Each one of us would love to live in a kinder, better, cleaner, and stress-free world. But when it comes to making this world a better place, all you might hear people saying is, “But I am only one person, how can I change the world?”

Margaret Mead, the distinguished anthropologist, said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”


American educator Helen Keller, who was deaf and blind said, “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”

Most of the times, people underestimate their ability to bring about a positive change in the world. None of us can change the world entirely by ourselves; however, even if each person did just one thing or made one small effort, it will change the face of the entire planet. That apart, by making small alterations in your life, you would be inspiring others to follow suit. It creates a domino effect.

So, wait no longer for the opportune time to arrive. Start today.

how to make this world a better place


In case you need help, here is a list of some simple and doable things to make the world a better place.

  1. Brighten up someone’s day. If you find someone less happy than they usually do, send them a flower bouquet or order their favorite snack or simply listening to their problems can help them cope better. Creating opportunities to cope can help an individual to manage the daily tasks of life.
    brighten up someone's day
  2. Express love to someone every day. Who doesn’t crave love? Think when was the last time you expressed love to your close ones. With the drudgery of everyday life, people often forget to verbalize their feelings.
    express love to someone everyday
    Give hugs and kisses to your child, tell your parents you love them, hold hands with your partner. It will make people feel happy and blessed.
  3. Greet everyone equally irrespective of their position or status. Treat everyone equally from the CEO to the janitor. Wish your barista, liftman, store or parking attendant when you meet them.
  4. Compliment people often. Go ahead and make someone’s day.
  5. Flash a smile at people trying to sell something on the street or asking for a donation. Stop ignoring them and behaving as if they don’t exist.
  6. Be courteous to elders. Old people are often lonely. Chat up with them when you meet them on a walk. Spend some extra time with them. Our elders have so much to share.
  7. Visit old-age homes or orphanages on Sundays. Often the elderly and orphans are lonely and in need of love and care. Visit them along with your friends on your off days. They often yearn for companionship. Take them out or play cards with them. Besides visiting them, you can organize games, sports, or dance or art activities to entertain them. Inspire others to do so.
  8. Teach an elderly person to use technology. Teach them to use different apps in an android phone or teach them to surf the net.
    teach an eldery person to use technology
  9. Take a day off from your work. Stop being a workaholic. Go and meet someone who really wants to see you.
  10. Make something for someone. Cook their favorite dish or give them your ornament or book they had always loved. Giving makes us feel better.
  11. Send a thank-you email every day. Send it to one person each day. Express gratitude. Tell them how important they are to you.
  12. Tell at least 5 people every day why you admire them. Also, encourage them to do the same.
  13. Write notes. Write kind messages like “You are beautiful” or “Everything will be alright” on a note and pass it to strangers on the street. Watch the positivity that comes your way.
  14. Put funny notes in your library books for the next reader.
  15. Slip an inspirational note or leave a letter under the door of any house for one month. Each day a different house.
  16. Write an appreciation letter to a newbie author or send an email to a writer whose article you had a great time reading. Authors enjoy hearing from their fans.
  17. If someone’s good at his work, put that into their supervisor’s notice. For example, if a store attendant or a waiter is good at his service, commend him to his manager.
  18. Tip generously. Tip generously whenever you get a service or buy something from a store.
  19. If you think someone is in need of help, try to help them. If you find someone stranded on the street, give them a ride home or get help when you see a road accident or a pet in danger. Use caution and common sense but don’t be afraid to help.
  20. Babysit for couples or single parents.
  21. Hold doors for an old person or someone pushing a stroller inside. For those using a wheelchair offer assistance but don’t assume that they need your help.
  22. Let people with one or two items get in front of you in the queue at the supermarket.
  23. Practice the act of giving for a month. Give out one thing each day. It could be anything from a cup of coffee to a stranger, a smile to your liftman, or some money to a needy person.
  24. Donate used clothes. Give away your family’s worn-out clothes to a homeless shelter or an orphanage. This is a great way to declutter a crowded closet, basement or garage.
  25. Donate your old socks to homeless people. Keeping their feet covered can protect them from winter.
  26. Donate your extra food. Give out leftovers to someone in need.
    donate your extra food
  27. Donate blood. Blood and plasma are always needed by your local blood bank.
  28. Register for organ donation. Let your family know that this is one of your wishes.
  29. Raise money for the needy. Arrange a huge party at your place. Sell expensive drinks and items and encourage your friends or guests to buy them. Donate the money you make from it to a charitable organization. You can even sell your junk items at a flea market or ask locals to donate new or gently used clothing and accessories, and re-label them and sell them. Donate all the proceeds to someone in need or a charitable organization.
  30. Volunteer at animal shelters. Animal shelters are always in need of some extra hands. Spend your Sundays looking after the animals there.
  31. Share your skills. Children are the future pillars of society. Offer free academic classes or dance or sports workshops for street children. Teach a child with special needs something that he wishes to learn or simply teach him a skill you know.
  32. Spend some time with patients in a cancer hospital. Visit patients in a cancer hospital on your off days. Give them a small gift or try to make them smile and forget about their illness.
  33. Help someone find a job or a clean place to stay if they are homeless. If you can change their life, you can make this world a happy place.
  34. Buy a needy person a dinner. If that is not possible, buy a warm drink for a street urchin when it’s cold outside.
  35. Feed a hungry animal every day. Feed birds, dogs, cats, cows, or squirrels.
  36. Foster an animal. Convince 10 others to do the same.
  37. Adopt a tree in your neighborhood. Water it every day and take care of it.
  38. Plant a tree every day for one month. It can be anywhere—on the sidewalk of your nearby street, in a park, at your friend’s garden. You can make the world a better place by making it greener. Participate in the annual Arbor Day.
    plant a tree
  39. Go green and grow your own vegetables and fruits. If you don’t have a garden, grow plants in pots and boxes. If you want more bees and butterflies in your garden, plant more herbs and flowers instead. Bees and butterflies are disappearing at an alarming rate because of the excessive use of pesticides and insecticides.
  40. Say no to plastic. Avoid buying drinks in plastic bottles.
    say no to plastic
    Take a re-filling water bottle whenever you go out. When out for shopping, take a cloth bag along and avoid the use of plastic bags.
  41. Use less paper. Take your own fabric bag when you go shopping, send an e-mail instead of a letter. Use a computer instead of a notepad and print less. Read newspapers online. Conserve trees and conserve paper.
  42. Re-distribute your newspaper once you have read them. Give it to people at metros, trains, or public transport.
  43. Take coffee mugs to work. Take re-usable cups instead of using Styrofoam cups.
  44. Conserve natural resources like water. Take short baths and don’t let the water run as you brush your teeth.
  45. Build a rainwater collection system. Collect rainwater on your roof and connect it to your toilet. This will save the wastage of water. You can also use the rainwater for your plants.
  46. Collect your air-conditioner drain water. Use it to water your garden.
  47. Do your bit for the planet by saving power. Initiate a campaign in your neighborhood where you can switch off electricity for 1 hour every week. Raise awareness and encourage people to save power.
  48. Save electricity. Switch off all electronic devices that you see in sleep or standby mode. Some appliances such as TVs, computers, and chargers aren't fully turned off until they're unplugged. Unplug electronics when not in use.
  49. Save fuel. Check your tire pressure regularly and stick to the speed limit.
  50. Drive less. Try to walk or cycle whenever possible instead of taking out your car or motorbike. Opt for carpool or take public transportation for work.
  51. Minimize lawn mowing. Lawn mowing creates pollution and wastage of energy. Instead grow plants or bushes. Make a schedule of days to mow your grass.
  52. Go technology-free on your off days. Do not use your smartphone or laptop for one day. Take a technology break or holiday. Unplug and enjoy the world without technology.
  53. Avoid using elevators or lifts whenever possible. It will both improve your health and environment. Using the stairs is a good way to exercise.
  54. Invest in solar energy. Build a solar panel on your rooftop and store solar energy.
  55. Reuse and recycle. Old junk items such as old bottles, furniture, steel, copper, rubber, and aluminum cans can be reused. Recycle your organic waste and produce manure out of it for your garden. Educate people on recycling. Do not hoard these items and avoid clutter which defeats the purpose.
  56. Recycle mobile phones. Collect as many old mobile phones as possible and give them back for recycling. Several charities will repurpose old phones for people in need.
  57. Limit your meat intake. Go for a veggie day in a week.
  58. Stop using products that use animal skin. Raise awareness about how innocent animals are ripped off and left to die once their fur is taken out. Encourage others to boycott things that use animal skin. Do a little research on the products you use every day to make sure they are user and animal-friendly.
  59. Buy groceries with least packaging.
  60. Try to go for eco-friendly products.
  61. Buy food from local farmer markets. Buy organically grown food that avoid pesticides.
  62. Shop at your local charity store.
  63. Put back your shopping cart at its designated place after your use.
  64. Do not spoil or waste food. Although it’s something difficult to do, try not to produce any garbage for a month. If it sounds impossible, start small. Try to produce as less garbage as possible.
  65. Throw waste in the trash. Also, if you see any litter around like empty plastic bags or polythene floating around on the street, pick it up and throw it in the trash.
    throw waste in dustbin
  66. Avoid polluting lakes, rivers, gardens, and parks by throwing away waste.
  67. Pick up your dog poop while taking out your dog for a walk. Be mindful of your neighbor's yards and posted signs.
  68. Take action instead of complaining. If you think your neighborhood is turning dirtier, take action to clean it. Clean your nearby playground or remove weeds from your neighborhood park. Participate in or organize in a day of service in your community.
  69. Jot down 30 things you don’t like about your city. Change one thing every day for a month. Undertake an initiative and ask people to participate. Talk to city leaders.
  70. Vote. Take an initiative to bring the change you want to see in your country. Remember all politics is local.
  71. Speak up. Raise your voice if you see something wrong. See something, say something.
  72. Respect law. Stop at traffic lights. Avoid drinking and driving. Avoid getting on the wrong side of the law. Avoid texting and driving. Don’t be a distracted driver.
  73. Keep your word. Keeping your word says a lot about your character.
  74. Practice honesty. The old saying, “Honesty is the best policy” is still applicable today.
  75. Vow not to lie for one month. Always be truthful.
  76. Socialize more. Talk to people in your neighborhood, meet them often, and take an active part in the cultural activities of your local community. Organize a meet and greet in your neighborhood. Attend community events.
    socialise more
  77. Listen. Be an active listener in conversations. Make it a habit to listen more than talk.
  78. Listen to a stranger. Listen to them compassionately, just to make them feel better.
  79. Talk less on the phone. When you are out for dinner or hanging out with someone in person, put your phone down and give your time to the person you are with.
  80. Eat together. Have dinner with your family and not in front of the television.
  81. Reduce your TV time. Do something constructive with your time. For example: Spend more time with your children, do something creative, or spend time meeting people in person. Reduce TV time to a few hours each day.
  82. Take out time to play like a child. You are never too old to have fun. Find a leisure pursuit that you enjoy.
  83. Practice meditation. Organize a free workshop on meditation or teach your close ones to meditate. Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety. Meditate daily for at least 15 minutes.
  84. Practice being patient for a month. Don’t try to argue, condemn, or convince people. During busy holidays slow down, be courteous and don’t fight over a parking space. Let it go and move on.
  85. Every night before you go to sleep, pray for someone else. Prayers have the power to make a difference.

pray for someone else