Jumpsuits are chic, chic, and chic! There, we said it! A fashion icon that first made its appearance way back in 1919, jumpsuits are the most effortless piece of clothing you will ever own. Getting late for a party or class, step into a jumpsuit, tie it or zip it, and BAM! you are ready, without even compromising your cool quotient! *winks*

jumpsuit and different styles
Rock 1 jumpsuit in 5 different styles

This one-piece garment is a wardrobe staple, girls. No, we aren't exaggerating (duh!). Did you know that not a week goes by when a Kardashian sister isn’t spotted wearing one? Yes, really! You can wear this classy and comfortable piece of clothing to any place or at any time, be it a date night, brunch with girlfriends, house party, or simply crashing on the bed! How cool is a jumpsuit!


Lately, jumpsuits are absolutely in craze. Well, they have always been, but recently, they have made their way from red carpets and runways to college classrooms and pajama parties. They amp up your cuteness factor while at the same time making you look like a style diva.

You will find many variations in jumpsuits in terms of style, print, cut, sleeves, length, etc. Black, baggy, strapless, denim, sequin, printed, layered, wide legged, pantsuit, floral, one-sided shoulder, off-shoulder, culottes, playsuit—say it and it is there! A black jumpsuit is a classic choice for formal events; strapless denim jumpsuits are perfect for flaunting an hourglass figure; floral rompers are go-to for brunches with your girl gang!

How to wear 1 jumpsuit in 5 different styles

There is, however, one issue when it comes to dresses and girls. We don’t like repeating them! Like, at all! But if Kate Middleton can do it so can we, though in a different style every time. *winks*

There is that one jumpsuit hidden at the back of your wardrobe; its existence entirely forgotten because you have already worn it enough. But every time you clean your wardrobe and take it out, you look at it longingly because no matter how old or out of style, you simply love it and would love to wear it again. And once again ladies, we are here to your rescue. We have for you five awesome hacks with which you can wear the same jumpsuit again and again and be praised for your style diva look!


Today, we are breathing life into an old, sleeveless, out-of-style, dark-green color with polka dots jumpsuit.

Style 01—Play it up with a belt

play it up with a belt
Add style with a belt

Accessorize your jumpsuit with zingy belts and accessories. You will forget that it is an old piece of cloth that you had gotten bored with.

We have, here, accessorized this old jumpsuit with a trendy, broad, criss-cross lace-up belt that has red flowers on it. All of a sudden, you have a super classy new look! We are sure you have many belts, some hidden away like this jumpsuit because either you got bored with them or they went out of style. Bring them out. Pair any one such belt with this jumpsuit. You have effectively snapped two selfies with one image and created a new look.

We have used black belt here because it complements the jumpsuit very well. You can, however, pair up the jumpsuit with any belt that goes well with it.

You can further play it up with shimmer scarves to add more zing!

Style 02—Drop off a shoulder

drop off a shoulder
Try this sophisticated look!

Go for a sensual look; drop off a shoulder from your jumpsuit!


This red-carpet look is perfect for a date night *sigh*. You wouldn’t have to shell out big bucks and stress over which dress would look absolutely perfect for your date night. Embrace your adventurous spirit with a rock chick attitude and easy confidence in this one-shoulder look. And no one would be wiser enough to know whether it was a dress you just got from a showroom or from the back of your wardrobe!

We have tucked in the left shoulder of the jumpsuit and pinned it up well to ensure that the look doesn’t come out choppy. You can add some bold accessories, pull up your hair in a bun, and get those sexy heels out to give a sophisticated finish to your look for the evening.

Style 03—Get the chic look with halter neck

get the chic look with halter neck
Go chic with with halter neck

It’s time to get more creative with your old jumpsuit. You have already tried two different looks; now, we will make some permanent changes in this jumpsuit to help you get a more chic look.

Take off shoulders of the jumpsuit and tie them at the back of your neck. Also, shorten the jumpsuit by cutting it to the length of your calves—yes, you have gotten yourself a playsuit!


You are ready for a day out with your girlfriends or coffee with your boyfriend. You have recreated a new jumpsuit with an easy going and stylish look.

Style 04—A tube dress

a tube dress
The trendy tube dress

All of us love tube dresses! They are so in! Also, this dress gives an entirely new look.

We have transformed this old jumpsuit into a very trendy smart-looking tube dress. Tuck both the shoulders of the jumpsuit inside and pin them up properly. You don’t want to look choppy my darling! Apart from jumpsuits and belts, there is one more thing that almost most of us have in our wardrobes—the leopard print jacket. You don’t? Get one immediately girl, if you don’t. Leopard print jackets are your best friends; they instantly add oomph to your style.

Finish off this sexy look with the leopard print jacket. You can also go for stylish silk scarf or a belt.

Style 05—Stylish palazzo

stylish palazzo
The stylish palazzo for a sassy look

We have given you a sexy look, a sassy look, a sophisticated look, and a chic look. Now, it’s time we give you the care-free college look!

Tuck in the entire top portion of the jumpsuit and convert your jumpsuit into a simple palazzo. You can also chop the top portion out if you aren't comfortable with tucking it inside. Pair this simple yet stylish palazzo with any t-shirt, and you have the college-going funky look! Don't forget to finish off this look with your favorite pair of shades.