Are you in love? Or are you just in love with the idea of love?

This concept usually breaks many hearts, because people tend to stay in dead-end relationships just because they think they need love and they want to be loved.

Signs that show it's time for break-up

Even if you made a commitment to your partner that you want to honor, you need to consider a few things: Does the other person actually care for you? Is it hard to even smile when you’re together? Does your happiness give them happiness? Do they show concern when you are unhappy? And do you feel the same way about them?

If you’re in a relationship that ends your day with tears instead of giving you joy, we have something to help you clear your head. You may be better able to make a decision after reading these 10 signs that scream: “IT’S TIME FOR A BREAK-UP!”

1. There’s more negativity than positivity

Relationships are supposed to provide bliss. Your partner is supposed to lighten your mood and your day, ease your life and support you no matter what. But if none of this is being fulfilled and spending time with your partner leaves you miserable and upset, trust us, it is not worth it. Also, there is a good chance that your partner might feel the same way.


Negative vibes repel, and all they attract is sadness and more negativity. It’s positive vibes that you need in life to make things better. Take the hint!


2. You’ve stopped imagining your future together

Imagination is a gift that all humans have. We tend to plan our future way ahead of time. We imagine all good things in it, all good people around, everything that is ideal and blissful.
We are sure you must have imagined your partner in your future during the initial days of your relationship, planning your lives together, probably planning the kids’ names.
It is time you need to realize that if you’ve stopped imagining those good things with your partner, it is time for a break-up.

no future together

3. The relationship has turned one-sided

“Love swells like the Solway but ebbs like its tide.” - Sir Walter Scott

Definitely, there are ups and downs in all relationships. There are periods when you will be hurt, and times when your partner will be, due to arguments, fights, differences in perception and mindset. But if the relationship has turned toxically one-sided, and you are the only one suffering, being suppressed, feeling all the pain, putting in all the effort, and trying to improve or change, it is the greatest indication for you to finally end your pain.

one sided love

“How would you dance with someone who won’t get on the dance floor with you?”

4. You have less and less to talk about

A connection develops only when you and your partner communicate well. Do you have something going on in your life? Tell them. Do you have some good or bad news? Share it with them. You think they are keeping a secret? Confront them.
Sharing your deepest feelings, thoughts, dreams and fears is what strengthens the intimacy between two people.If you and your partner fall short of topics for conversation, experience the inability to be on the same page or you’re not in the same boat, it is high time you ended things.

nothing to talk

5. It’s difficult to see anything good about them

Nobody is born perfect. Everyone has flaws and also things that attract you to him or her. In a relationship, it is important to focus on the good things and avoid the bad or adjust to them.


Compromises are an important part of a relationship. But if you’ve started getting weary of your partner’s nature and habits, if you get irritated at anything and everything they say and do, if you’ve started to see only your partner’s flaws and have forgotten all about their good side, it is a stark indication that you need to break up now.

difficult to see any good

6. What does your gut say?

There’s a reason people say“follow your intuition.”Your heart will tell you that something is wrong, if not exactly what it is.If things have stopped bothering you, if you have become less jolly and duller, or stopped caring about things or your partner, know that your heart is no longer in it. Basically, you can’t force things that are not there any longer.

If you no longer feel those good vibes, or maybe never did, if your gut feeling keeps you in a dilemma “whether to break up or not”, take the hint and do as your heart tells you.

go with your gut feeling

7. You feel you are being taken for granted

If your partner has stopped having time for you, does not call you back even after you called him or her a dozen times, is impatient with you or has stopped valuing you, these signs indicate you are being taken for granted. If you feel that your partner is not scared of losing you any more or expects too much from you because all the efforts you always put in are taken for granted, realize the fact that a break up is what is going to solve this problem.

take for granted

8. You are constantly at war with each other

Having fights is completely normal in relationships but to an extent. Fights make the relationship stronger, provided you solve them with no hard feelings left behind. Problems arise when things are not resolved completely, if not at all.
The firmest sign is that you are fighting over the same issues again and again. If you feel a constant tension in the air that a fight is about to take place, it is something you need to consider in deciding whether to stay in the relationship.

fighting couple

9. The trust has been broken

It may be as small as lying to watch a football game, instead of going out with you. The bottom line is that something is being hidden. This implies that there is a lack of trust between you. If you feel you have to lie to your partner or if he or she breaks your trust with even trivial issues and it doesn’t stop even after discussing it, it is time for you to walk away.


10.There’s no longer chemistry or physical contact

A dead sex life might seem okay, and something that does not hold much significance, but the point here is: Has it always been like that? If not, then the attraction between you and your partner has disappeared into thin air. It indicates you don’t trust them enough, you are not as attracted to them and don’t feel as happy in their company as you did before. Think about if things remain the same, will it work out in the long run? If not, you know what to do!

no physical contact or chemistry

P.S. If you’re reading this and at a junction in the road, confused which way to go, trust us. Take the high road and realize that it’s high time you went for a break-up!