One simple question—Are you lazy?

fashion hacks for lazy girls
Here are the best hacks for the lazy fashion lover in you

If yes, you’d probably wake up in the last moment, rushing to get ready, almost late for work every day. We understand how you might struggle every other day to match the fashion quotient because of the extreme difficulty in selecting the right clothes daily.


If you are in the dire need for some tricks that will make you look fashionable, here we are to your aid! Oh, and we promise you wouldn’t have to compromise on your lazy nature, for we have some techniques for you:

1. More of “one piece”

One piece dresses are the best!

One-piece clothing sure is the best thing that could ever happen to a lazy girl. Without worrying to match your upper and lower garments, all you need to do is slide into a nice dress and sneakers,and you’re good to go!
Buy a lot of different types of colored Dresses - long and short both.
For parties, outings,or even a formal environment, Jumpsuits are sexy options. They are trendy and would look perfect. Rompers are also the in-thing and would make you look as hot as ever, with least effort *winks*.

2. Easy hairstyles

Go with simple classy hairstyles

While all the French/Fish plaits, bobs, etc., look as classy as ever, a neat plain ponytail, bun, plaits, etc., go a long way too.
Depending upon the occasion, like making a high pony for a meeting or leaving the hair open for a party, go for easy and plain hair hacks that would complement your looks.

3. Prepare your look for the next day

prepare in advance
Decide your outfit for the next day in advance

While struggling to keep your eyes open, and getting late for work, we all know there is hardly any time to choose what to wear in the mornings - just another next-to-impossible task. Even if you do (without being late), you’d be all stressed and in chaos, whether it matches and goes with things or not.
Hence, it is always easier to choose your look for the next day a night before.


4. Use coats/blazers as capes

Get a smart look with coats or blazers

Wear anything comfortable inside and top it on with a smart coat or a blazer - smartest combination ever for a lazy person! The look will work from outings and dates to formal meetings, classrooms, and others.

5. Go for colorful kimonos/shrugs

Add a dash of color with shrugs and kimonos

Kimonos and shrugs go with all sorts of crop tops, spaghetti tops, etc. Wear anything plain colored below a colorful kimono/shrug, and you’d walk a trendy walk wherever you go.

6. Wrap around in no time!

wrap around dress
Wrap around and save your time

In addition to being comfortable and classy, wrap-around skirts and dresses are major time-saviors. All you got to do is wrap them around you in different ways (whatever looks classier), and you’re perfect still!

7. Emergency makeup kit ready at your disposal!

make up kit
A must have for every girl!

This is a major fashion hack for every girl.
No time to wear your liner and lipstick in the morning? Trust us; there would be no problem at all with an emergency kit at your disposal in your handbag.
Once you reach your workplace, slyly drop to the nearest bathroom and apply your make up. Wouldn’t matter at all. (You’re welcome!)

8. Settle for oversized tees - always

oversize tee
You can never go wrong with an oversized tee

Oversized tees are the cure to the underlying laziness in the world.
This multi-functioning thing will work on pants, skirts, and jeans - tuck them in or pull them out or put a scarf or a belt, no matter what, you’d look great.
You may even use them as one-piece dresses over sneakers or slip-ons, and you’d look trendy.

9. Joggers - sweatpants that work everywhere!

Get the comfortable and stylish look with these lazy joggers

Even if you wore sweat pants to the disco, you’d look great, provided you call them “joggers”!  Wear them with cool sneakers and maybe striped tees, sheer, or halter tops, and you’d be slaying, with your diva look!


10. Statement ornaments on simplicity

statement jewelry
Accessorize with some statement jewelry

We feel you during the times when you want to go plain and wear a regular tee to work. Don’t worry because the trick here is that you pair the plain tees up with statement - bold ornaments and neck pieces, and there you go!

11. Thank god for wrinkle-free clothes!

iron free clothes
Yay for wrinkle free clothes!

*sighs of relief*
We know it’s most relieving to know that you don’t have to iron your clothes because otherwise, they will make you look as shabby as ever.
Buy more of wrinkle-free clothes like denim, polyester, rayon, linen, cashmere, woolen, etc., which do not require ironing.

12. Slip on into comfortable footwear

comfortable footwear
Having a pair of comfortable footwear is a must

The most comfortable and easiest fashion hack when it comes to footwear is to possess a lot of slip-on shoes and classy flip flops. Slip-ons do not have laces, saving you all the trouble *phew*, whereas sandals and flip flops were always simple and comfortable.
Keep some cool slip-ons for all types of occasions, and buy easy bellies for formal meetings too.