When two people decide to be together in the name of love, it doesn’t automatically mean that they will live happily ever after. Life is not a fairy tale. Couples do not stay happy by chance. A relationship evolves naturally with time and blooms according to how each of them tends to it. Every relationship requires work for it to last long. Even if you are with the right person, you’ll still have to put in a lot of effort and work to keep a healthy relationship.

happy couples
Learn healthy habits of happy couples

It is important to cater to each other’s needs with love and care to maintain the relationship and live up to the expectations that each partner has. Did you know that you can be an imperfect couple but still have a happy relationship? That’s right. There is no real secret to happiness when it comes to relationships. It is all about learning and appreciating each other’s differences and working on them to have a bond that gets stronger as time passes.


Just like you have actions that affect the people around you, there are also certain habits that can have a powerful and positive impact on your romantic relationship.

Here are 30 habits that can have a powerful and positive impact on your life when practiced together, and which can help you become a happy couple.

1. Start the day with a relaxed and romantic note

Kiss him goodbye at door so that he leaves with a smile

A healthy start to your day motivates and enables you to face whatever challenges may come ahead. Wake your partner up with some coffee or tea, walk them to the door when they leave for work, and kiss them goodbye. These simple gestures show that you care for them and they mean the world to you.

2. Do something that interests both of you

Doing things together is the best way to spend quality time with the benefit of getting to know each other more. If you both have a common taste in music, start your day off listening to the tracks you enjoy or share a song you just discovered and liked. In case you do not share anything in common, be adventurous and do something you both have never done.


3. Appreciate and compliment your partner

Show them your appreciation by surprising them with flowers

What you say to your partner matters to them. Appreciate them for even the simplest thing they do for you. Bring some flowers, leave a love note in their wallet, or tell them how great they looked that day. This will certainly boost their confidence and make them feel good about themselves.

4. Give love names to each other

Address your partner with a cute nickname. It is just another way of showing them your affection and telling them that they are special. Terms of endearment, such as “honey” and “darling,” are sweet music to the ears. You can even come up with your own unique nicknames that only both of you know the meaning of.

5. Spend some intimate time together

intimate time
Everyday spend some intimate time together holding on to each other

In the morning or whenever you find time together, just be with each other doing nothing. Snuggle up on the couch or hold each other in a warm embrace. Sip on some coffee together and talk about your dreams or some silly stuff. Give your undivided attention to show how much you value your time together.

6. Check on them through the day

“Weather” checks are important. If somehow you cannot start your day together or either of you works long hours and is away, make them feel your “presence” by giving them a call or sending a text to ask how they are doing or to let them know that you are available if ever they need you. These simple expressions of love will strengthen your bond.

7. Greet them with excitement when you see them

Meet them with a smile and show them how much you missed them

Greet your partner with a kiss or a smile whenever you see them or tell them that you missed them so much. This will make them feel loved and wanted even in the toughest of situations.

8. Keep the finances sorted

Money talk between couples is very important because financial security is crucial especially in today’s time. It is okay for couples to have separate bank accounts to tend to personal needs, but make sure that you discuss your finances and come up with a financial management plan that you both agree on. Knowing your financial status can also help you in growing and investing your money together wisely. Most importantly, do not hesitate to ask for financial help from your partner if times get rough. Always have each other’s back, for richer and for poorer.


9. Surprise your partner

Take them out for shopping and spoil them

Surprises always spice things up and create wonderful memories. You do not have to wait for their birthday or your anniversary to do something special for them. You can surprise them with something they have always wanted to buy, a vacation, or as simple as a random date in the middle of the week.

10. Contribute to your household

Make sure that both of you contribute to your household and that no one is overburdened with responsibilities. For example, take turns in cleaning the house and doing the laundry. Cooking or grocery shopping together will let you spend some intimate time with each other.

11. Play games and tease each other

Indulge in some teasing games

A little teasing can help to pep up the chemistry and intimacy between you. Don’t be afraid to say cheesy and romantic things to each other. Play strip poker or send them unexpected and “exciting” texts when you are far apart.

12. Do not play relationship games

Do not trick your partner into doing something or play mind games with them. Lying or cheating on them is a surefire way to deteriorate your relationship.


13. Listen and do not interrupt

Be all ears and listen to what they have to say

You may have disagreements with your partner (yes, happy couples do argue sometimes), but make sure you keep a fair fight. Listen to what they have to say, try to understand their point, and then speak your mind. Don’t cut them off when they are explaining their side. Being loud or pressing your argument on them will only leave you both hurt and consumed. Always be respectful even if you are in an argument to avoid saying things that you might regret later on.

14. Love yourself as an individual

While you must value your partner, it is important to love and value yourself for who you are because that is what made them fall for you in the first place. Go get some me-time and pamper yourself once in a while. This will renew your energy and boost your confidence and will enable you to give more into your relationship.

15. Share moments and memories from your life before

Open up about the memories that always make you smile

Talk about your childhood; share stories of good and bad times and of achievements and failures. It will give your partner an insight of your being and also help you understand the person that they are.

16. Give and have your own space

It is not possible for a couple to like everything about each other or enjoy everything together. Give your partner enough space and take time for yourself to do things you like or meet friends you don’t have in common.

17. Make your partner laugh

Laughing together is an excellent way of getting closing to your partner

It is important to share a laugh with your partner to keep the fun and spirits up. Crack a joke or narrate a funny incident from your childhood. Laughing together is also a form of intimacy and makes you forget the stresses of everyday life.

18. Engage in some physical activity together

Look out for each other’s health and be a motivation for your partner to stay fit. Have you heard of the term “fitness buddy”? Join a gym or go jogging or swimming together, or engage in some other physical activity you both would enjoy. They can be fun and romantic at the same time!


19. Express gratitude whenever possible

Be thankful and let them know about it

Gratitude can help you win anything, even love. You can make your partner feel helpful and wanted by thanking them for what they do. It is the best way to express that you value the efforts they make in the relationship.

20. Travel the world together

Traveling enables you to explore new things and gives you a break from your monotonous routine. It can have a similar impact on your relationship. Spending a getaway together lets you understand each other more, helps you create lasting memories, and provides opportunities to spice up the intimacy between you.

21. Be patient and ready to forgive

Have patience and be ready to forgive

Patience and forgiveness are the keys to a healthy and happy relationship. If your partner is upset or angry at something, choose to be patient and stay quiet. If anything has been said that hurts you, try to understand and forgive because that must have been just your partner’s way of letting the stress out; it does not define them or their love for you. Keep your communications open, and talk about your expectations and how you can meet them.

22. Share your goals and dream together

One of the best things to do together is to share your goals with each other and to dream together. What is your dream vacation? Do you want to have a baby (and how many)? Do you plan on having a house to call your home? Or have you ever thought of establishing a business together? Work on your shared dreams and motivate each other to make your individual and couple dreams come true.

23. Focus more on the good than the bad

focus good
There's both good and bad in a relationship, always try to focus on the good

There are things that we do best, and there are some that we just can’t figure out. Focus more on what your partner is good at and praise them. Do not crib about their bad habits as it is both annoying and discouraging. Highlighting your partner’s strengths will build their confidence and encourage them to do better in everything that they do.

24. Pay attention to the little things

It is often the little things that matter and leave a mark. Simple gestures, such as bringing in coffee when your partner is working or doing your share of work when your partner is too busy, may be small and require little effort but they are meaningful expressions of love. They send a message that you are trustworthy and reliable.

25. Always have each other’s back

have back
No matter what, always have your partner's back

Not everybody will understand what makes you value your partner and your relationship. Do not let other people affect that special bond that you have. Stand by each other in good times and bad times, and let the world know that your relationship is stronger than their criticisms.

26. Do not walk out on your partner

No matter how hard you try, you can never avoid conflicts with your partner. Set your ego aside, and address the issue at hand. Never walk out on them and avoid sleeping in bad mood. Resolving conflicts immediately and finding solutions together will enable you both to move forward and grow stronger in the relationship.

27. A little PDA is healthy

There's no harm in indulging in some PDA

Don’t be afraid to show your love and affection even if you are in public. Yes, it may gross some people out, but it is their problem, not yours. A little PDA from time to time is healthy. It is even okay to hold hands or snuggle up a little when you are with a group of friends.

28. Go to bed together and hold on to each other

Getting into bed at the same time and holding on to each other is a conscious effort to make your partner know that you value them. Ending your day together will revitalize the companionship you share. Touching and holding on to each other will also keep your sexual relationship healthy.

29. Do not change yourself or expect your partner to change

dont change
Accept your partner as they are and don't expect them to change

Be who you are because that is what your partner loves you for. You do not have to change or expect your partner to change to fit in each other’s perception of a perfect partner. Nobody’s perfect, remember? Instead, highlight each other’s strengths and improve on your weaknesses. Always remind yourself of the things that made you both fall in love in the first place.

30. Do not leave your partner behind

Hold hands and walk side by side; do not leave your partner behind. This will make them feel secure and let them know that you will always be there by their side in every situation. Even in your decisions, do not keep them in the dark. Communicate your plans and consult them always.

As what they say, happiness is a choice. And it is a choice that you have to make every single day with your partner. Go easy on yourselves and develop these habits one at a time. Go get that “happily ever after”!