Dear Workaholic,
We understand it must be extremely difficult to keep yourself updated with relevant news amidst your hectic schedule. From the heaps of work in the office to keeping things on track at home, it isn’t really easy to find the time to know your current affairs daily.

Dearest Student,
We also sympathize with your schedule running between completing all the assignments and projects, and keeping up with academics, to taking out time for clubs because, of course, friends are also important, aren’t they? You might, in this chaos, lose out on the important news around you.

stay updated with current affairs
Quick tips on how to stay updated with current affairs in no time

But are you well informed of all the events happening around the globe? Do you know about the catastrophe that has recently hit some part of the world? Or what’s new with the President of the U.S.? Do you know who has won Wimbledon and who lost the Olympics Gold?

If you don’t, we are here to the rescue. Here are ways how you could incorporate learning current affairs in activities you spend major time in.

1. Social media

stay updated with current affairs in no time with social media
Get daily updates at your fingertip with social media

If you’re already on social media, it may be easier to watch the news on Facebook’s news feed than on the television. For instance, if you want to be updated, follow a Facebook news page or an Instagram news handle. Just follow pages or handles of the type of news, events, and affairs you want to know about, and every update will automatically display on your wall or feed, thus enabling you to be aware of what is going on around you conveniently. Following current events and news pages on Twitter helps, too.

2. News websites

read online newspaper
While you're surfing the internet, might as well read a newspaper online

Subscribing to trustworthy news websites aids a great deal in staying aware of everything going on around the globe. In fact, newspapers will often publish big news stories online as it’s happening, much before the morning newspaper is delivered to your doorstep.


The days of opening the newspaper and putting in hours to read it thoroughly are gone. Instead, go to the website and scroll to your favorite pages and read the news of importance and skip the insignificant stories.

3. Apps

use news apps
Get to know recent happenings in less than 60 seconds

Not just apps like Google News, BBC, Economic Times and Times Now, now there are a number of apps that have become popular among students like SmartNews, InShorts, etc. These are time-saving for they focus on the top trending and breaking news that takes hardly a minute to read or watch.

Some articles are also illustrated, making them interesting and readable in less than 60 words. They feature just the ‘when, where, how, what and who’ of the news. Of course, you may also access the full stories if you want to.

To access the applications, Android users may visit:
iPhone users may visit:
Search using the keyword or name of the application in the search bar and install it from there.

4. Google Alerts

subscribe to alerts
Subscribe to Google alerts to get daily updates

A Google Alert is basically a customized notification service that allows you to set an alert with Google to receive information on a wide range of subjects.

When you open the page, you’ll find a number of categories like Companies, Finance, Politics, Music, Sports, Technology, Health and Automobiles that further break down into sub-categories. Google lets you choose more than 1,000 topics of which you would keep receiving e-mails.


Get started here: 

5. Blogs

Follow some local news blogs

As Internet-based media occupies a good amount of the total media landscape, it is common to find personal and semi-commercial blogs by people who speak considerably and extensively about local issues. You might find and follow local news blogs or other blog websites.

6. News aggregators

news aggregator
Save your time with news aggregators

They put common news stories about similar topics together from various news sources, at your disposal in your email list or feed. Some popular news aggregators are Flipboard and Google News.

7. Friends

discuss news with your friends
After gossip sessions, discuss a few recent happenings around the globe

Company sure matters a lot. Make friends with some intellectual people who will help you learn and grow. While hanging out with your friends, develop a habit of discussing rounds of current events around the world, and giving your opinions on the same.


8. Newspapers and magazines 

newspaper and magazine
Simply cannot ignore the print media, for once ditch your phones

Definitely, reading headlines in the newspapers and watching the news on the television is a little old school and mainstream, but it’s also still very effective and erudite. You will earn the correct information from both newspapers and news channels. Take 30 minutes of your day to ensure going through them.

9. Radio/FM

tune to radio
Make no extra effort, just tune in to radio for some updates

You may tune into news stations on FM broadcast on your radio while you are driving or otherwise commuting to your college, to work, or on your way back home after a hectic day. It is always good to listen to news and current affairs. It can also be an excellent multi-tasking activity that can keep your mind engaged.

10. Television news channels

stay updated with current affairs through television news
This idiot box could be of some use finally

Televisions have the great benefit of comprising various news channels in different languages that provide you 24/7 latest news and current events all around the globe. You may select your favorite news channel and watch the headlines. Most news agencies also have ‘1-minute headlines’ or ‘Top 60 headlines of the day’ broadcasted by the end of the day. You may tune in at that hour in order to update yourself thoroughly.