corner of the room if you are facing the room from the entrance.
  3. Clean your money corner. Clutter can negatively influence many areas of your life and can neither attract nor keep the energy of wealth. Remove any unnecessary items that that create visual clutter. It could be dead plants, garbage cans or bags, and any items that remind you of people, places or things you prefer not to think about. Also, take care of anything that represents money negatively like unpaid bills, mortgage payment reminders and receipts of things you regret purchasing.
    clean your money corner
    Clean your refrigerator, closets, drawers, surfaces and light fixtures. Throw away any items that you haven’t used for a long time. Repair broken items or repaint old items if needed. A broken and dripping tap represents a constant loss of wealth.
    Once you have cleared this space, clean it by dusting, sweeping and mopping.
  4. Display symbols of wealth. Display feng shui symbols of wealth that speak to you of wealth and abundance. Store your change in a glass bowl in your wealth area to form the image of abundance and wealth. Also, do not take money out of the jar and make sure to keep adding more to it. Let it symbolize that you want your money to keep growing.
    Use various symbols of money in your wealth corner, such as Monopoly or any money board games, piggy banks, your jewelry box and savings account statements. Also include images of money, pictures of the house or car you dream of having, or anything that represents wealth to you.
    display symbols of wealth
    A wealth ship is another popular symbol of wealth in feng shui. The wealth ship must be laden with lots of gold coins and precious stones and jewels. It is believed that this wealth ship will not only help you grow your money but also protect your existing wealth from getting depleted. The wealth ship should be placed in the money corner of your living room, in such a way that it appears to be sailing into your home from the main door. Keep adding gems or coins to it once a month. You can even add foreign currency to attract wealth from around the world. Do not place the wealth ship in a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Never display empty ships.
    Hanging wind chimes or Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon is also believed to attract wealth. Make sure to use coins in increments of three, six or eight – with eight being the most powerful money-manifesting number.
  5. Add water elements to your house. Water is an ancient symbol of abundance. So, place a water fountain in the wealth corner of your home. Make sure the fountain is well lit and the water is moving toward your home instead of outward. Placing a dragon figurine beside a water feature is also believed to attract wealth. If a fountain is not possible in your home, display images of flowing water like a waterfall or a fast-moving river.
    Make sure the water in the fountain doesn’t become stagnant, and do not display images of violent storms or other disturbing water scenes. Do not use a water element in your bedroom as it will negatively impact your finances.
    add water elements to your house
    You can even place a fish aquarium in the southeast part of your home with dragon fish or arowana. According to feng shui, the golden-yellow arowana fish is regarded as the representative of unlimited wealth. The fish is believed to bring good fortune and generate new sources of income. Just make sure the aquarium is big, clean and well-oxygenated. Keep the fish well-fed, healthy and happy. You can even place the aquarium in front of the entry gate of your house.
  6. Attract wealth with plants. Place plants with round leaves that look like coins in your wealth area. Some examples are dieffenbachia, jade or silver dollar plants.
    attract wealth with plants
    Using plants with red or purple flowers will add to the effect. Thorny plants or plants with stiff, pokey leaves should be avoided. Bamboo is considered very lucky in feng shui because of its strong growth. Bamboo is usually placed in a glass pot, but if your plant is placed in a ceramic pot, tie a metal coin to it. Your bamboo plant should have eight stalks, as eight is the most powerful number for wealth and abundance. A money plant also represents money and prosperity.
  7. Use flowers. Besides beauty and grace, flowers bring flourishing good luck and fortune to your home. It can be fresh flowers, a flower painting or image, or artificial or silk flowers.
    grow flowers
    Try to put colored flowers like red or purple in the wealth area of your home. Avoid dried flowers, as they represent death and decay in feng shui.
  8. Use crystals. Citrine crystals are known for attracting wealth. Another popular wealth stone is pyrite.
    use crystals
    Gem trees with amethyst, citrine, coral, pearl or agate crystals are also said to attract wealth. Place them in your money corner.
  9. Use mirrors. Mirrors act as wealth magnets. They bring joy, prosperity, wealth and abundance.
    use mirrors
    Place a mirror in your dining area in such a way that it reflects the dining table. This symbolizes abundance. A mirror with a gold frame, preferably in a square or rectangular shape, is the best choice.
  10. Colors for wealth. Gold, green, brown, purple, red, yellow, blue and black are the colors for wealth in feng shui.
    colors for wealth
    To attract wealth, incorporate these colors into your décor – whether it is mirrors, frames, paintings, lamp bases, trays, coffee tables, pillows, rugs or big book covers.
  11. Introduce different shapes. Different shapes are believed to bring the right kind of energy to your money corner.
    introduce different shapes
    Rectangles, squares and wavy shapes can be easily introduced.
  12. Keep your kitchen well-maintained. The kitchen symbolizes nourishment, hence it is considered to be the most important part of your home. Ensure that it is bright and spacious. If you have a small kitchen, make it seem bigger by adding mirrors so you get the sense of expansiveness. If the entrance to your kitchen is not visible from the area where you work, use mirrors to allow you to see the entrance.
    keep your kitchen well maintained
    Keep your stove clean and rotate among the burners when cooking. Using the same burner represents limitedness. Keep the trash can out of sight. Place symbols of abundance like green and purple grapes, nine round oranges or fresh flowers in the wealth area of your kitchen.
  13. Let your wealth slip in through your garden. Make your garden look and feel beautiful. Add a water element to your garden, such as an outdoor fountain with floating gold bells.
    garden for wealth
    Design gentle curving pathways for smooth energy flow. Place metal figurines like turtles or wind chimes in your garden. Add red or purple flower to attract wealth.
  14. Spackle over any holes in the wall. Holes in a wall left by pins, nails, screws and even wall sockets can leak energy away from your house. Plug something into the socket so the holes are not visible to stop the energy leak.
    repair any holes in the walls
    You can also use opaque socket protectors or covers in the same color as the socket plate. Avoid using translucent ones, as those are not considered useful for feng shui purposes.
  15. Keep containers more than half-full. By keeping your containers of food and drinks more than half-full, you get the feeling of abundance by sight and also when you lift these containers.
    keep containers more than half full
  16. Make your wallet attract wealth. Choose a wallet that will help you keep your wealth growing. Keep your wallet clutter-free and organized. Do not let it overflow with old receipts, photos and cards that are rarely used. When choosing a wallet that will make your wealth grow, go for one that is spacious and is made of good-quality.
    choose the right wallet
    When it comes to colors, black and brown are some of the popular choices. Other colors include red, deep blue and green. Generally, the deeper the color, the stronger its protective energy. However, be mindful of how the color works with your birth element. So, trust your judgment and experiment to see what feels right for you.