Are you a fashion aficionado who always wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd in terms of style? Well, if you are, you have landed in the absolutely right place!

unique jewelry
Be bold and stylish with unique jewelry items

Style is not just what you wear, but also how you wear it, how you carry it, and how you pull it off. It is also about the unique things that make you look different and trendy.


So, here is a list of 12 unusual pieces of jewelry that are stylish and unique for a bold look!

1. Belly chains

belly chains
Belly chains add the oomph factor

As hot as ever, belly chains glorify your sleek waist on any outfit where you could flaunt your waist and make everyone around go gaga over you.

Belly chains make you look all decked up and sexy. Try out the layered ones for an even more head-turning look.

2. Torque (or torc)

Go loud and bold with a torc

This metallic neckpiece is different from a choker and augments your rustic appearance. With its antique look, it encloses the neck from both sides like a bangle.


It is easy to wear and also loud when you want to go all bold. An overall great statement price that will make your outfit pop.

3. Ring bracelets

ring bracelet
Trendy and delicate ring bracelets

This aberrant piece of jewelry has a ring attached to a bracelet and looks trendy on your hands.

4. Chain hair tiara

The gorgeous chain hair tiara

Different from the crown-like wedding or floral tiaras, these are chains that are worn in the hair around the head. They complement the hair, making it look ravishing and appear extremely pretty when worn over gowns.

Chain headpieces can also be worn as a feminine statement piece worn with casual dresses, or elevated shirt and jeans look for outings.

5. Thumb ring

thumb ring
Modern and unique thumb ring

Thumb rings are different from normal finger rings and sometimes also have personalized messages over them or can also be just simple and plain.

They go along with all types of outfits and looks.


6. Signet ring

signet ring
The vintage look

A ring with letters or a design carved on it that could be worn generally to enhance the fingers. Do you love the look of Phoebe Buffay’s hands in FRIENDS?

Well, that’s how you could as well possess many signet rings and ornament your hands with them.

7. Anklet

For your delicate ankles

Accessorized on around the ankle, anklets embellish your feet and make them look more beautiful. They are certainly *in* fashion, and you would find a lot of people wearing them over either of their ankles.

You could buy several beautifully designed anklets for statement-making occasions or wear a simple one permanently.


8. Armlet

The metallic armlet for a unique look

Armlet or an arm ring is a metal worn around the biceps of the upper arm. They are unique and throw metallic vibes on any event you decide to wear them to.

9. Chains

The trendy colorful layered chains

We are referring to the ones you wear in the neck but not like the common necklace types.

There are layers of chains you could wear uniquely as a statement piece, also decorating your shoulder with them.

10. Shoulder chains

shoulder chain
Super stylish yet simple shoulder chains

These are made specifically to ornament your shoulders. They appear resplendent over long gowns or dresses.

11. Personalized Necklaces

personalized chain
Unique personalized necklaces

Personalized necklaces are the most unusual yet bold pieces of jewelry popular these days. You can try any number of personalized messages like "love me," "I love me," etc.

Personalized initial necklaces are also very trending currently.


12. Toe rings

toe ring
Totally dope toe rings

Worn over the toes, toe rings are less common but look totally dope on the feet. If you’ve had a pedicure recently, you got a brilliant chance to magnify the pretty feet by wearing attractive toe rings.