Does it seem like a lot more bad things are happening in your life compared to others? It could be due to a variety of reasons –your actions, your decision-making ability, your competence at doing certain things or random chance.

When things go wrong by random chance, the mind has a tendency to find an explanation. And people are often quick to call it a string of bad luck.


Many believe luck is nothing but a state of mind. Good things happen to those who believe in it. Being positive will help you attract good fortune and luck.

However, there are many practices followed by believers worldwide to get rid of bad luck.

Practices you can adopt to get rid of bad luck
Practices you can adopt to get rid of bad luck

Here are some tips that you can use to get rid of bad luck and bring positivity back into your life.

  1. Brush off bad luck. Get rid of your bad luck by brushing it away. You can use any brush like a feather duster made of natural feathers, a small straw dust broom or even a fan. Just make sure not to use the brush for any other purpose than this.
    get rid of bad luck by brushing it away
    Use a feather duster to brush off bad luck

    Start brushing from your head. Begin brushing downward in a sweeping motion. Continue working down your neck, shoulders, arms, chest and legs. Visualize the bad energy leaving your body. Once you are done, shake the brush or run it through incense smoke to cleanse it.

  2. Use salt. Bathing in salt water is believed to cleanse the body of bad luck and negativity. Add 2 tablespoons of salt to a bath of hot water. Alternatively, sprinkle sea salt in all the corners of your house, beneath every ledge and windowsill. Throwing salt over your left shoulder is also said to ward off bad luck. However, throwing salt over your right shoulder is believed to bring bad fortune.
  3. Soak flower petals in water and bathe with it. Some cultures believe that cleansing the chakras of your body helps you get rid of bad luck. Gather different types of flowers in several colors except white. Put the flower petals in water and set it in the sun for 1 hour. The water will absorb all the positive energy of the petals. Bathe with this water. Wrap the petals in a cover and dispose of them.

    Soak flower petals in water and bathe with it to get rid of bad luck
    Soak flower petals in water and bathe with it to cleanse your chakras
  4. Light incense. Lighting incense is considered to dispel negative energy or bad luck. Pick fragrances like sandalwood or jasmine. Light the incense sticks, always using an odd number of sticks. Walk with the burning incense into each room of your house. Waft the smoke into each corner. The smoke brings in positivity.
  5. Smudge your house. Smudging is a cleansing technique believed to ward off negative energy and bad luck. Herbs like sage, cedar, lavender, sweet grass and mugwort are burned to create a smoke that purifies people, spaces and objects.
  6. Declutter your home. Clutter has a negative effect on your energy level. A messy and disorganized area will make it difficult to concentrate and focus on your work. Declutter and remove unnecessary and unwanted things from your home. Decluttering helps get rid of bad luck and blockages in your life that stop positivity from entering your life.
    declutter to get rid of bad luck
    Declutter to remove the negative effect on your energy level

    Pick a daily time for decluttering.

    • Spend 15 to 20 minutes every day getting rid of clutter.
    • Toss out old magazines, letters, your child’s outgrown or stained clothes, your worn-out clothing, etc. You can donate anything that is in good condition.
    • Clear out your refrigerator.
    • Use shelves, baskets and boxes to get your space organized.
  7. Practice giving. Doing good deeds also helps you get rid of bad luck. It lets you acquire positive karma. The more good things you do, the more good things will happen to you and the luckier you will feel. Karma is the best thing to repay or seek forgiveness for any bad things you have done in your life. Improve your karma by making a donation to a charity or helping people in need like the homeless, elderly or orphaned.
  8. Pray. Praying or being spiritual helps calm your mind and strengthen your soul. It also helps you attract positivity and get rid of any bad luck or bad energy.
    Pray regularly to get rid of bad luck
    Pray regularly to attract positivity and get rid of any bad luck

    Pray regularly and ask for forgiveness for past wrongdoings and negative thoughts. Take some time during your prayer session to reflect on things that can make you a better person.

  9. Visualize white light. Visualize a white light completely surrounding you from head to toe, creating a protection around you. Imagine the light getting brighter and brighter. You can either say a prayer or ask the supreme power to continue to surround you with the white light of protection. Ask for protection against negative influences. You can do this for others as well.
  10. Get some fish. Goldfish are considered lucky across many cultures and traditions. They are a symbol of prosperity, growth, wealth, a long life, wisdom and peace. They are usually kept in bowls or ponds in homes or workplaces. Multiples of three fish are considered most lucky. It is said that one of the best combinations is two goldfish and one black fish. You can place them anywhere except your bedroom or your kitchen.
  11. Make an herb bag. Put cleansing herbs like sage, basil or agar in a bag. Keep this bag with you or place it under your pillow while sleeping for three days. Also, if you think any particular object is causing you bad luck, dispose of the object by either burning it or throwing it under running water i.e. in a river.
  12. Wear good luck charms. To ward off negative energy and bad luck, people often wear lucky charms on a chain or as an amulet, or keep it in their pocket. Using lucky charms may help you feel happier, luckier and optimistic. Some of the widely used lucky charms include:
    • Rabbit’s foot. A rabbit’s left hind foot is considered a good luck symbol. Stroking or rubbing the foot with a specific goal in mind brings good luck.
    • Four-leaf clover. Four-leaf clovers are believed to ward off bad luck, but it is very difficult to find a four-leaf clover. Even a clover with one leaf or a stem with five or more leaves are considered extremely lucky. However, some believe that finding a clover with five or more leaves is unlucky.
    • Keys are considered one of the most important and oldest symbols of good luck. If you give a person a key, it is believed that the giver will be lucky in love. Some people believe in hanging old rusted keys in their home to bring good luck. Also, keys made from silver are considered to ward off bad luck. Three keys tied together are viewed as a good luck charm.
  13. Hang a horseshoe on your door. Horseshoes have long been associated with good luck. Hang one in your home to protect yourself from evil and get rid of bad luck. You can even wear a horseshoe symbol around your neck.
    Hang a horseshoe on your door to get rid of bad luck
    Hang a horseshoe on your door to protect yourself from evil

    Some believe that a horseshoe hung with both ends pointing upward collects good luck and keeps it from falling out. However, others believe that both ends should point downward, so that the good luck pours onto those walking through the door.

  14. Gems and stones. Various gems and stones are believed to have properties that attract good luck or provide protection against negative energy and bad luck. You can keep these stones at home and at your workplace. Some stones bring good luck to the wearer.
    1. Agate. Agates are believed to protect against negative energy. Carry it with you for protection.
    2. Citrine and malachite. Citrine gems are considered lucky when it comes to prosperity and money. If you work in sales, place this stone in your cash drawer. Malachite gems protect you from misfortune, thereby bringing success.
    3. Garnet. Garnets are a lucky stone when it comes to achieving success in your career. It encourages business relationships and stimulates people to work with you.
    4. Rose quartz. This gemstone can make you lucky in love. It is known to attract good luck in relationships and marriage.
    5. Amber. This gemstone is believed to strengthen your aura. It attracts good luck by protecting against evil influences and accidental injury.
  15. Elephant images or figurines. Placing elephant carvings or images facing the doorway are said to ensure longevity and luck. It is said that the elephants protect the house by only letting the good fortune pass through the entrance. Some people believe that wooden figurines of elephants with their trunks up are considered the luckiest and that they should be placed in groups of eight or nine. Elephants with their trunks down are considered unlucky. Even bracelets or rings made from elephant hair are believed to usher in good luck.
  16. Buddha. The symbol of a laughing Buddha is believed to bring wealth and good luck. It is usually placed facing the door. His large protruding belly is a symbol of luck, prosperity, wealth and happiness.
    Keep an idol of laughing Buddha in your home to get rid of bad luck
    Keep an idol of laughing Buddha in your home to bring in wealth and good luck

    It is believed that rubbing his belly brings good luck. However, avoid keeping a laughing Buddha in your bathroom.

  17. Coins. Bent, crooked or damaged coins, especially those with a hole, are said to be lucky. Coins minted in a leap year are considered extremely lucky. Keep a jar of coins in your kitchen to bring prosperity and wealth into the household. Always keep a penny in your pocket for good luck. Never leave your house with an empty wallet. Never give someone a purse or wallet without putting a little money in it first. It is said that if you give someone an empty purse or wallet that you are wishing them an empty purse.
  18. Don’t throw away broken mirror pieces. It is believed that keeping a broken mirror brings bad luck. If you happen to break a mirror, don’t simply throw away the pieces to get rid of bad luck. It is said that throwing away broken pieces will seal your fate for seven years. Instead, crush the pieces of mirror into dust and scatter it in the wind.