In a previous article, we talked about pointless things people do at 3 am, because why not?

Just in case you are having a bout of insomnia again or had too much coffee during the day, or if simply want to make the most of your time at night, we’ve got some awesome ideas for you.


It’s high time you turn your futile nights into productive ones. You don’t really have to transform into a whole new person. All you have to do is make a few small changes to the activities you usually do.

Little by little, you’ll get better at it, and you’ll notice that you have started utilizing your time efficiently, making your day easier and less burdening.

Read on to know 10 productive things you can do at 3 am instead of simply wasting time in bed

In the middle of the day when you’re exhausted from work, have you ever tried saying to yourself “let me rest for now and do some of the work later at night” only to end up binge-watching all episodes of your favorite TV show? You later realize that you basically have not accomplished anything. The sad truth is you just piled up more work for the next day. You start regretting your existence and all your bad decisions, and you feel guilty for wasting your life. And you can’t help but carry all these negative thoughts to bed.

Stop crying now. The futility of your nights will end today. We (as always) have a rescue plan ready for you!


Here are ten productive things you can do at 3 am instead of wasting your time in bed looking at the ceiling:

1. Read books to enlighten your mind!

Enrich your mind with a good book

Reading works when you can’t sleep. Read a boring book, and you’ll be snoring in no time. But if you want to be productive, read a good book. Choose an interesting book that will not just get you completely engrossed in the material, but also teach you a lot. Motivational books and those that will help your personal growth are highly recommended.

2. Plan your week - plan your life

plan day
Plan your week and even write down your short term goals for the next few weeks.

Scheduling your entire week is one of the secrets to long-term success. We all know that no plan can be followed to 100%, but you will notice that when you write your tasks and activities down, you get better at completing them. You start accomplishing maybe 30% of your plans at first, 70% after a few weeks, and finally close to or completely 100% with continuous efforts. Discipline is the key!

3. Do your laundry and clean the dishes

Get that laundry done

You can definitely earn extra time for other meaningful activities during the day when you do your laundry or wash the dishes (or both) at night! Doing other household chores at night can be productive as well. Just be sure to choose things that are quiet so that you don’t wake others in your home.

4. Hone your talents!

Do something creative

If you’re a guitarist, compose a song. If a dancer, choreograph a dance routine. If a painter, paint! You can also try something creative like making your own unique piece of jewelry. Late at night is often a time that many people are creative. There are fewer distractions at that time of night, so it’s a great time for your mind to be creative. It’s better to find a way to use that time intentionally to focus your mind on productive things than to be up late thinking about things that give you anxiety.

5. Great time to start a journal!

Start a journal

Start documenting your life in a journal. Fill it every night. Late-night thoughts can be deep and meaningful. This habit will not just give you a sense of satisfaction for expressing yourself in words, but it can also help you plan your life better since you get to reflect on what is good for you and what is not as you write down your thoughts.


6. Study (because you are a responsible individual, right?)

Catch up with your books

If you’re a student, studying is still your top priority. Use this time to study, review notes or read ahead for your classes.

7. Window shop online!

window shopping
Have some fun doing window shopping, but online

No actual shopping allowed (unless you actually need something). Just window shopping and then just note interesting things that you may want for yourself or others. Do this only if you have self-control to not shop pointlessly at night (as discussed in the previous article). Look at the new styles for inspiration, check out deals that you can save for, and so on.

8. Ironing clothes - the most postponed task ever!

iron clothes
Have crisp clothes ready for the next day

Of course, ironing your clothes is not the most interesting task, but it’s still an errand you need to do in the morning. So why not prepare your clothes the night before? This will save you a lot of time in the morning and will allow you to come up with cute outfit ideas without being rushed in the morning. Iron away!

9. Clean your messy room!

clean mess
Clear up that mess

Only do this if you do not share a bedroom with anyone else. This can be a tedious and boring task, but you could spice it up by putting on lively music. Clean your room and organize your closet. Believe us... it will also de-clutter your mind, too! The mess on your desk and in your room represents the tangled thoughts in your head! Of course, you don’t want that.


10. Sleep!

The best option, if possible!

If not anything else, try to just go to sleep because sleep is above anything else!