“I have enough jewelry.” – said no woman ever!

It’s true, for every fashionista, the love for bling is never ending. No matter how many pieces of jewelry you own, you can never say never to a cute pair of earrings or a beautiful charm bracelet.


Jewelry is the perfect way of accentuating and complementing what is already there. But, what if there is too much? Odds are that you end up with pieces of broken bracelets, one missing earring, or tons of tangled chains.

To help you find a method to the madness, we have consolidated a list of handy–dandy tips to clean, store, and repurpose your old jewellery.

jewelry hacks

Read on to know some pretty useful jewelry hacks and other life-changing jewelry tips.




Method 1: Use Paper Clip to Fasten a Bracelet

Putting on a clasp bracelet yourself can be really frustrating. But not anymore, just grab a paper clip and read on to learn the trick.

Step 1. Uncoil the paper clip and hook one end to the bracelet

uncoil paper clip and hook one end to bracelet

  • Take a paper clip and open it as shown in the image above.
  • Hook one end of the clip to the last loop of your bracelet.

Step 2. Hold the clip and fasten the clasp

hold the clip and fasten the clasp

  • Hold the paper clip with the same hand you need to wear the bracelet on.
  • Keeping the clip steady, hook the clasp of the bracelet on one of the loops.

Method 2: Remove a Stuck Ring with Windex

Apart from using it to clean your home, you can also use Windex to remove a stuck finger ring. Windex works by lubricating the finger and also shrinks the skin to allow the ring to slide off easily.

Note: Test Windex on the underside of the ring before using it liberally as it can react with some metals. Also, do not use it if the skin is bruised.

Single-Step Method: Spray Windex around the stuck ring and wiggle it out

spray windex around the stuck ring and wiggle it out

  • Squirt some Windex around the stuck ring and on your knuckle as well. Sometimes, your wide knuckles are the reason why that ring refuses to come off.
  • Move the ring back and forth to lubricate the skin under the ring. The ring should now slide off easily.

final remove stuck ring

Method 3: Use Clear Nail Polish to Prevent Tarnishing

It hurts when people start showing their true colors. It stands true for your costume jewelry too! While there is little you can do about people, you can certainly salvage your favorite piece of bling using some clear nail paint.

Single-Step Method: Apply a coat of clear nail polish on your jewelry

apply clear nail polish on jewelry

  • Apply a coat of clear nail polish on the inner side and over the ring or any other piece of jewelry you wish to save.
  • Let it dry completely before you put it on.

Method 4: Use Glue Gun to Make a Ring Smaller

Hot glue gun has many fun applications and one of them is temporarily resizing a finger ring. If you accidently ordered a bigger size ring, resize it at home using a dollop of glue.


Step 1. Make a blob of glue and push the ring into it

make blob of glue and push ring into it

  • Daub some glue on a surface from which you can peel off the glue easily. You can also place a parchment or wax paper on the table, and then squeeze out the glue.
  • Before the glue cools off, push the ring into it with some part of the glue coating inside of the ring.

Step 2. Peel the glue drop off the table and chop its outer edges

peel off and trim the glue

  • Once the glue solidifies, pry it off the surface and chop out the outer edges.
  • Check the fit and reapply additional layers of glue, as needed.

Since, this hack is temporary, you can remove the glue whenever you want.

final resize ring

Method 5: Make Necklaces Longer By Adding a Bracelet/Anklet

If you don’t have a chain extender and neither do you wish to invest in one, you can easily lengthen any necklace to your liking by adding an old bracelet or anklet to it.

Things you’ll need:


things you'll need for making necklace longer

  • Bracelet
  • Necklace

Single-Step Method: Attach the bracelet to the back of the necklace

attach bracelet to the back of necklace

  • Attach the bracelet clasp to the corresponding necklace clasp and viola! Your extended necklace is ready to be worn.

final making necklace longer

Method 6: Soothe Sensitive Earlobes with Vaseline

Wearing junk jewelry too often can cause your ear lobes to hurt. These are made of different types of metals that may or may not suit your skin. Putting on an earring on already sensitive earlobes can be painful. Just smear some Vaseline on the earring posts the next time you put it on.

Single-Step Method: Apply Vaseline on the earring posts before you put it on

apply vaseline on earring posts before putting it on

  • Take some Vaseline on your finger and smear it on the earring post.
  • The earring will slide across the ear easily without causing any pain or discomfort.

Method 7: Give Clear Jewelry a Boost of Color with Nail Polish

Bored of wearing the same jewelry over and over again? Get hold of your nail paints and give your jewelry a makeover by coloring the rhinestones with it.

Things you’ll need:

things you'll need

  • Pair of earrings
  • Bright Nail Paints

Single-Step Method: Color the rhinestones with nail polish

color rhinestone with nail polish

  • Paint the rhinestones of your earrings using nail polish of your choice.
  • Let it dry completely before putting it on.


Method 8: Repurpose Jewelry with Bobby Pin

Thinking what to do with that extra chain in your jewelry box? We have the answer—repurpose it into a trendy hair band using bobby pins.

Single- Step Method: Insert bobby pins into both the ends of the chain and use as hair band

insert bobby pins into both ends of chain and use as hair band

  • Insert bobby pins into each end of the chain - one in the clasp and one in the loop on the other end. If the chain is too long, fold it into half and then insert the bobby pins.
  • Secure the newly made hair band on your hair by inserting the bobby pins behind your ears.

Method 9: Determine Your Ring Size

It feels really helpless when your spot a beautiful ring online but don’t know your ring size. Well, not anymore, grab a piece of paper to keep your size ready for the next time you shop online.


Things you’ll need:

things you'll need

  • Thin strip of paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Step 1. Wrap the paper strip around your finger and mark the size

wrap paper atrip around your finger and mark the size

  • Fold the paper strip into half lengthwise and wrap it around your finger.
  • Using a pencil, mark the spot where the paper meets.

Step 2. Measure the length of the marking on a ruler

measure the length of marking

  • Place the paper strip flat on a surface and measure the marking in inches with the ruler.
  • Use the size guide below to know your ring size.

ring size chart

Method 10: Keep Long Hair from Knotting Around Your Necklace Clasp

We have all been there. Losing a hair or two that snuggles around the chain clasp and comes off with it. Ouch! But there is a quick fix for this annoying and painful problem.

Things you’ll need:

things you'll need

  • Straw
  • Pair of scissors
  • Necklace you are going to wear

Single-Step Method: Put a piece of straw over the chain clasp

thread chain into straw

  • Cut out a small piece from the straw, just big enough to cover your necklace clasp.
  • Slide the piece of straw onto your necklace chain.
  • Fasten the clasp and slide the piece of straw back over it.

Method 11: Put a Ring on Chain

You can easily accentuate the look of a plain and boring chain by adding a ring to it.

Single-Step Method: Slide the ring onto the chain

slide ring into the chain

  • Simple, slide the ring onto the chain and close the clasp. Wear it on your favorite top or match it with a dress.


Method 1: Store a Chain in a Straw

To keep your chain tangle-free, loop one end through a straw and close the clasp before storing them together.

Single-Step Method: Thread the chain through a straw

thread the chain through a straw jewelry

  • Pass one end of the chain through a straw and close the clasp. This way you can store multiple chains together without getting them knotted together.


Method 2: Store Jewelry in Plastic Wrap

You can stock up more trinkets in limited space by sealing them up in plastic wraps. Storing like this will also keep your jewelry from tarnishing and getting tangled together.

Things you’ll need:

things you'll need

  • Plastic wrap
  • Jewelry you want to store

Step 1. Spread sheet of plastic wrap and place your jewelry on it

spread plastic wrap and place jewelry

  • Spread out a sheet of plastic wrap on a flat surface.
  • One-by-one, place your jewelry on it, keeping some distance between each item.

Step 2. Cover the jewelry with another sheet of plastic

cover jewelry

  • Stretch out another sheet of plastic wrap over the jewelry, ensuring that all the jewelry is covered.
  • Cut out the wrap from the roll using a pair of scissors.
  • Seal the plastic wrap from all the ends and squeeze out all the air. Roll it up to store in a small place.


Method 3: Buttons as Earring Holders

Have a handful of spare buttons? Use them to keep earring pairs together. Now, never lose an earring again by using this simple and useful hack.

Things you’ll need:

things you'll need

  • Pair of earrings
  • Buttons

Single-Step Method: Fasten the earrings to a button

fasten earrings to buttons

  • Get hold of medium-sized or large buttons and fasten the pair of earrings to them to keep them from being misplaced.


Method 4: Use Pill Box Container to Store Earrings

If traveling, use a pill box to keep your earrings and finger rings. Not only will it keep your jewelry organized but also save up on space.

Things you’ll need:

things you'll need

  • Pill box
  • Pairs of earrings

Single-Step Method: Store jewelry in the pill box

store jewelry in pillbox

  • Keep a pair of earrings or rings in each compartment of the pill box to keep it organized.


Method 5: Store Earrings in Ice Cube Tray

Ice cube trays are quite multipurpose and can be used as a clever way of storing earrings or rings. For this hack, preferably use an ice cube tray that has a lid.

Things you’ll need:

things you'll need

  • Ice cube tray with lid
  • Pair of earrings
  • Finger rings

Single-Step Method: Store jewelry in a lidded ice cube tray

store jewelry in lidded ice cube tray

  • Keep a pair of earring in each section of the ice cube tray.
  • Put the lid back on and store.


Method 6: Use Old Frame and Pretty Bottles

Repurpose old vases, photo frames, and bottles as jewelry stands to stack up and display your earrings, bracelets, and bangles.

#Old Vases and Bottles

Things you’ll need:

things you'll need for jewelry stand on bottles

  • Old bottle
  • Vase
  • Bangles
  • Bracelets

Single-Step Method: Use old bottles and vases as jewelry stand

use old bottles as jewelry stand

  • Stack up different vases or old vases with your bracelets, bangles, or watches to keep them in one place.

Storing accessories like this will also make it easier to have everything on display and you can quickly choose one that complements your dress the most.

final jewelry stand on bottles

#Old Photo Frame

Things you’ll need:

things you'll need

  • Old photo frame
  • Roll of ribbon
  • Earrings

Step 1. Fix ribbon loops on the inner lining of the photo frame

fix ribbon on the inner lining of of photo frame

  • Open the photo frame and retrieve the inner cardboard lining. If your frame doesn’t have one just cut out a square of cardboard that can fit inside the frame.
  • Fix multiple ribbon loops around the cardboard using a stapler or glue. Keep the ribbons evenly spaced out as shown in the image above.

Step 2. Fix the cardboard back inside the frame and use it as earring holder

fix cardboard back inside frame, use as earring holder

  • Place the cardboard piece back into the frame and close its cover.
  • Hang your earrings on the ribbon loops to display your earrings and keep them well organized.


Method 7: Keep Bobby Pins in Match Box

Bobby pins often end up tearing your vanity pouch. So here is a quick fix to solve this problem.

Things you’ll need:

things you'll need

  • Empty matchbox
  • Bobby pins

Single-Step Method: Store the bobby pins in an empty matchbox

store bobby pins in an empty matchbox

  • Place the bobby pins one by one in the match box. If they don’t fit, try placing them diagonally.
  • Label the box and toss it in your vanity pouch.


Method 1: Untangle Knotted Chain with Baby Powder

Don’t break your brain on detangling badly knotted chains. Just sprinkle some baby powder on the chains to make them slippery and they shall loosen up easily.

Single Step Method: Sprinkle baby powder on the tangled chains

coat chain in baby powder

  • Place the knotted chains in a bowl and generously sprinkle baby powder over it.
  • Toss them a little to coat the knots nicely with the powder.
  • Give the knots a little tug and they should loosen up easily.

Method 2: Clean Silver Jewelry with Toothpaste

Did you know you can use your white toothpaste for different cleaning hacks in your home? Well, one such hack is to use toothpaste to clean and shine silver jewelry.

Step 1. Scrub the jewelry with white toothpaste

scrub jewelry with white toothpaste

  • Daub some toothpaste over the ring or earring you wish to clean.
  • Using an old toothbrush, give the jewelry a good scrub. Target the nooks and crannies as the dirt settles in the crevices and makes your jewelry appear dull.

Step 2. Rinse the jewelry with warm water

rinse with warm water

  • Take lukewarm water in a bowl and dip the jewelry in it to wash out the toothpaste.
  • Clean the toothbrush and give a final scrub to the jewelry to scrub out any residue.
  • The jewelry will get its sheen back after a single treatment. However, you can repeat the process if you feel it needs more cleaning.

Method 3: Prevent Silver from Tarnishing Using Chalk

Keep your silvery jewelry from turning black by keeping a piece of chalk along with it. The chalk will soak up all the moisture and prevent your jewelry from tarnish.

Single-Step Method: Keep a piece of chalk in the jewelry box

keep chalk in jewelry box

  • Place a small piece of chalk in the jewelry box along with your silver jewelry.
  • Change the chalk after every 2 to 3 months to keep the jewelry intact.

Method 4: Clean Gold Jewelry with Beer

You don’t need to rush to your jeweler to restore the sheen of your gold jewelry. Just grab a pint of beer to clean it up.

Single-Step Method: Soak your gold jewelry in beer

beer to clean jewelry

  • Place the gold jewel in a bowl.
  • Pour out some beer over it, enough to submerge the jewelry completely in it.
  • Let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes in the beer.
  • Take it out and rinse it with water to reveal clean and sparkly jewelry.


  • Use transparent organizers or boxes to store jewelry. It makes things easier to scan through.
  • If planning to buy imitation jewelry, opt for heavier and darker metals as they don’t wear out quickly.
  • You can also use baby oil instead of baby powder to detangle jewelry.
  • Spray costume jewelry with clear gloss acrylic spray to preserve its polish and prevent chipping.
  • You can use fishing line to fix broken chains.
  • You can also use old studs as soft board pins.
  • Use ketchup to clean brass or silver jewelry.
  • Diamond or gold jewelry can be cleaned easily using a warm soap solution.
  • Always store diamonds and gemstones separately to prevent them from scratching each other.